Once you’re in the chair, they hold your pair

5/2/09..My alternate title for this entry was ” It’s hard to be glad when they’ve got you by the knads.

familyguy.jpgSo as of today my kids have missed an entire week of school. We received the lab results back (FINALLY SIX DAYS LATER) and Hunter does not have the mumps. I could go off on a rant of epic proportions on this entire “Children’s Hospital” and the “Worlds slowest blood testing lab” but I’m not, I just don’t have the energy.

I’m just glad my lil guy didn’t have swine flu. Just for sheets and giggles at the end of all this we asked if they had  tested for swine flu.

Guess what they said….NO …That my friends is just a little tidbit from a really F’ked up story.

Evil Dentist.jpgAnother question?

Has anyone ever called a new Dentist, asked if they accept your dental benefits, been told they do.

Then have the work done and find out later that your dental benefits do not cover that particular Dentist? This recently happened to my family and I.

It’s an $1100.00 dental bill that should have costed me like $40.00 bucks.

The Dentist’s office informed me that when they originally called up my insurance to verify coverage the insurance company told them we were good to go.

Then when the bill was submitted they(the Dentist’s office) were informed that my current dental benefits would not cover this Dentist..

GoatBraces.jpgWhat do I do here? I’m totally stuck in the middle and I did nothing wrong. This seems like a racquet to me and I don’t like this crap one bit.

I smell something and it’s not bad breath. 

This Dentist spent over ten minutes trying to convince me that I need X-rays when all I wanted was a cleaning this particular visit.

Then when I went to schedule the cleaning (all this before I knew I wasn’t covered by insurance) they conveniently had a cancellation for the very next day and I was given that appointment.

My wife and kids had x-rays taken during the visit and discussed some future dental work. I’m really glad they didn’t get their work done the next day. We have since found a Dentist that accepts our insurance. 

elvistrooper-1.jpgLet me tell you that this is not a cool thing?

I’m about to drop to basically one income and I can’t be paying bull sheet medical bills when I already have great insurance.

chewy princess-1.jpgHas anyone heard of this or know anything about what I’m going through?

 WTF do I do? Grrrrrr

Sunday morning a healthy Hunter and I are going down to Colorado Springs to visit some of my buddies and to catch a AAA Sky Sox game.

My mission is simple.

I plan to get my Daniel David Ortmeier home run baseball autographed. Maybe I can get him to write something cool on the baseball.

It was my first game home run ball and Ortmeier’s first home ball as a Rockie. David hit this home run during a Rockies/Brewers game on March 3rd, 2009 at Maryvale baseball stadium.

If you’re live in Colorado Springs and you’ll be at this game…Say Hi. I’ll be there with my Ranter Jersey on doing what I do because you know me,…”I calls em like I sees em” 🙂

Thumbnail image for Tom and Emily.jpg

I have to mention how cool I thought it was to see the picture of Emily and Tom I took on the front page of MLBlogs.com. I had no idea I had given Emily her first baseball.

That really made my day hearing that. It starts with one baseball then you’re hooked Emily. Just wait, you’ll see. 

Laters, I need to send my ballhawk stats off to Erik at Counting Baseballs.

 Go Sky Sox and Go Rockies, I really hate losing to the Giants…D
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  1. luvmyrox

    Haha. . . love the title and alternate title. Sorry you’re being put through crap like this. Is your insurance a company policy? If so, I’d put your HR person on it, and let them argue your case. Dang, that sucks. Glad Hunter is better though, and it wasn’t the dx you were originally told. Why in the world would that take a week, though?? Yikes.

    Anyway, AWESOME game today, and I wish you’d been there to take pix! I also wish I’d been able to see it actually televised, but that’s another rant.

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    What a bunch of crap! It doesn’t seem particularly legal to say yes you’re covered and then when the work is done that no you’re not.
    Glad Hunter is better but sounds like the Doctor’s office needs to step up their game.
    On a happier note, I love having Marquis on our team! He just keeps amazing me.
    Hope the rest of your weekend rox!

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