Waiting for game four so I can blog at you some more  :)

I’m killing some time until tomorrow morning when I’ll be back at Hi-Corbett. Here are some more pictures from yesterday. Enjoy…D

                  Here’s most of Rockies pitchers warming up before batting practice.
Group of Pitchers 2-26-09.jpg

                                                          Nice sunglasses.
nice hat 2-26-09.jpg                                    Garrett Atkins out there having a good time.
Atkins 2-26-09-1.jpg                                         Helton and Hawpe at batting practice.
Helton and Hawpe 2-26-09.jpg                                                         Brad Hawpe
Hawpe 2-26-09-3.jpg                        Some more pitcher pictures, say that three times fast.
Pitchers chilling-2.jpg                                       Rockies catcher Michael McKenry.
Michael Mckenry 2-26-09.jpg                                           Another Rockies catcher Wilin Rosario.
Wilin Rosario 2-26-09.jpg

Franlin moralas RPR 2-26-09.jpgHere is everything I’ve managed to get autographed this trip minus my Big Stick bat which currently has 16 autographs on it.Collection 2-27-09.JPG I have one more black Big Stick bat and my plan is to get Todd Helton to sign it tomorrow. I’m not greedy so if it doesn’t happen I’m ok with that.
 I attend a lot of games at Coors Field and I’ve never been able to get Todd’s autograph. I’m just never at the right place at the right time as far as he’s concerned. With other players I have been very fortunate.

If it’s ever going to happen twice (getting Helton’s autograph), this place (Hi Corbett), is the place to get it done.

                                     Jorge De La Rosa signing my WS baseball.

Spring Training 2009 016.JPGI have to tell you about something I witnessed the other morning as Andy and I were hanging out in the parking lot of Hi-Corbett for the player meet and greet. We noticed that baseball card collectors actually whip out a whole page of cards and the players will usually sign most if not all of the cards on the page.

I watched Juan Morillo sign nine baseball cards for a collector. This collector had skills and has mastered the art of “player small talk”.

                          Here’s # 46 Ryan Mattheus pitcher signing my baseball.
Spring Training 2009 017.JPG 
I suck at “player small talk”, but it’s something I’m working on. It’s not that I get starstruck (except for Helton), it’s that I’m not great at initial small talk with anyone. 

Give me five minutes and I’ll talk to you like I’ve known you for years. Don’t believe me, just ask anyone who’s known me for more than five minutes.

Dan sent me these pictures of the jersey he had made for Emily. Spillborghs wouldn’t fit on the back so they just had Spilly sewn on. how cool is this jersey? Props again to Denver Athletics.Emily Jersey2-2.jpgEmily Jersey 2-1.jpg


I know it’s pre-season but before I leave Tucson, I’d like to see the Rockies win one. C’mon Rockies win one for the Ranter tomorrow against the Dodgers because who loves ya?…D 

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  1. .

    Jeez man! Three blogs deeper than where you were before I left the house for work this morning. Of course I had to catch up, and I’m glad to read you are still enjoying yourself, with minor tire problems. It happens all the time brotha…you can’t go somewhere and have a perfect time. There’s always something that has to go wrong somewhere. Hopefully, the rest of the trip will be with no worries. I’ll keep commenting, but still, good luck!

    – Donnie

  2. rockiesfan

    oh, believe me, if we were having a contest on who is the worst at “player small talk” I win, hands down. Looks like you’ve gotten a lot of autographs, for only being three games into the pre-season! Let’s see, is that Spilly’s on the bottom, on the left? It looks like his, but has an extra loop on the bottom. Ian’s in the right hand corner. is that Brad next to his? Chris is under Ian’s, and two to the left. Todd is directly under Ian? Manny’s is two over from Ian’s, cause he’s #60. I’m going to guess, and say that Dexter Fowler’s is next to Manny’s , because it looks like a “D” for the first letter… so, what are they really? Good luck with getting Todd’s again tomorrow!

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    ALEX-You did really good. It’s not Dexter Fowler, Jason Grilli was the one who signed the WS ball but not under the WS logo. I also have Bo Mclaughlin and Ryan Mattheus. I’ll post everything when I return unless I have time before…D
    DONNIE-This was as small as they come as far as RV’s are concerned. Could have been way worse.
    ELLIE-Thanks, I told you be ready 🙂
    JULIA-So far so good…D

  4. happyyoungster

    2nd pic from the top-the man in the yellow polo shirt is trying to push over the fence while his wife/girlfriend stands as lookout.
    4th pic from top-Helton is so good, baseballs are like a magnet to his bat.
    Nice haul on the autographs…that’s impressive.
    Last but not least…the very last picture is the best of the young lady sporting her new “Spilly” jersey. Simply awesome!


  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    HAPPY-Awesome take on the pictures. I’ve got some catching up to do on your blog brotha…Emily’s jersey is really cool, bet she can’t wait to wear it. I was sorry to hear about Spilly’s mom. She was a really nice lady…My dream vacation is almost over man. Back to the real world on Thurday…D

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