Happiness is Found,…and it’s Round


                                              A LaMar’s Donut.


If you’ve never tasted  one before you’ve never really enjoyed a donut.

Trust me, I was a Baker for years.

I’m just saying, there are very few treasures left in this world that you can purchase for under a dollar.

A LaMar’s donut is sweet dough heaven in the form of a circle.

Notice the ying/yang thing I got going there.

 Just take a look at a couple of these beauties. The image shown is actual size. 

homer_donut.jpgAbove is the LaMar’s chocolate donut.

Notice the perfectly applied ring of chocolate, not so much that it runs down the side spoiling it’s appearance and messing up your hand, but enough that you feel that soft CHOCO-LAT-TE-NESS as your teeth sink into the sweet succulent dough.

Land_of_Chocolate.jpg If you’ve never experienced a Lamar’s chocolate donut before, please do not attempt while operating heavy machinery or while driving. The sudden rush of taste could momentarily overwhelm your taste buds, resulting in possible injury or accident.

                                                Don’t let this happen to you.

car roof1.JPG                                   Hey,……I’m just looking out for you, I care đź™‚

                                            Here’s the LaMar’s classic glazed donut.
DSCN5169.JPG No need for a double dip of glaze on this American favorite. It’s not the sugar it’s the taste.

 A single glazing is plenty as it perfectly soaks into the freshly yanked out of the oven little wheels of pastry. 

 One bite of a Lamar’s glazed donut and you’ll find yourself looking at the world in a new light.
wildflowers.jpgFor a brief sacred moment, you’ll find that nothing matters as you consume one of life’s perfect little treasures. It’s just you, Mr. Lamar’s donut and your tastebud extravaganza.

more lamars donuts.gif                   Here’s a link to their website…… Lamar’s, Simply a better donut 

Lamars donuts  asst.gifLamar’s has locations in Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. So either plan a road trip or your SOL.

(Note: I have no affiliation with Lamar’s donuts other than we buy them every other Sunday).

sorrypuupy.jpgSo folks on the East Coast and West Coast, go ahead and eat your hearts out because you wont be eating any of Mr. Lamar’s donuts.

Did you know? NBC’s The Tonight Show host Jay Leno dubbed LaMar’s Donuts founder Raymond Lamar the undisputed “King of donuts.” 

You’ve seen Jay Leno, that man knows a good donut when he eats one. But even poor Jay has to settle for Krispy Kremes when he’s out in California.
Jay leno donut.jpg




Another donut conneseuir is Williard Scott.

The Today Show’s big man has been known to argue with host Katie Couric that a LaMar’s donut is the best ever made.





       Me, who am I to argue with those two dudes?   
RPR Lamars 1.jpg           Happy freggin Sunday America, are you ready for the New Year?


Do you know of any treasures you can still find out there for under a buck? 

Tell me about it..I’m all ears and a half a step ahead of you, just so I can open the door…D 

holding door.jpg 
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  1. Elizabeth D.

    Rockpile Ranter,
    I was saddened to see that these delicious looking donuts are only in the Midwest. They’re almost an inspiration for me to make a trip out there. You should be their spokesperson or advertisement manager.

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Aaaaaaah, Lamar’s. Sugary little pillows of heaven. Yeah, the only one other places that are that good are independently owned Mom and Pop type places. The old donut shop up in Ned was good but on a much different level (the barges were out of this world). I’ve tried thinking of something else I can get for under a $1 but can’t come up with anything that compares with a Lamars donut. Hmmmmm, might have to stop by there tomorrow.

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    ELIZABETH-Thanks, I’d consider plugging their donuts if they sponsored the Mobile Blogging Unit. That would be funny, big RV with a big ole donut on the roof rolling down the highway.
    JULIA-I usualy have two every other week or so. Sorry for the tease, I was just working on my descriptive writing skills, guess it worked.
    R-LUV- I remember the donut shop in Ned, your totally right, but I know you feel me on the Lamar’s…D

  4. ve6nn@telus.net

    Better have some on hand when your mom and I arrive in April. Will have to check them out if we get to Phoenix before then. dad

    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      JOEY-Welcome to the Rant. You can still get a .99 cent burger at MCD’s here. Funny how all the treasures are food…D
      DAD-Thanks for the heads up, we better start cleaning…Younger D

  5. Joey

    Here in Mississippi, we have donut shops called Shipley’s, and they are fantastic. I’m a fan of Boston creme donuts, personally.

    As for the buck thing, before times changed, I always loved the McDonald’s double cheeseburger on the $1 value menu, but I don’t think it’s a dollar anymore. Sad.

  6. welikeroywelikeroy

    I don’t believe we have Lamar’s in Canada. We can only take so much Tim Horton’s here. My personal favorite at Timmies is the Pumpkin Spice donut that they do from September 1st till December 1st. There is a place in my hometown called Sweets Paradise Bakery that does the most amazing donuts. Those Lamar pictures look worth the trip south though!

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