Stayin on the move while I find my groove

3/15/09       Rockpile Rant is # 8 in the MLBlogs latest leaders list.

I’m a happy man. Somedays I can wake up put everything aside and see the good things in my life. I try to make the most of those days.

It was a busy opening day weekend for me trying to get back into my baseball routine. The Rockies are away until the 24th and the gives me time to re-group and fine tune.

Right now I’m not doing so good in Erik’s Ballhawk Club, but I have no problem playing second fiddle to the fellas that are well above me. These guys are the masters of their art and have way more time under their belts than this second year snagger.

                  What’s cool is this old Army dog has no problem learning new tricks. 

My passion is the same as theirs, and I do the best that I can at Coors Field. I can’t say that Coors is any easier or harder than another Stadium because Coors Field the only place that I’ve place I”ve attended batting practice at other then spring training facilities.

                                       You can’t call it until you ball it right?

Coor Field is a great place to snag baseballs. There are some downsides though. When you first enter the stadium you can only snag in the pavilion.

Unless you have a “Row 1” ticket, your access to the outfield fence is none. Row 1 seats take up the first 12 feet or so of the outfield along the entire leftfield side and part of center field.

               That entire section/row is off limits to to anyone but those ticket holders.

A good portion of BP baseballs go into that row or are bounced off the outfield wall giving first row ticket holders the opportunity to snag them off the wall bounce. There is a rumor that the Rockies may open up the first row for batting practice this season but It hasn’t happened yet.

I have mixed feeling on that one. As cool as it would be to have access to that row all the time, I really enjoyed the few times I was able to snag in that row and not being crowded while Hunter and I were down there made it a really special day.

Either way is cool with me. I just like being there đŸ™‚

Right field is off limits too for the first half-hour or so. It would be nice to have that option. I’m not complaining here, just stating facts. Ball retreiving devices like the cup or glove trick are not allowed in Coors Field. I’d love to try and snag a ball somewhere using one of those contraptions.

Below is a couple of videos of Marianne aka R-Luv and her son Hagg’n with me in the pavilion.

Here she is Hagg’n by snaggin a picture of an Usher. The actual picture she took is in my last entry. 

Here is what I’ve decided to do for my Rockies Fan profile. During the games I just have too much going on at once and I think I’m going to have the fans send me their information and answers to the questions. 

 Then I’ll have an entry with a link on my sidebar where you can see and read the Rockies Fan Profiles. 

The first profile will be Dan and the second one will be Marianne. If you would like to include yourself in the “Rockies Fan Profile” and be inbedded in Rockies history send me a picture of yourself and the answers to these questions to:

1. How long have you been a Rockies Fan?

2. Favorite Rockies Player. A) current   B) past

3. Favorite baseball player of all time. 

4. Best Rockies moment personal or witnessed.

5. Rockies player you’d most like to have a beer and a burger with.

6. Tell me your favorite donut? 

                                       Here is a video I shot on opening day.

There was a 20 year gap in baseball in my life. I’m high speed because I’m making up for a lot of lost time. You’ll be seeing a lot me at Coors Field this season.

As far as coming in number 8 and dropping a few places in the Rankings? Nobody is more surprised than me each time that list comes out.

The fact that people actually read my writings and rantings and that I even make the top 1000 ever just blows me away.

I’m a big kid who wants his kids to grow up loving baseball like I do. I walk around Coors Field with pride every game that I’m at. Say what you want about me but you’ll never stop the Ranter’s roll..

I rock this F’kin place. That’s why you come back. I thank you…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

Emily, I’m thinking about you girl, hang in there :)…D


  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Where’d you get that sketch of you? Too cool.
    How about that Marquis?! Man, it’s awesome that not only can he pitch but he can hit too! I’m lovin’ having him on the team.

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JOHN-Thanks man, I usually hang in the LF Pavilion too.
    R-Luv-I was playing around in Photoshop. Marquis is flippin amazing so far which is a cool surprise.
    LEIGH-Yes sir Army sir…D
    EMILY-I’ll be there, find me to collect on those nachos :)…D

  3. padreleigh

    That’s cool about the Army. I was Coast Guard myself. One of my former employees just went into the Army. He’s in Combat Medic school now in San Antonio. We’ll talk some more later…


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