Snow gotta go before that first throw


Just popped over to “The Maxx”  to check the brackets and there’s an interesting match-up going on right now.

Rays Renegade against Diatribe of a Law Student. I read both of their blogs and both are outstanding in their own way. Tough call, so in fairness I can’t plug one or the other.

But I wish both of you luck.

The Rockpile Rant is up next against Eat, Sleep, Baseball. I have no idea what to expect because I had no idea I’d actually make it this far. Seems Julia’s Rants, Red State Blue State and the # 1 blog (whatever it’s called) are all history leaving me the only top five blog still in contention.  

I don’t really understand this bracket, nor do I even plan to try. It’s all a crapshoot and I’m along for the interesting and controversial ride while pointing out the cool stuff 🙂

Max bracket.jpg

We’re getting ready for another potential “major” snowstorm to hit us the Denver area tonight. I’m ok with that because I’m off for the weekend and as far as I’m concerned Mother Nature needs to dump all she can because once Coors Field opens I’m not putting up with that snow bullsh*t anymore. 


baseball in the snow1.jpg

 Oh F*ck no!

No way, not ever, never, no. April 5th is officially the cutoff for new snow (That way the snow has time to melt before the home opener on the 10th).

There’s nothing quite like catching a baseball when your fingers are numb and then getting that cold finger sting from the impact of the baseball.

I suppose the runners could use snowshoes but how would you spot the baseball, wouldn’t it just blend in?

                                You choose the caption

Here’s a picture in dire need of a caption. Let’s see what you got, go ahead shoot me your best shot. This ought to be good.
Too weird.jpg                             Still speechless, I thought that one might get you.

RPR Cheez it1.jpg                Thanks for making the Rockpile Rant a part of your daily web adventure. 

I’m D the Rockpile Ranter and believe me when I tell you the fun is just beginning. I’ll have the official rules for the sport of Hagg’n in my next entry…D
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Cutler, kiss my ash.jpg


PS..Jay Cutler you can KMA you MF.


  1. 07nlchamps

    Here’s your caption. “I’ll do anything if it means that the Cubs will win the World Series”

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Mmmmmmm, now the Rockpile Rant is a snack as well. That would be a good promotional tool for your blog. You could hand out bags of them at games.

    My caption is “What some people will do to score tickets to the Rockies home openner.”

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    R-LUV-NICE caption-It would be a pain in the butt to sort through all thos Cheese-Its to find the right letters. Who’s with you on opening day?…D

  4. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Maybe you could get the company to make bags for you. I know you can get M&Ms personalized.
    I’m bringing my son to the game and yes, I would be happy to do the fan profile.

  5. raysrenegade

    I can respect that you are not taking sides in the bloggers war aka Max blog tourney.
    The wild part is that Monday you are on the clock, and I know you got my vote.
    Nothing wrong with staying neutral in this wild contest. Sometimes the favorite gets blown out if the water. I am truly blessed to be winning right now, but i know i was behind last night.
    But it is a fun tourney just for giggles and smiles.
    I can tell you I would love to go see a game in the snow, but that is just me.
    As usual, you find the wildest stuff to make us smile and laugh. That photo looks like a Frat boy’s nightmare/

    Rays Renegade

  6. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I worry about the people in that picture. It’s rather frightening. Good luck in your Max matchup. I read and love both yours and Bob’s blogs, so like you in Rays’ and my matchup, I can’t plug one or the other. As for Jay Cutler…well, it worked out well for me since I’m a Bears fan. Really, Kyle Orton’s not THAT bad. He’s not Cutler, but he’s not Rex Grossman if that makes you feel any better.

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