When a record’s broken, bad words are spoken


ch and ch green.JPGDid I mention that my wife and I are going to see Cheech and Chong “Light up America” tonight.

It’s our X-mas present to each other.  

We headed down to Colorado Springs yesterday, our friends Bill and Kathy were having their annual X-mas party and usually a bunch of my long time friends show up. It’s a good time and it’s been a while since we’ve all got together.

Bill and Record 12-20-08.jpg



This is Bill. I have known Bill going on  twenty years. Of the group of guys I hang with, Bill has given us all a place to stay at one point or another.

This guy is one of a kind, and would do anything for a friend.

Bill has the World’s largest collection of pictures of people “flipping the bird”. Thumbnail image for Bills Records 12-20-08.jpg Not all records are meant to be broken.

Check this out: Bill’s record collection.

There’s something more personal about owning records. Maybe it’s the care that goes into owning them, maybe it’s the artwork that you can actually see, hold an feel.

Maybe it’s the sound, you can feel the music when a record is playing. 

A record has a history, they’re vintage, and there’s always a story about how it was obtained, whether it’s a demo, limited print, etc?  

Go ahead, take a guess at how many records are pictured here?

I’ll post the winners name, just one guess each.

Jack 12-20-08.JPG



 This is my buddy Jack. Jack is Bill’s son. Jack is part of the Mobile Blogging Unit bound for Tucson.

Jack and another buddy Chad, own/run a business called Mountain Draft.

They clean beer lines for bars and restaurants and have basically cornered the market in that industry west of Denver to Grand Junction.
Shaun and Kim 12-20-08.jpg

 This is Shaun and Kim.

 Kim is married to Jack.

Kim told me several times last night to “Please take Jack to Tucson with me”.

My wife agrees, even the ladies need a break from the guys once in a while.

Shaun is a single dad of two teens (one income), and there is not a person whose morals, integrity and selflessness I respect more than this man.

He is also a founding member of our band “Ear Infection”.  

Shaun has worked in the record store industry since he was 18 and knows his sheet. This guy has a hell of a record collection himself.

Got a question about a record, it’s value,  or rarity? Give call a Shaun a call at Independent records in Colorado Springs. Tell him I sent you. 

Chuck 11 12-20-08.JPG This is Chuck. Chuck is Chad’s brother. 

Chuck is a former Beer Salesman turned Supervisor. He’s a single dad of four kids who also resides in Colorado Springs.

 Chuck is the “Worlds greatest Dad”. I really mean that.

Chuck is a hardworking guy, who always puts his kids first. I respect his patience drive and commitment to what he believes is right. 

He wasn’t going around telling anyone, but Willow (his daughter pictured in the chair), was going around telling everyone that Chuck had a “big date” coming up soon.

Good Luck Chuck !

Candy’s dandy, but liquor’s quicker. 
Thumbnail image for Pete 12-20-08.jpg

  This is Pete (aka P-ta), Pete is married to Kendra and they are expecting their first child together in March. Kendra has two teens from a previous marriage.

This will be Pete’s first child (it’s a girl).

Pete’s a Realtor in Colorado Springs and is a founding member of the band known as “Ear Infection”.

Looking to buy a house in Colorado Springs?

Google Peter Browning (or email me), this dude will hook you up.





 Me, I  floated around, played some pool with some people I’d never met before. me with the rat pack.jpgI decided to talk a little smack, and here’s what happened when I told the group I would be seeing Cheech and Chong live on Sunday and it’s all sold out.
Dont shoot.jpg                                If that wasn’t bad enough, that was followed by this:
Group FU.JPGBack off, your all just jealous. I’m not sure why my wife is in the corner flipping me off, she’s going with me. Don’t hate guys, I promise I’ll tell Cheech you said hi.

Merry X-mas from my friends and I to you…Ranter style…Be on the lookout for my “Tribute to Cheech and Chong” coming soon…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image


  1. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    Have a kick*ss time tonight and if anyone asks “Dave’s not here.” (I think that last picture should go into a special category in your buddy Bill’s collection entitled “A Flock of Birds”)

  2. juliasrants

    Hey D — Have an awesome time at the show! Can’t wait to see the pics! You are right about albums being special. My teen-aged son could not believe the art work on the cover of the likes of Led Zepplin, Queen and others. Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year full of lots of baseball!


    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      R-LUV-Thanks, that’s funny, I’m sending Bill a copy of that picture for “the collection”.
      JULIA-Thanks, I’m just hoping I can somehow get my camera inside, they say no cameras allowed in this show…We’ll see. I hope to have a few pics and some video or sound…D

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