2009 is Mine




I have a few goals that I would like to accomplish in 2009.

I’m not going to call them resolutions, I don’t like that word, it sounds so final.

The wife and I are officially going to quit smoking again. We both have tried to quit numerous times and failed.

I thought by making a big deal my “trying” to quit  a few months ago, it would help me.

My reasoning was, if a lot of people knew about it, the pressure of letting them down, and the fear of failing publicly would motivate me to stay a non-smoker. Sinkhole 1.jpg

It didn’t work, I caved like a California sinkhole. I managed to stop for just over a week. I want to quit before my doctor tells me it’s too late.

I’m in good shape, I’m active, but I’ve got a serious lack of lung power. Not a good thing in Colorado.

I know that Mark Newman (mlblogs.com) is a marathon runner. What I didn’t know was he was a smoker until 2006.

That’s freggin amazing. I know he’s a little older than me, so when I read he used to smoke it really hit home with me.

It can be done, he did it. Simple as that.

snowboarding.jpgI know that I’ll never be able to run marathons (I save what’s left of my knees for snowboarding), but it was inspirational to learn that he pulled it off.

After I read that I heard my inner voice screaming, “Hey stupid, you’ve been smoking over twenty years, why do you keep letting tobacco kick your butt, your healthy, you’ve got a wife, kids and a grandson who want you around”.innervoice.JPG

That voice is usually right. What’s clear to me is, the closer you come to the end of your own personal rope, the louder that voice rings inside your head.

So this is the last you will hear from me on the smoking subject. My wife and I have set a quit date of Jan 1, 2009. If you ask, I’ll gladly give you a status report.

2009 is mine, and I’m going to start it off smoke free. Anyone out there, willing to quit with us? Give me a shout if you think your ready. If I can do it, you can.

                                  Ranter’s personal goals for 2009

1. Give up tobacco.

2. Simplify, we decided we’re not going to purchase anything we don’t need this next year, except cable and internet. 

3. Finish the backyard. It used to be pretty, but I have three dogs. If your looking for work, I pay a nickel a terd, just ask Hunter. 

4. Stretch every morning, sounds silly but it can make or break your day.

5. Eliminate soda, I’m not a huge soda drinker, but I can give this stuff up.

6. Continue to network, make friends, comment on other’s blogs (I read probably 50 blogs a day, but I don’t follow other teams, so sometimes I just don’t have anything intelligent to comment with.

7. Get the VW bus windows sandblasted, back in, and get her ready to paint.

8. Catch a live home run ball at a Rockies game. I know I can do it, it’s all about location. Batting practices are warm-up for the real deal. It’s going to happen, I can feel it 🙂

9. Continue to pursue employment with the Rockies. I have a destiny.

10. Snag 100 balls at batting practice, and get Todd Helton’s autograph (I think snagging 100 baseballs at BP will be easier).

11. Have the Road trip to Tucson go off without a hitch, and let it be the best guys vacation ever, I need this vacation.

12. Read a baseball book a month. I work full-time and the wife says I blog full time. I can squeeze in a book a month. Especially if it’s a subject I’m passionate about. 

13. Last but not least, be the number one blog on MLBLogs.com for one of the top 50 lists in 2009. I made it as high as three once this season.

What do you think? I’m a realist, so I know not to set my goals too high. I believe I can accomplish these goals.

Our family changed things up this year and were having X-mas dinner tonight. So I’ll be doing nothing but relaxing tomorrow and playing the Rockband on the Wii…

rock-band-game.jpgMerry X-mas to all of you who frequent this establishment. I think of the Rockpile Rant as the Trailer of the Mlblogs.com. It ain’t much on the outside, but once your inside, it’s kind of homey. 

It’s my home and your welcome here anytime. Can you believe it’s been ten years since we partied like it’s 1999?
Prince 1999-1.jpg                                             Peace and Happy New Year…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image 


  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Look forward to catching a beer with you at a game.
    Nice list of goals for 2009. My goal is to not get laid-off. Keep you fingers crossed.
    Gotta go, the pizza guy’s here (there’s a water pipe break in our road and the crew has been out there since early AM and are still out there trying to find it, so we ordered pizza for them).
    Hope 2009 is a good year for everyone.

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    R-LUV, I know how cold it is out there so that my friend was a mighty kind thing you did ordering pizza for those fellas. There’s layoffs all over this area, so I feel for you. Stay postive and PROACTIVE..Get that resume out there just in case.
    ELIZABETH-Thank you, and you have a great Holiday as well…D

  3. juliasrants

    Hey D — Merry Christmas and good luck with you & your wife giving up the cigarettes! It will be great for your kids also if you can! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and throw lots of good wishes your way! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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