The Shan gets canned


Mike Sh.jpgHuh?, Mike Shanahan is Broncos freggin history.
huh What.jpgUp until I read R-Luv’s comment about it in the comment section of this blog, I hadn’t heard, or really even considered this.

Well that’s not exactly true, after suffering through Sunday’s game in San Diego and watching the Broncos go from leading the AFC West by three games to losing it  with only only three games left, the idea of Mike taking a hike had creeped it’s way into my head.

<font color="#00275d" Makes you wonder how long Pat Bowlin has been contemplating this move. Some speculated it would happen last year, not me. I thought Mike would retire a Bronco.

 I remember listening to Mike talk a little smack during a radio interview at Broncos training camp this past summer.

Mike was feeling a little cocky and said that he would “Guarantee that the Broncos would make the postseason this year.”

I heard that and thought “oh sheet, he didn’t just say that did he?”

He did, and the Broncos didn’t.

Thumbnail image for coach_ditka11.jpg
Every once in a while the topic of canning the Shan would come up in conversation, but it
usually ended with, “yea, but who are you going to replace him with?”

It’s a good question, as pertinent then as it is now, “Who are the Broncos going replace him with?” The only logical answer is Mike Ditka, I’m kidding, or am I? Give it some thought.

flabby elway.jpg

 I’m thinking (I’m sure Pat Bowlen is too), that John Elway could do this if “he” was so inclined, don’t be surprised if that idea gets tossed around into the head coach mix.

Elway as head coach of the Broncos would silence the nay-sayers, appease the fans, and bring peace to a restless Broncos country. 

Plus from a fans point of view, how cool would it be to see Elways mug at Mile High again, running the show just like old times (Just please put on shirt John).

This is what Pat Bowlen had to say about canning the Shan Man: “After giving this careful consideration” (Which means, I had a nice chat with Elway), ” I have concluded that a change in our football operations is in the best interests of the Denver Broncos.

This is certainly a difficult decision, but one that I feel must be made and which will ultimately be in the best interests of all concerned.”

Bowlen went on to say, “I appreciate the 21 years that Mike Shanahan has given to the organization as an assistant and head coach, and the two Super Bowl wins in that time. His contributions hold a special place in Broncos history.”

Shanahan’s record is 146-91 with the Broncos, including 8-5 in the postseason. His 154 victories, including eight with the Los Angeles Raiders in 1988 and ’89, have got him tied with Marv Levy for 15th place on the NFL’s all-time list of coaching wins.shanahan-mike-dvb-3.jpg

On a personal note, I really like Mike. He never pulled punches with anyone. He’s reserved (usually), but is articulate and well (carefully) spoken.

The day the Broncos won their first Superbowl was the day my pug Jonsie died.

That Superbowl had special meaning on a bunch of different levels for me. Mike was running the show then and for that he will always have my respect and admiration.

He was/is a class act and had a knack for spotting hidden talent, especially running backs.Mike frown.jpg


 Mike Shanahan, thank you and good luck in your future endeavors.

Consider purchasing a cowboy hat and taking a road trip to Dallas?

Remember it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile and Cowboys are usually friendly folk…D
friendly cowboys.jpg 
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  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Hope you’re feeling better.
    Yeah, seems like the end of an era for the Broncos. It would be interesting if Elway did take the job. Sorry to hear about your pug Jonsie passing on their first Superbowl win. That’s crappy on a lot of different levels.

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    R-LUV and JULIA-Feeling much better today, thanks
    MAXBLOG-Welcome to the Rant, those Super Bowls were a long time ago, and we’ve missed the playoff 3 years in a row. Believe it or not, it seems to me that most Broncos fans are ok with this bold move.
    KING OF CALI-Sup man, guess that remains to be seen, tell Brian Fuentes I said hi…D

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