Snagging behind enemy lines for the first time


The Rockies are in Phoenix today and I’ll be heading up there tomorrow after my last home game at Hi-Corbett Field. Today I plan to check out TEP (Tucson Electric Park).

 I’m going to go watch the Arizona vs Oakland game today and see what batting practice for another team is like.

Andy 2-28-09.jpg





Other than obtaining Clint Hurdle and Don Baylor’s autograph on my magazines, my hunting is complete.

<—–Andy still needs to get Tulo’s autograph on his wife’s visor or he’s in big trouble.

By the way, it’s not cold here, Andy has the hoodie on because of his sunburn 🙂









Here are pictures from yesterday’s game against the Dodgers.


                                               Here’s Manny Corpas warming-up.
Manny 2-28-09.jpgNext is one of my favorite Rockies pitchers of all time. Josh Fogg, aka “The Dragon Slayer”. The smoke this guy can throw is amazing. Plus myself being the Ranter I’m all about cool nicknames and “The Dragon Slayer” is a helluva cool nickname.

Josh Fogg 2-28-09-1.jpg
Fogg 2-28-09.jpgI always assumed he was bigger. I’m just glad to see him back. Good Luck DS, I hope you make it brotha.

                                                      Here’s Jason Grilli.

Jason Grilli 2-28-09.jpg                                                      
Brandon HynickHynick 2-28-09.jpgBrandon Hynick 2-28-09.jpg                                     One of the Rockies best…”Q”
Omar Q 2-28-09.jpg        Dexter Fowler looks like he’s put on a couple pounds. He was skinnier last season.
Dexter Fowler 2-28-09.jpg                                               Eric Young Jr. out at first. 
Eric Young 2-28-09.jpg

                               Alan Embree, who has 14 years to Todd Helton’s 11.
Alan Embree 2-28-09.jpg

         Here’s Jhoulys Chacin who who was nice enough to autograph a baseball for me.
Jhoulys Chacin.jpg

        Seth SmithScott Posdesnik 2-28-09.jpg

                                                  Clint Hurdle and Seth Smith
Hurdle and Podsesnik 1 2-28-09.jpg                                          Finally catcher Wilin Rosario
Wilin Rosario 2-28-09.jpg                                          I’m off to explore Tucson Electric Park.                                    
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  1. Kylie

    I imagine a wife without her Tulo autograph would be pretty incensed. Good luck, Andy…
    Good luck at Tucson Electric. Last year I went to games at Disney and Joker Marchant (Braves, Tigers) in addition to Osceola County (Astros). I found that neither of those stadiums, in particular Joker Marchant, was in any way fan-friendly like Osceola was. At Osceola, I didn’t even sit down–I stood by the clubhouse door for eight hours and talked to players, coaches, and other auto hounds. Fortunately it seems that Hi-Corbett is quite fan-friendly, so I’m looking forward to that for next year.
    I LOVE JOSH FOGG. I was really hoping the ‘Stros would sign him last year, and then they didn’t. I tried to get his autoraph when the Reds came to town but he was on the 60-day so he wasn’t traveling.
    Wow, that was a long comment. Dang.
    Kylie —

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