Only four more and I run the store


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I try to live my life on an even keel. I shy away from extreme highs or Thumbnail image for balanced-life111.jpglows. I prefer a middle of the road type of existance.

 I breeze through life not trying to upset any more people than I make happy.

It’s my version of balance.

My point is this: Things are good with me right now, really good. This blog “The Rockpile Rant”, came in at number five. For months now I have managed to stay in the top ten. Thank you regular readers, Rockies fans and other bloggers.

I can’t explain it. I love the fact that a simple, mildly opinionated, good looking guy like me can rival some of the best bloggers out there.

I put a lot of work into my blog, (because I’m NOT a writer). If I was a writer this stuff would come a lot easier to me.

Happy to see you 1.jpgThis is what I am,…I’m a reality blogger with a passion for baseball. With your help I’ve carved a niche here at MLBlogs that I plan to keep strong hold of.

I’ll keep reading yours, you keep reading mine. Together we’ll all get smarter.

I’m friendly competitive sort of guy, but competitive nonetheless. I’m sure you’ve gathered that by now.

There are numerous ways to plug your blog and get page hits. Mark Newman has his J-Blog School up and running which is a wonderful thing..

HOWEVER, you can be the best writer in the world, but how will anyone know it if they don’t get to witness your amazing writing skills?

blog cartoon.jpgOnce the Rant hits number one and decends, I’ll give a class on “How to drive traffic to your blog.”

My ideas will be fresh and not a repeat of the same thing…because I’m cool like that.

Have I mentioned that I will have constantly updated material each day when the MBU is in Tucson?

That means that everytime you check-in with the Rant there will be something new there to see and read..all of it,… free to you.

atkins mets.jpgI’ll be keeping you juiced up with a big fat syringe of steady pictures and storyline. I hope you’ll visit
the Rant often during my ten days down there.  

I’m glad the Rockies avoided an arbitration hearing and locked in Garrett Atkins for another year. Congrats Garrett on snagging 7.05  million.

 Just don’t forget to keep those RBI’s flowing.

Matt Murton.jpg

 It looks like the Rockies have added another outfielder to the mile high mix.

Say goodbye to Cory Wimberly (a Minor League infielder) and say hello to Matt Murton. 

The Rockies acquired Matt from the Oakland A’s, before the A’s he was a Cub

Now we’ve got a whole bunch of outfielders and only three positions. Spring training is going to be everything I expect and then some.

Battle it out dudes,… that’s what it’s all about.  

 The Rockies Major League roster is now full. Let the games begin y’all…D
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  1. jere80

    I once heard a caller on a talk radio station boast about Matt Murton. This was when he was in the Cape Cod league. Based on that guy alone, I’ve always expected great things from Murton. I finally thought to check his stats from the Cape League. Turns out he was on the Wareham team, in 2001 and 2002. Check out the 2001 stats. Not bad. Good luck to him in Colorado.

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    I’m starting to get excited about Spring Training now that it’s getting closer. Soooooo looking forward to your blogs covering it. While you’re there have a cold one for me.

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JERE80-Thanks on the background on Murton. I don’t know much about this guy.
    HAPPY-Brotha..I know your as ready as I am to write some snaggin blogs. I appreciate what you said my friend.
    JULIA-You rock girl, I’m proud of you…Way to stick it to the leaders. I’m still laughing.
    ROCKIEGIRL-What,… another Rockies blog? You bet I’ll check it out. Welcome to the Rant…
    R-LUV-What do you mean just one? Thanks buddy.
    ELLIE-Awww, thanks. I love countdowns too…D

  4. raysrenegade

    We will have to rename it R-blog school when you hold a class.
    The best times of your life is when the flow is so easy and straight like it is for you right now. Just stay with it, relax and sway to it’s meandering ways and you will be fine for a long, long time.

    Best thing about rough patches in life, they end. Best thing about February, the mobile blog unit is getting tune-up and the man will be heading down the road blaring the tunes and blogging like a madman……..writers do not get to have that kind of fun.

    Rays Renegade

  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    EMILY-Thank you, the best thing about Atkins is you don’t have to worry when he’s playing the infield, he rarely makes mistakes.
    RAYSREN-Your right, headlines not deadlines with the MBU. I’ll save you a spot next year…D
    HB/BEN-True dat brotha, but I don’t want to be known as someone who writes bad either?

    What up Crew? Just to let you all know I won’t have a blog entry up until Friday afternoon. I’m heading up to the cabin this afternoon because my wife has already started the transition and once she’s in that mode you can’t stop her. much as I’d love to have you check back ten times in the next 24 hrs so I could rack up your page hits…I’ll save you the wasted time because I’m cool like that. If your really missing baseball you could go back and read my entries from July or August or September, that’s when I started to get my groove and nobody was commenting. I was still ranking pretty good in the Latest leaders back then, but readers were afraid to comment. My favorite blogs are my snaggin blogs..Anyways, lots to read if your bored, if not I’ll be back in your face tomorrow…Stay real, only you can be you…D

  6. hardballblog

    I didn’t mean it like that. You are a good writer. You may not write like you have a thesaurus for a brain, or use perfect sentence structure, but who cares. You write with passion, that is what counts. I would rather read something that was written with passion than something watered down with fancy adjectives and perfect sentence structure. I think the rest of the MLBlog community agrees with me, which is why you are #5. Just to add to it the comment thing on my new blog is fixed. Thanks for reading.

  7. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, D …

    “Congratulations” on your #5 ranking on the new “Leader’s List”, as you continue your move to the “top” of the list !!! … I like your description [in your above post] of your style of blogging, “A reality blogger with a passion for baseball” !!! … An “excellent” description of all the great work you do here on your blog !!! … It’s a pleasure to read your many great posts, comments, and thoughts here on your blog; and, best wishes and good luck on your move to your new home … It looks like you are moving to a very peaceful area !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

  8. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JEFF-You freggin city hippie 🙂
    KAYBEE-Thanks..I’ll do the same.
    JIMMY-Thanks brotha, you also have the passion. You always have kind words to say here and I enjoy reading your thoughtful comments…D

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