I’m willing to pay, if you do as I say


baseball_money.jpgI believe there has been more money spent on baseball contracts this last week than the entire country has spent Christmas shopping all of  December. 

I was out last-minute shopping tonight, it was dead out there.


Dodge chall.jpgOn a political note, I’m ok with americans funding the GM/Chrysler bailout if it means every american gets a new GM/Chrysler car for helping fundthis unmonitored sham of a bailout.

I really like that 2009 Dodge Challenger. If the automakers are not willing to at least say thank you by coughing up a free or discounted car for everyone who pays taxes in America, then they need to fold like any other business would be ultimately forced to do.

floaty thing.jpg


 This is America baby, sink or swim bitch.

Your ten years behind on the electric car, WTF were you thinking??



funny yankee.jpg


 I have this love hate thing with the Yankees.

 I love that they are eager enough to aggressively seek out high caliber talent and spend that money, I just hate the fact that they are financially able to do it, money talks. 

I’m not true hater, I think I’m more jealous. I wish the Rockies could bankroll a few good players, but who am I kidding.

Folks who don’t live here in Colorado don’t associate this state with baseball. The Rockies just don’t have any history.

Shoot, a lot of locals here don’t think of Colorado as a baseball state. It’s an uphill battle. 

2007 helped the Rockies gain a little credibility, but the Rockies lost most of it in the World Series.

Surprised dog.jpgI have to tell you I’m surprised every time the Rant makes a top 50 list here on MLBlogs.com. It’s not because I don’t think I can express myself in blog fomat and do it well enough to rank, it’s that the Rockies are not really a big draw to anybody other than Coloradans.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that there are pockets of Rockies fans scattered throughout this big country.

moving_a_house.gifOne thing I’ve noticed is a lot of people living in Colorado have moved here from other parts of the Country and imported their loyaly to their home team with them.  

How do I know this you ask? Go watch a Rockies or Broncos game live when the Phillies, Cubs or Steelers are in town, it’s not a pretty sight.  

At times, I have personally seen their sheer numbers drown out Colorado fans. It’s a sad thing let me tell you.

Thumbnail image for lf-map.gifAs a loyal Rockies fan, I hate that feeling of being outnumbered in your own house.

 I’ve come to the realization that, the Rant is never going to get the kind of love that an East Coast blog is going to get. Not for lack of creative heart, it just isn’t in numbers.

I can’t compete with population. 

I’m ok with that, it doesn’t change my roll whatsoever. I am what I am, and the Rant is what it is. 

i-sheet-my-pants.jpg I’ll keep you coming back with my wit, my grit, and my sh*t. I’ll give out mad props to any blogger of any team not located on the East coast who can keep his/her blog in the top 50.

 It ain’t easy, but it sure is fun. I’ll have the Ranter’s wishes for 2009 coming up tomorrow.

              Merry X-mas all…I’m itching to bust out that RockBand for the Wii…D 

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  1. juliasrants

    D — Firstly – Merry Christmas to you and yours! This Red Sox fan enjoys your ranting and visits often. About people moving and remaining true to the team they grew up with – I can’t imagine, no matter where I might live, not being a Red Sox fan! Our home teams are a part of us – our connection to our childhood. And it’s okay! Red Sox fan show up in droves at other stadiums – but I would rather have true-blue loyal fans then the “jump on the band wagon” fans! Keep ranting – we’ll keep listening! And I believe that the Yankees will learn – money can not buy a World Series!


  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    I have to admit….I’m a die-hard A’s fan (I was thrilled that Holliday went there). Grew up in Oakland and watched quite a few games with my Dad and brother. Even though it’s hard to watch Bean running the show, I still love my hometown team. Of course, the Rockies are my #1 team.
    I’m with you on getting a car from the automakers bailout and I’m totally down with getting the Challenger. Reminds me of my youth.

  3. hardballblog

    I feel your pain. The Braves are in a way the Yankees of the south popularity wise, but I live in central PA. It is hard out here for a Braves fan. I’m surrounded by Phillies and Yankees fans on every side. The only time I even get to watch them on tv anymore is when they play the Phillies or the Pirates and even then I have to listen to the obnoxiously biased Phillies announcers. I have to listen to “oh my god the Phillies just made the most amazing play, they are so good, look at the talent” all game long. If a Braves’ player makes the same play he was lucky.

  4. Kaybee

    I’m really jealous of the Yanks, too! Here the Padres are cutting their payroll (basically all they have left this offseason to fill a LOT of holes is $20 mil), and the Yankees are going out and getting a ton of talent. It’s not cool, man. But I guess that’s baseball. Merry Christmas!

  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    R-LUV, HB and KAYBEE, JULIA, KYLIE, first off I want to thank you for being regular commenters here on the Rant. I really value your opinions and just wanted to know that I appreciate you and what you write. Second, Merry X-mas, I hope your holidays are special, and I wish you all a killer 2009.
    R-LUV-we need to catch a beer at a Rockies game.
    KAYBEE-It’s cool that we started our blogs around the same time. You have a great blog, and I admire your devotion to the Padres.
    HB- You’ve got some blogging skills man. Your stuff keeps getting better and better. Your going to own this place in 2009.
    To everyone who reads my crap regularly or occasionally. THANK YOU for your support. As I’ve said before, without someone to interpret them, they’re just a bunch of words and pictures…Don

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