Tell me where you’ve been and who you’ve seen?


D Concert Tickets1.jpgThe music you listen to can say a lot about you or nothing at all. Each ticket stub you see pictured above has a story.

I’m curious, tell me 

                               What was the first concert you ever attended?

                                   What was the last concert you attended?

             Expand the picture above, by chance have you seen any of those shows?

The stubs pictured above are not every concert I’ve attended, but that’s most of them. Missing ticket stubs that I can remember are Lalapalooza # 2 with The Red Hot Chili Peppers headlining, a couple of recent ZZ Top shows, my very first concert “Loverboy”, Van Halen 1984 and Ozzy and Metallica in 1986.

                              What was the best concert you have ever seen?

The best concert I ever saw live was Pink Floyd at the old Mile High Stadium.

                        Name three concerts you’d like to see before you croak:

Mine would be:

1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

2. Rush, I had tickets but had to miss their show two years ago at Red Rocks.

3. Judas Priest, I’ve seen them once and it was incredible. 

If you could bring back a dead performer or band for a one night show, who would it be?

 I thought hard about this one, and my choice would be….Stevie Ray Vaughn for a three-hour show at Red Rocks.

If you had to pick a band that best represented your entire teenage years, that band would be?

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  1. juliasrants

    I have rather odd taste in music D – I love so many different types! I’ve seen Culture Club, The Go-Gos, Chicago, Eurythmics, Peter, Paul & Mary, Katrina and the Waves, Howard Jones and a number of small indie bands at the Paradise Club in Boston. My sister and I were in the car, driving to the Stadium to see when Elton John when we heard on the Radio that the concert was canceled! We were so bummed! I’m sure there are other groups that I have seen that I have forgotten. I would love someday to see Toby Keith & Jimmy Buffet in concert!


  2. raysrenegade

    My first flurry into rock and roll happened on a 7-day binge with 3 bands in the 80’s that rock my world. I got to see The Police in concert in Tampa in a stadium enviorment, and they were awesome with a capital A. That was about the time of the album Zenyatta Mondatta, so something like that.

    Saw the Go-Gos in St Petersburg in a arena, and also got to go back stage and meet the band because a friend of mine worked at a radio station as an overnight DJ.

    But the concert that rocked my week was the following Friday night I got to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers when they were first starting out at a small outdoor venue called Jannus Landing. And last, but not least to me, got my headband out and saw Loverboy in Orlando on Sat. night.

    That was my 18th birthday present to myself. All in one weeks time, and I was tired, but was so full of rock it poured out my eyes.

    Rays Renegade

  3. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    The 1st and best was Led Zeppelin at a Day on the Green in Oakland, CA. Funny thing, the openning act was Judas Priest. Back then they wore satin and silk but they were good even then. The last was Lou Reed.
    The 3 I’d like to see
    1) David Bowie
    2) Live
    3) Pink Floyd
    Who would I bring back? John Lennon for a Beatles reunion. How awesome would that be?
    The group that defines my teenage years? Led Zeppelin.
    (That was fun)

  4. babypaul

    D – Really cool post. I started a scrapbook in high school to keep ticket stubs in, because I was going to almost a concert a week all the way through college. First show was Rod Stewart in maybe 4th grade. Most recent concert was either the Police or the Foo Fighters. The company I work for is a sponsor for Red Rocks, so we go for free every now and then. Best concert… Man, that’s a tough one. Here’s a few that come to mind. Rush’s 96-97 tour / Phish’s IT festival in Limestone, ME / Liquid Tension Experiment in Philadelphia / Bonnaroo Festival ’04 / any of the shows where I got to see Dennis Chambers play drums. Three to see before I die: 1. Pink Floyd, 2. U2, 3. G’n’R. Person / band I’d bring back: Buddy Rich or Led Zeppelin. I saw Page/Plant when they toured, I’d love to see them with Bonzo and John Paul Jones. Band that defined my teenage years would probably be Metallica. I’ve seen some of the tours you have tickets for. Anthrax has a special place in my heart. I saw them at the 930 Club in Washington DC. It was the only show I ever saw a grown man get his foot high enough to kick a guy in the head in the mosh pit. It was good times. They are just pure energy. I remember Charlie Benante giving me a hard time because I asked him to autograph a Zildjian cymbal after the show. At the time, I was getting my favorite drummers to sign it. He’s endorsed by Paiste and he drew a Paiste logo on it. They are good guys. Anyway, great post.

  5. Chris Cue

    D- I afraid I might make some people jealous if I listed them all. That’s not a pat on the back for myself, it was my job (tough life huh?) I was a radio program director for over 18 years and had the record companies by the …..well you know. So, I was able to see just about anyone and everyone. Too many stories to list here and too many choices to make in order to answer you questons, but it’s cool that another music lover has the same interest in baseball. You’d be surprised at the number who don’t.


  6. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    I figured I get some passionate responses from a few of you.
    JULIA-Culture Club (there’s one I’d like to forget) Peter, Paul and Mary..that’s interesting. Never miss a chance to see Jimmy Buffet, you’ll be sorry. I’ve seen him once, had to skip a second opportunity to see him, and he hasn’t been back to Colorado since.
    RAYREN-I’m with you on the early Red Hot Chili Peppers,(Freaky Styley and Uplift **** Party Plan). Say what you want haters but Loverboy was the sh*t way back in the day. Especially if you lived in Canada.
    R-LUV-Somehow I knew you were a Zepplin girl :). That was some early Judas Priest?.Must have been late 70’s or early 80’s right? I’d love to have seen the Beatles, great choice for bringing someone back.
    COBF-Jimmy Buffett is probably the second best show I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen Nine Inch Nails but I dig em. I’m forced to hear too much Billy Joel at work. How cool would it be to do a few shots with Sinatra? Good choice.
    BP/MARK-I figured we might have some similar tastes. How cool is it to have a Red Rocks connection? That place is the best place in the world to see/feel a live show, period. My teen years included Metallica, Judas Priest, Ozzy, AC/DC, Anthrax, King’s X, ZZ Top. First album I ever bought..KC and the Sunshine Band, second album I ever bought…Boston Don’t Look Back.
    The Maiden/Anthrax show I saw at Big Mac was all Anthrax. They kicked Maiden’s butt. Pink Floyd at Mile High was incredible plus I have the best story to go with it…Sorry, I can’t tell it on here.
    CHRIS-Thanks for not upstaging us, but I’d like to have a beer with you and get you talking brotha. I love concert stories 🙂
    Everyone. thanks for sharing your musical histories..I love reading the comments on this entry…D

  7. rockieluv

    1975. Man, that seems like an absurdly long time ago. I saw Loverboy at McNichols with, get this, ………..April Wine. Anyone remember them? I also saw Iron Maiden (7th son of 7th son) We went because GnR was on the bill but because they got popular they bailed. That blew! Really only went to catch GnR.

  8. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    R-LUV-Yea, I know April Wine, another Canadian band. April Wine had some good tunes. Funny, I have a ticket stub in that picture of Oingo Boingo and the RHCP’s at Red Rocks. We stayed for the RHCP’s and as soon as they finished we bailed. None of us wanted to see Oingo Boingo. I’ve never seen GnR but would have loved to back in the day. Their first album and the Beastie’s first album came out when I was stationed in Korea. So I missed that tour. Appetite for Destruction is still one of my favorite first albums for a band…I love this topic…D

  9. jere80

    My first concert was Belinda Carlisle when I was 12. I checked the other comments, and I see the first two people also saw her–with the Go Go’s.

    My favorite arena show might have to be White Zombie in ’94. So much energy.

    My favorite local show was probably when The Pist reunited around 2001 in New Haven. I’ve never seen people go that nuts. It was like watching people in a blender.

    Another incredible band to see live was a Baltimore band called Charm City Suicides. The first time I saw them, the singer rolled around on a pool table like a fish out of water, and after maybe 15 minutes he just walked out the door, ending the show and leaving the whole place in shock, not knowing what to do.

    Nirvana was a good show, too, and there’s your answer to my dead rock star I’d like to have come back, and the band that summed up my teenage years.

    Oh, and any Jon Richman show is a great time.

  10. hardballblog

    The Who, Metallica, The Eagles, Aerosmtih, AC/DC and ZZ Top??
    You my friend have great taste. Ah, the days when music was more than hip hop beats and rhymes a 4 year old could put together. That is good stuff right there. Music the way it should be.

  11. rocktober2007

    Concerts I’ve been to are:

    Kenny G/Toni Braxton @ MicNichols Arena in 1997
    CCR/Foreigner @ the Greeley Stampede in 2000
    Robin Williams @ the DU Magness Arena in 2002
    Bon Jovi @ the Pepsi Center in 2003, 2006 & 2008

  12. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JERE-Ahh Nirvana, good choice. I never could groove on the GoGo’s, and the other two bands I’ve never even heard of. Guess I may be a little out of the loop. I still love a good mosh pit though 🙂
    HB-Said perfectly as usual, we’ve got to see these bands while we still have a chance. You ready for spring training brotha?
    ROCKTOBER-CCR and Foreigner, two bands I’ve never seen but are on my list of must see bands. Williams is cool but I would have rather seen him when he was on coke. Bon Jovi,… you could give me free first row tickets and I’d bring an I-pod and a good baseball book…D

  13. hardballblog

    Yea I’m ready. I cannot wait for baseball to get started again. My life feels a little empty in the off season. I would love to go to spring training but I don’t have that money thing. I would also like to see some of those bands but the only place around here any bands go is the Bryce Jordan Center. Even then they don’t come around often.

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