Come for the snow and blow all your dough


Let me start out this entry on a positive note. My oldest daughter Naomi (22) is back home for a while and we’re glad to have her. She’ll be with us on Rockies opening day :). Tomorrow for the first time in too damn long the family and I are going snowboarding.

krista on bunny hill2.jpg

 (<——-Krista on the bunny hill)

We’re heading out to Eldora Ski Resort because through my employer they have a deal for lift tickets for thirty bucks and a free lunch. 

Here in Colorado that’s a pretty good deal which leads me into an official Rant.

Been a while huh?

WTF is up with the prices that the ski resorts are charging? Have you seen what sheet costs lately?

It’s been two years since I’ve really checked into the prices and let me just say they were whacked two years ago.

Let me give you some ski resort facts, this will blow your mind.

The price for a lift ticket at:

Keystone Ski ResortAdult  $ 92.00            Child– $49.00

Oh yeah, if you don’t have any equipment: 

Snowboard Rental- $44.00

Ski Rental-  Adult (cheap skis)  $32.00        Child- $20.00 

Better hope you remember all of your outerwear because if you forget something and have to purchase it at the resort, be prepared for prices that make a baseball stadium prices look cheap.

Why is this sport so damn expensive? Yes there are deals if you ski multiple days and deals if you buy early and deals if you buy a family pass. But who has over a thousand to shell out before Christmas?

I’m snowboarding Eldora with my wife and three kids tomorrow. I’m going to use Eldora’s current prices for my “In your face” example of how ridiculous it’s become.

Eldora Ski Resort, smaller resort, close to Boulder, very close to where I’ll be living.

Adult full day pass:  $62.00

Half day pass (starts 12:30) : $52.00 …world of advice, the best snow is in the morning.

Junior Full day pass: $37.00

So my total is up to $260.00 for three adults and two juniors.

In this example we do not have our own equipment so we’ll need to rent.

Snowboard Rental: $41.00 a day for an adult and $35 a day for a child.

So we have three adult snowboard rentals and two children = $193.00

Total so far = $453.00

After we got there I realized Mylee for got her Jacket and Hunter forgot his snowboard pants. No worries the resort rents those items also.

Mylee’s jacket– $20.00

Hunter’s pants– $20.00

Total so far = $493.00 

Remember now I haven’t added gas for the trip = minimum $20.00 

On the drive up you’ve got to stop for that fast food breakfast = $30.00

Total so far = $543.00

 So ponder this,….if a resort charges twenty bucks to let you wear a jacket for a couple hours. Imagine what they charge to put a meal in your stomach that’ll hang with you for a while.

Most resorts don’t post their food prices otherwise I’d have a few listed. But lets go cheap and say lunch will be $12.00 each (That’s cheap for a ski resort believe me).

Tack on another sixty bucks for lunch and another twenty minimum for hot chocolate.

                                                      Total  = $603.00

             Remember this was the cost for smaller resort Eldora not Keystone.

Mylee boarding33.jpg


Please don’t hit me with a bunch of comments about how you can pack a lunch, and buy used snowboard equipment, and purchase an early season pass. Remember the above scenario was only an example.

 If anybody can do Colorado on a budget,…its me.

 We all have our own equipment except for Hunter who outgrew his board and Naomi who doesn’t have a snowboard. 

That’s the reason we’re taking advantage of this great deal for us from Eldora Ski Resort.

 So as long as you don’t get the munchies or run out of sunblock, this day of fun in the Colorado mountains will cost you $ 603 hard earned dollars for a family of five to go snowboarding.


That my friends is F’n ridiculous. So thank you Colorado Resorts for taking one of the coolest family sports and making the whole experience so expensive my only fix is to watch Warren Miller re-runs.

FU colorado resorts.jpg  By being a resident of Colorado you should rewarded with a free “All Mountain Pass”.  

Me after a day of boarding1.jpg

(<——-Me after a day of snowboarding)

Don’t worry Colorado Ski Resorts the loss would be minimal, I’m sure you could compensate by raising the food prices a bit more or how about charging for parking?

 Some resorts already do.

 Am I out of line here? How often do you spend $600.00 on a days entertainment?

My advice is if you want to ski in Colorado don’t have children or get a second job and start saving now.Look for some spectacular video and pictures tomorrow and I’ll show you a picture of what a free lunch at a ski resort looks like?

                                     Wish for snow for a softer landing…D 
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  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Despite the fact that those prices are absolutely insane, have a great time. There’s nothing better than spending time with your family. And am I mistaken, or is that a pug sleeping on your shoulder? 🙂 By the way, thanks for your advice on getting autographs. I only got three, but I have a much better idea of what to do next year!

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    First I gotta say “Pug puppies! How adorable!”
    Man, I haven’t skied in years but had no idea that’s how much lift tickets had gotten to. Dang, that’s ridiculous. I think they should give a resident discount like they do for the recreation centers only in this case for Colorado residents. (Oh, and I love the pict with the snowboard. Ha! Ha! Ha!).
    You countin’ down the days? I can barely stand the wait. Hoping for decent weather.

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JULIA-Me too, but you’ve got to play in the snow every once in a while.
    ELLIE-you picked a really good Rockie to root for.
    JEN-That’s exactly as many autographs I got my first spring training. You see how good I did on my second trip. Yes it’s my pug, I have two pugs and a puggle. Elway, Nugget and Bronco.
    R-LUV-Thanks, yes I’m counting, I totally agreee on the Colorado resident discount….D

  4. 07nlchamps

    Hey D, just think, instead of spending $600 going snowboarding, you could buy:
    3 adult rockpile tix and 2 kids rockpile tickets for $14 total
    That gives you $586 left to buy food, so you could each buy roughly 10 Rockies Dogs, 2 Squishies, 2 Caramel Corn, 4 Large Sodas, and some nice souvenirs 🙂 I hope you are hungry lol!

  5. rrrt

    Whoa! Now I remember why I decided skiing was not for me. Well, the cost plus the fact that I really don’t like to be cold. After skiing a few times and seeing how expensive it is and how much “stuff” is needed, I decided I much preferred to vacation by snorkeling in warm water – a snorkel and swimsuit take up a lot less room in your luggage too! Try to have fun anyway, and don’t think about how much you’re spending. 🙂
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  6. .

    And that my friend is one reason why I have never been to a Ski Resort to ski, snowboard, and/or tube. Other than that reason, I am also one who isn’t a fan of snowboarding, so, count me out. It sucks lint was the only thing left in your pockets at the end of the day but what about the good family times man? You gotta respect what family does for you, and from reading your blog thus far, I’m aware you my friend, are a family guy! The regular season gets closer and closer every day D!

    – Donnie

  7. Kylie

    Wow. I haven’t skied since I was seven, and I got two black eyes from falling and rolling down a mountain. UNCOOL. I think I’ll stick with sleds, snowmen and hiking, because those are significantly cheaper or free.
    Kylie —

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