I’ve got to tease you before I please you


Listen, do you hear that? That’s the sound of me officially turning things up a notch.

I was looking at some old video of last season and thought I might post a few of them. 

                                    You can see Dan and Emily in their seats.

                         Here’s a shot of Hunter and Mylee on a beautiful summer day.

Hunter and Mylee ready.JPG                        The gangs all here, minus one. Now Spilly has a job. 

Group pic11.jpg

                                        Taylor Buchholz waiting for his turn.taylor b22.jpg

                                                    Pre-game warm-up

DSCN0717.JPG                                              Scott Podsednik tearing it up.

Scott Podsednik.jpg                                             Jeff Francis making Hunter’s day. 

Jeff signing for Hunter 7-6.JPG           

 It will be nice to chat with my friend Alice in front of the Rockpile gate as we wait to go inside. We always save her a place in line. 
Alice at Rockpile Gate.jpg                                             I’m ready for some baseball. Im ready.jpg                                              Hunter and Mylee are ready.
empty field 7-20.JPG                                                           Clint’s Ready.
Clint's Ready.jpg                                                     Chris Iannetta’s ready.
Iannetta's Ready.jpg                                               Tulo and Atkins are ready.

Tulo and Atkins are ready.jpg                                                        Spilly’s ready.
Spillys ready.jpg                                         The Front Row Regulars are ready.

FRR are ready.jpg The wheels are in motion, now get out there and blog like you’ve got a pair (so to speak) 🙂
My Pair11.jpg                                               Be there or be square…D
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      Picture and video credit go to my camera, my incredible timing and my index finger.


  1. Kylie

    Sorry, it took me a minute to gather my scattered thoughts after that Chris Iannetta picture. But I’m back.
    I AM SO READY. I have never been so ready for anything in my life (except college).
    I just hope our boys are ready.
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  2. rocktober2007

    great photo’s & videos, I wish I could post videos I’ve got 2: 1’s a collection of pictures all about the Rockies & the 2nd is a collection of pictures I took at the 9/11 memorial preview ceremony that was opened to the public the next day down here in Broomfield, Co.
    P.S.: I’d make more video’s but Windows Media player won’t let me use songs I have for my iPold shuffle & they aren’t in WMA format.

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    All of you are ready, been ready I know. I have a good feeling for this season . My motto this year is “expect the unexpected”. A Rockies blog is managing to stay in the top 5 blogs. To me that’s unexpected. My plan is working…Thanks for all of your help…D

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