Key Bank, whatcha gonna do, it’s up to you?


Somebody once told me that when someone does you good, you’ll tell a couple of people. They also said when someone does you wrong you’ll tell a hundred. The good thing about being a blogger is I can reach out and spread the good word to a lot more than a hundred people :)…which leads me perfectly into the saga of the Key Club winner.

Rockpile Ranter, known nationally as a loyal Colorado Rockies and Denver Nugget fan. Today is a sad day. I never thought winning a prize could turn out to be such an experience.

me n hunter 80s night.jpgThe Denver Nuggets and Key Bank have let one of they’re most loyal fans and bloggers down.

I’ll give you a quick refresher.

I received an email from the

Nuggets Rep associated somehow with the Denver Nuggets telling me I’ve won the monthly Key Bank Key Club drawing.

2. I was informed that I had won dinner for myself and four guests at the Ridgeline Club at the Pepsi Center.

 I also was told that had I won 5 tickets to the game and a Q and A session with a Nuggets Rep. I was really happy. The entire prize was valued at $800.00 so the e-mail stated. It also said I would have to sign an Affidavit of Eligibility because of the value of the prize.

3. I hopped online to check out the menu for the Ridgeline Club. It was a limited menu and I couldn’t eat anything on it.

4. I informed the Nuggets Rep about my situation and asked if I possibly could get an autographed Melo or Billups jersey instead of the dinner, and if possible a few tickets anywhere. 

Am I out of line here? The dinner is valued at 304.00 according to “their” breakdown.

That’s about what a “REAL” NBA jersey not a cheap REPLICA jersey autographed by Billups  would be worth. That’s a fair swap in my eyes. The original prize included five club level tickets. All I asked for was a couple of seats anywhere in the Pepsi Center. 

To make a long story short (If you want to read the original emails go back a few entries).

If I refused the $800.00 prize and took the substitute prize, it would be the REPLICA Billups jersey and that’s it, no tickets to the game on the 20th, or any game.  

I thought about it and decided an autographed Billups jersey would be cool and I wouldn’t have to claim that on my taxes. So I wrote Nuggets Rep back and said I would like to get the autographed jersey instead. I asked if I could have it in white and size 52, my size.

Guess what? Here’s what they responded with:

I actually already have the jersey to send you. It’s an alternative road jersey replica jersey, size XL. Thanks!

 Huh, what do you mean XL? Are you telling me that all I get out of this whole $800.00 prize  package is a Billups jersey that won’t even fit me?  To add insult to injury, it’s not a REAL jersey. Oh and it’s not signed, here’s what she said about that:

I cannot take your jersey to have it signed by Chauncey Billups. We do not have access to the Nuggets Players. We receive all our autographed merchandise from Basketball Operations at the beginning of the season and cannot submit personal requests.

  Let me just say, I don’t recognize the word “cannot”….. I prefer can’t. 

 If the jersey arrived autographed by Billups, the size wouldn’t matter because I would just frame it. But I would still want it to be a REAL jersey not a REPLICA jersey.  


 So in my eyes, I feel like I’m being punished and given a raw deal because of my weird diet.  

Let me tell you my friends, this whole deal sucks.  Nuggets, I bragged you up even when you didn’t deserve it last year.

 I watch every game I can, and I attend about 10-15 games a year.

 I’ve already been to eight games this season.Lucky 7 tatoo.jpg  


It’s day seven for me without a cigarette. I’m making it y’all. Today (other than this Key Bank headache), has been my best day so far.   

In the end it’s not the Nuggets fault. It will fall totally on Key Bank with whom I was fond of until this fiasco.

I’ll take my lumps but never play me for a chump. As always, I look for a happy ending to all of this. If Key Bank steps up to the plate on this one I’ll give them serious props.

But if they drop the ball, well you all know what’s next. Hope I don’t have to go there…

              UPDATE: I just received this email from the Nuggets Rep:

 KeyBank has your information and the emails you’ve sent to me. They will contact you directly. The jersey is autographed.

 Wow, well that answers that question, sort of.

Now is this the REPLICA jersey we’re talking about or the REAL one. Because I priced the particular jersey that you want to give to me and it cost 45 dollars on the Nuggets website because its a REPLICA…REPLICA = NOT REAL in case you don’t understand Jersey lingo.

 Here’s a link to the:  Nuggets jersey page. Check out the prices on the replica jerseys. Sound to me like they’re getting off really easy. NBA replica jerseys are just plain crap. They sell them at Wal-Mart. Why you wanna play the Ranter like a chump?

$45 vs $800, come on and admit it Key Bank, even you’ve got to think that’s kind of cheap?? 

 I want all of you to know I’m just trying to get what I think is fair, wouldn’t you. I just want to feel like a winner and go see my favorite team play a basketball game?

Key Bank, I trust you’ll do the right thing here. I’ll be at game on Tuesday either way,  but I’d prefer it be “on your dime”.

Jimmy’ Curran’s over at  Baseball,The Yankees, and Life… has a great idea of dedicating your blog ranking to a player with that particular number. I dedicate my 8th place ranking to #17 Todd Helton. Just take the eight and add the five times he was an All-Star (2000-04) and the four times he won the Silver Slugger award (2000-03 the most out of all MLB first basemen). That adds up to 17. Don’t you love my math đŸ™‚

                                  Here’s a link to my: Nuggets autographs

                                                  Thanks for your click…D
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  1. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    JULIA-Thanks for all your daily support. All of you are my non-smoking support chain and it’s really helping…D

  2. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Good luck with the smoking. My parents have been trying to quit for years. It’s tough, but with support, you can do it! I hope your jersey is authentic because, although an autographed jersey is awesome, it’s more awesome when it’s worth more! Keep us updated!

  3. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    I’m really glad today is going better with the quitting.
    I must say I’m impressed and I’ve learned something through your ordeal with Key Bank. I would have just said “Oh well, there’s nothing I can do” but you’ve shown that it’s worth taking the time to see if things can be worked out. I hope they come through.

  4. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    R-LUV, Thanks, the reason I’m pushing this is that I don’t feel that I’m being unreasonable and neither does anyone else I’ve talked to for that matter. Key Bank is cool, I believe they’ll make the right move here…Banks could use some good karma nowadays…D


    Love the blog and best of luck with quitting smoking…but sorry, did I miss something? DO YOU WANT SOME CHEESE WITH ALL THE WHINE?!?

    Let’s be fair. I think the Nuggets have tried to be as accommodating as possible…why haven’t you asked Mr. Kroenke for part ownership of the team yet? It seems as if you are acting like a spoiled little brat who won’t be happy until he gets what he EXACTLY wants. You won a contest and you couldn’t accept the entire prize because of your dietary constraints, and that’s all their fault? It’s not like they said tough luck, take it or leave it. It seems to me that they’ve tried to work with you, but you are stuck on AUTHENTIC jersey and some EXTRA tickets. I am serious, why not ask them for $800 worth of part ownership of the team? C’mon, sometimes you just need to be realistic on what folks can do and I think you are being WAY too demanding. I would love to win anything! I think you should be grateful that you are a winner, but instead, you complain that the Nuggets and KeyBank have wronged you. If only some of us less fortunate had it so easy. Some fan you are…I wish REAL fans like myself who would die to have anything signed by a Nuggets player would have won instead of you. I apologize for the rant, but I just think you are WAY out of line…and that’s from someone who normally sees eye to eye with you, especially when it comes to the Rox.

  6. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    TRENT-Welcome to the Rant, I thought about just erasing your comment but that’s not really my style. You don’t know me well enough to make a generalized statement like that. Maybe I’ve had problems everywhere I go with my diet and this was the last straw. If you were a real fan instead of whining how you never get anything autographed you might take the time to show up early, or stay late. You have to work to get player autographs. You are entitled to your opinion. Ok Trent you won a polo shirt, a nice dinner and tickets to a Broadway Show. You are allergic to what they are serving for dinner. So as a replacement you get a knock off polo shirt (made in Korea), a McDonalds coupon and tickets to a Movie. Are you happy? Was that fair? Should you be given a sub-par prize because your allergic to the dinner they offered you. All you have to do Trent is change the scenario around to fit your situation and then you might feel me. In my eyes have been wronged and I don’t play that way. Don’t you ever accuse me of not being a real fan. If I wasn’t a real fan I would have gave up two weeks ago. It’s easy to judge and make comments when it isn’t you, Trent, I’m not sure, but is it possible you work for the Denver Nuggets or Key Bank? Just throwing that out there…D

  7. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Never back down from what you believe is right. If you do then ask yourself “did you really believe in it in the first place”?…I believe…D

  8. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Well, seems to me that if you have to shell out a chunk of change (ie taxes) to “win” a prize, that you should get something you can actually use. For example, what if you won tickets to a game but are a season ticket holder? Not much of a prize there. Maybe Key Bank could have multiple choices when you win. I also understand how frustrating it would be to win something and then find out that not only do you have to pay taxes on it but that you can’t even use a significant part of it. Really takes the enjoyment out of winning.
    (Hope the quitting is going easier today. )


    Congrats and good luck with the smoking thing. But really, your blogging about this whole prize thing is kinda pathetic. You won a prize, but because of your diet, couldn’t accept it. I get that, but did you stop to think that maybe the prize couldn’t be changed? Or, how about you suck it up and let the other 4 people that could come with you enjoy it. I have dietary restraints too, and it sucks, but I don’t let it affect other people. You won a great prize that could be awesome to share with others, but it kinda sounds like you’re being selfish. And now you’re scoffing at getting a signed jersey. If you’re as big of a fan as you say, and find it so easy to get autographs, then it shouldn’t be a big deal to you. Bring your own jersey (I’m sure oyu ahve one) to the game to get signed. Tell you what though, go to the upper deck and ask a 12 year old kid how he would feel about a free autographed jersey. Actually, don’t even ask about the jersey, my guess is the autograph alone would make that kids day. I get that it’s frustrating to you, but I don’t think it’s really fair to call out this Jessica chick that you’re dealing with at the Nuggets either. My guess is she’s doing all she can, but doesn’t really have the ability to go into the locker room and take an authentic jersey that you’re so hard up about. My take on this whole thing is just be happy about what you’ve got – I’m sure there are plenty of other people that would gladly take it.

  10. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    NUGSFAN-Man I respect what your saying. But you don’t exactly know all of the story(there’s more I haven’t told you). First off, I was told that the jersey couldn’t be autographed. I wrote back and said that’s not true and that I know better, guess what? ..The next email I received informed the jersey would be autographed. So which is it, can it be autographed or not? I was told it couldn’t be, but apparently it can as I proved to you.
    Listen you can throw a guilt trip at me anyway you want, but as I mentioned above I feel I’m in the right with this and I don’t back down until it’s physically impossible for me to. I respect your opinion brotha. Additionally I never said it was easy to get Nuggets autographs, please show me where I stated that? Just for the record, the only Nuggets jersey I have is an Allen Iverson jersey. I’m taking care of the next winner who may have the same diet issues I do…D

  11. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Ok this issue has been put to rest. The final result is I accepted the XL Jersey (They managed to get Chauncey to sign it). The prize package that I gave up will be given to another winner so it WILL get used. I’m not complaining at the end result. No the jersey won’t fit me, but it’s autographed and for hanging on the wall it will be just fine.
    What did I learn from all of this?
    1. Always stand your ground, even when others mock you.
    2. Nothing is set in stone, you can always work out a deal.
    3. Banks are stingy as F*ck…D

  12. iliveforthis

    D- Congrats on getting the autographed jersey! And the way Chauncey has been playing, even through sickness, has been incredible! The guy’s a machine. Before you know it, people are going to be saying Carmelo… who? Actually, probably not. But if anyone’s a brat, I definitely think it’s Melo. Oh, I’m mean. But I’m glad you fought for exactly what you wanted and while you may not have gotten it exact, good for you for getting it. And day seven? Hell yeah! Keep up the kicking face and taking names!

  13. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    EMILY-Thank you for those kind words. For about a half of a second I was beginning to question my decision.
    There is so much talent on this team, I believe they could be contenders without Melo. Billups has been waiting for his chance to shine and getting him back in Denver was a well thought out trade. What’s up with the suits with the huge pockets in the front that Melo wears when he’s injured and warming the bench? Doesn’t anyone on the Nuggets have the guts to tell him how that suit really looks on him? No matter what they try and tell me Melo’s not the face of this Nuggets team, Billups is.

  14. raysrenegade

    I know you remember the day, not so long ago when things like this were done and you got what you wanted because fan satisfaction mattered to the owners and players.

    The fact that they can not even get a basketball operations person or even a Nuggets charity staffer to get this done seems a bit odd. But then again, I have never dealt with a basketball team or the players.

    Glad to see they are at least trying to get this resolved and want you to feel satisfied with the result. If not, the Rant will be far greater than they ever imagined. It is not like the fans are spoiled and given everything in the world by the major sports leagues in the US. Giving back to the community and the public used to be a great personality trait. Now it is becoming an afterthought.

    Grumble, rant and rave until you are satisfied. Because you are taking the tax hit, you would think they would substitute without a problem since they will probably benefit somewhere down the line. I hope this saga ends with you sipping a nice cold beverage while wearing a autographed jersey in the Pepsi center the day before you put the jersey under glass.

    Rays Renegade

  15. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    RAYS RENEGADE- You summized my whole arguement into two paragraphs and said it better than I did. Thanks for agreeing with me on this one brotha…I’ll post a picture when the jersey arrives at my house with me holding a cold Colorado microbrew, as I watch the game from home…D

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