I’ve had enough, I need a mascot who’s tough


I’ve been tossing around a few ideas about improving the “Fan experience at Coors”.  You know me, it’s all about having a good time and making memories.


1. The Sky Sox in Colorado Springs have a hot tub for their fans in their stadium. The Rockies should copy this amazing idea. It could be built over by the bullpens in the grassy waterfall area. If you catch a home run all while soaking in the hot tub you would win a season pass.

 If you manage to stay in the hot tub for the entire game, you would receive a Rockies water bottle and beach towel. 

2.  I’m always hungry at a baseball game. It doesn’t matter if I eat something just before I go inside. A ballpark makes you hungry. They’re designed that way.

 I want a really freggin good taco bar as long as it has some sort of state of the art sneeze guard. You know it and I know it, sometimes a big fat taco hits the spot like nothing else. If your a vegetarian/plant killer, just omit the taco meat. If your a vegan,.. your F’ked. 

 A good deal to me would be all you can eat tacos for ten bucks. You’d get a wristband and then later when your hungry you could go back again for seconds.

90 shilling beer.JPG3. I think there should be a master craftsman on hand making actual baseball bats. How cool would it
be to have your own bat created right before your very eyes? You could then run down to the field and try and get a few autographs on it?

The “Bat Man” could demonstrate his craft for all while on display in a protected glass room. Sort of like “The boy in the plastic bubble” except at the end of the day this man can go home and have a nice clean cold crisp “Colorado microbrew” after a hard days labor of love. 

4. I think ballplayers should meet and greet the fans as they enter the Stadium. There’s always one or two players who are injured and can’t play. There’s not a damn thing they can do for the team while they’re hurt.

Why not let them perform some “Public Relations work” by saying “Hello” to the fans who help pay their salaries and frequent the ballpark?

UPDATE 1/8/09: I was talking with Dan and apparently the Rockies attempted this a few times last season. I’m not sure how I missed that but I did..Credit where credit is due..Thank you Rockies…D

Willie Mays.jpg I believe that would be a win/win situation for a couple of reasons. It lets the injured player feel useful while he’s injured and it gives the fan a more “personal” experience. Imagine entering Coors and having Jeff Francis standing there saying “Welcome to Coors Field” or “Thanks for supporting us”.

If Willie Mays wasn’t too proud to do it, neither should any other player be. It’s the little things that make your experience. I think that would be a nice touch.

5. I’m sorry, Dinger’s sweet and all (kids dig him), but to be honest the Rockies need a mascot that makes a statement when other teams have to play here.    

A team’s image starts with it’s mascot. Our mascot’s name rhymes with Winger. I can’t tell you how wrong that is.  
Thumbnail image for Me n Dinger 1-24-09.JPG

If you had to choose a different species of dinosaur and a new name for the Rockies Mascot, what would you choose?

It may really be time for this folks…Imagine seeing brand new badazz dinosaur mascot on opening day at Coors Field. The place would go nuts. I’m picturing a black purple and silver dinosaur with big mean boney spikes with one hell of an attitude. 

               I know, I’m thinking so far out of the box I’m driving the UPS truck.

                                    Can you tell I’m ready for some baseball?

 One more thing, MLBlogs.com is officially full of Blog names that contain the word Rant. I’m just saying…D 


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  1. juliasrants

    I like the taco bar! The hot tub – come on D., you’ve seen some of the guys who go to the games! I would NOT want to see them in bathing suits through out the entire game! And yes, injured players should be meeting & greeting the fans. They should have to earn their pay like the rest of us!


  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    I’m with you on the mascot thing. Dinger would be good to keep around for the kids but a triceratops on ‘roids would be tough. How’s Diablo for a name?
    I also like the taco bar idea but if they couldn’t manage the bar part maybe they could sell them like Taco Bell. And maybe a punch card type deal so that you get a break on the price?
    It would have been totally amazing last season if Todd Helton would have done the Meet and Greet while he was on the injured list. Yeah, I’m lovin that idea.
    D, you have great ideas. Hopefully someone from the FO is reading this.

  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I like the taco bar idea, as long as they have your sneeze guard idea! Now I really want tacos! Hahaha! It’d be really nice for the injured player meet and greet thing. If not for the adult fans, then at least for the kids. And for what it’s worth, you and Julia are the only “ranters” in my book. 🙂 I noticed the use of “rant” when I made mine…hence “diatribe.” They’re all just jealous of you and Julia! Hahaha!

  4. rockiesfan

    I agree that we defenitly need to get a different mascot. or at least give Dinger a makeover. The “Bat Man” idea’s good, too. And I’m completely for the injured player meet and greet! when there are a hundred fans on the first baseline wanting to meet you, I don’t see any reason why you can’t talk to them for a little while!

  5. jere80

    Fenway has something like the Bat Man idea. They have a demonstration on how they’re made, and you can buy a bat which they’ll laser-engrave your name on on the spot.

    I just checked to see if I could see anything about this online, and I found an old article that says they have one at Coors Field, too! It’s called Rawlings Making the Game booth.

  6. raysrenegade

    I know that we have $1 hot dogs on Friday nights at our games and it is s huge success for the team. And the hot tub idea does have a huge amount of merit during the summer time.

    I might even bring my snorkle for that. Or it can be a prize that you win in the first couple of innings and they give you Rockies swim trunks and a towel and the rest of the game in the tub. As for Dinger, well like most teams the Rockies took the only thing they could at the time. It is not like they can get a guy to dress up as Bam Bam with a huge wooden bat.

    The Seattle Mariners have a Louisville slugger outlet right in their stadium and you can pay about, I can’t remember, maybe $ 70-80 for a personalized bat. The Rays also have a bat producing area down on left field street, but it is a Rays customized bat and for some people they want their teams logo on it.

    Awesome ideas, maybe they should use you in a consultants capacity and give you a free season pass……..just another idea.

    Rays Renegade


  7. rrrt

    I guess I am one of those “Rant” bandwagon jumpers, sorry I wasn’t more original. I hope you’ll be able to overlook that!
    I like some of your ballpark ideas, and I agree that Dinger is somewhat Barney-like, being purple and all. Also, when my son was 5 or so, “dinger” was a euphemism for a certain body part. Why a dinosaur? Why not something mountainous, like a bighorn ram? Just an idea 🙂
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  8. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    COB-Where the hell do you live? 7th inning smackdown..C’mon dude I hope you were just kidding.
    SUE/RRRT-Welcome to the Rant and congrats on making the cover, it’s always cool to see yourself up there. Feel free to chime in when or wherever you want, it’s all good here. Dinger does kind of make you think of Ding-a-ling…that’s funny, you’ll fit in fine here.
    RAYSREN-LOL- I’m with you on the snorkel..funny stuff. We have dollar dogs at Coors too. Cheap food is good…D

  9. southpaw99

    Some excellent ideas, especially the Taco bar. Nothing would be better than grabbing a pre-game taco and then being able to stock up on 4-5 tacos in the middle of the game to go with beer and italian sausage…incredible.

    As a Nationals fan, I’m hopeful that some of your ideas will make their way to the front office and we can get that hottub in while Nationals Park is still young. The Caps have a special where you pay a little extra and get access to a gourmet buffet before and during the game, so it’s not totally out there.

    Our mascot is Screech, a bald eagle, but he’s pretty cuddly like Dinger and kids like him so it’s cool. I’ve always wanted the Nats to somehow train a real bald eagle to fly into the stadium and onto the field before each game…how awesome would that be? If we could have it land on Ryan Zimmerman’s wrist, that would be even more awesome.

    Maybe a velociraptor for the new “tough” mascot would work. They were smart, super fast and bad-a**, just ask the saps stuck in Jurassic Park.


  10. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    SOUTHPAW99-Welcome to the Rant brotha…I was thinking that but I couldn’t spell velociraptor..Although, a velociraptor might look strange as an oversize dinosaur…D

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