Early morning meet and greet was neat

2-26-09 8:33 AM

Andy and I showed up early (6:30 AM) and were the first ones here. Yesterday we were the only ones here all morning and we didn’t go after the morning autographs. Today at around 7 am a group of autograph hunters showed up. Things were really slow at first and I had a few players turn me down.

But then I started getting lucky. Our first autograph was from Luis Gonzalez, he was cool. That’s Andy waiting to get his program signed. Me, I was working on my team bat.
Juan Morillo 2-26-09-1.jpg

              Then Chris Frey showed up and was kind enough to sign for the group.
Chris Frey 2-26-09.jpg                                            Next was # 23 pitcher Greg Smith.
Greg Smith 2-26-09-1.jpg                                Taylor Buchholz signed and was real friendly.
TAylor Buchholz 2-26-09-1.jpg                      
Here’s  # 48 Jason Hirsh, he signed for me yesterday too, nice guy.Jason Hirsh 2-26-09-1.jpgI didnt get pictures of all the players who signed my bat. Sometimes taking pictures and chasing down players doesn’t work so well together. I can tell you I was hoping to get a few autographs on the bat today and I ended up with 16 signatures.

Garrett Atkins, Troy Tulowitzki, Omar Quintinilla, Carlos Gonzalez, Ian Stewart, Taylor Buchholz, Franklin Morales, Matt Murton, Greg Smith, Glendon Rusch, Ryan Spilborghs, Michael McKenry, Luis Gonzalez, Matt Miller and Steven Register. One I’m still trying to figure out.

Best two hours of autograph collecting in my life, un freggin believable. The Rockies are awesome for taking care of their fans.

I saw Todd Helton going in, I couldn’t catch him and he wasn’t signing this morning. Tomorrow morning I’m making a sign that says “Mr Helton I’ve been trying for 8 years to get your autograph, will you please sign my bat” I hope it works.

                                             Here’s what my bat looks like now. 
Bat 2-26-09 1.jpg

Bat 2-26-09-2.jpg
Bat 2-26-09-3.jpg      Time to go over to the practice fields and look for Josh Fogg and Todd Helton…D

12:27 I’m back.

                                                 Look who I ran into.

Todd Helton 2-26-09.jpg

                                      You’ll never guess what he did for me.
TH autographed WS ball 2-26-09.jpgI also obtained autographs from Brad Hawpe (whom I’ve never managed to get before) and Chris Iannetta, both on World Series balls. I’ll post all that later. Time to go watch game two agains the White Sox.

Oh, I got some video of Helton at batting practice and he was killing it. He hit farther than all the other players. He looks healthy and strong to me. Todd was cool to me when he signed my baseball. All I had time to say was “It’s an honor and thank you very much”.

What a day, and it’s not over. Finall, I snagged my favorite players autograph and watched him take BP ten feet away from me. I’m so glad I made this trip this year.Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG


  1. .

    That mini bat is sickkkkk!!!!! What a piece for a collector like yourself. I wonder what you’re going to do with this gem…Enjoy the rest of the day man! Can’t wait to catch up with the blog when I get back from work…Good luck!

    – Donnie

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    WOW! I am seriously drooling over that list of autographs. This morning’s score alone made the trip a success.
    Can’t wait for your next update.

  3. raysrenegade

    Sometimes you got to bang them over the head to get an autograph.
    I had a friend who played on the Rays back in 2000, and he was always giving me his broken bats and when he left the team I had not even noticed that he did not sign one of them. I actually thought it was funny at the time.
    You see some people so much you forget to get their autograph, or even a picture with them because you chat.

    Awesome job on the bat signings today. That sign idea for Helton sounds like a true winner. you can always tell him you are a U of T grad. lol

    Rays Renegade


  4. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    DONNIE-Thank you brotha. Today has been unreal.
    METSMAN-Do it man, make that trip. It is totally worth it.
    KYLIE-I’m still buzzing , Helton, Hawpe and Iannetta on WS baseballs.
    ALEX-Yep two in a row we’ve lost. But all the main players didn’t play today.
    SUE-I really like Helton’s autograph. It’s different but cool.
    JULIA-Close to 30 autographs so far. I’m taking tomorrow off.
    R-LUV-Thanks, I caught Helton going around a building and hit him up. It was just me and he said “No problem” when I said thanks.
    RAYSREN-I got some props from Thomas Harding in his MLBlog (Beat writer for the Rockies on my sidebar), he posted a picture of the MBU.

  5. blockbuster

    Thats all really cool. I just started my own blog http://therockshow.mlblogs.com/ I am really enjoying it and am getting into it for the first time. I am a life long Rockies fan, 23, so I was lucky enough to grow up on the Rockies. I can’t believe you got a world series ball signed by Todd that is way cool I think I would loose my mind if I got him to sign anything. I almost cried when he gave his interview after the NLCS. Anyway just was reading some blogs and really liked yours keep it up.


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