Happiness is: Knowing your Growing


Santa's helper1.jpgGood day today, not a whole lot to Rant about. Eight days till X-mas and I’m feeling the spirit.

Tomorrow night is the 2nd Annual, X-mas get together dinner of the Pavilion season ticket holders at Coors Field. I was working on coming up with a name for this event…I’ll admit, what I have is weak. For a rhyming Ranter, I don’t have much.

Here’s what I’ve got:

1. Rockies Regulars X-mas Bash

2. Pavilion Posse Party or Pavilion Party

3. Pavilion Seat Meet and Eat..My fav.

              If they don’t choose any of those, I won’t be offended.

rv1123.jpg(<—-This is not me or the Mobile Blogging Unit, nice hat though).

 I’ve changed the dates for the Mobile Blogging Units departure for Rockies Spring Training.

Instead of arriving in Tucson at the end of February, we’re going to make it there in time for opening day (Feb, 25th), and catch a bunch of home (Hi-Corbett Field), games during the first week.

That gives me a day and a half road time to make it from Colorado to Tucson.

whitecake1.jpgThat should be plenty of time. It’s no fun being in a hurry. I’ve been carrying this Rockies spring training schedule around in my pocket now for over a week. I’m ready to go yesterday.

The MBU will be returning on March 3rd or 4th.

talkradio.gifI’ve been playing around with this blog talk radio thing. I think it would be cool/fun if I could do a small internet radio thing at the end of each day in Tucson. Possibly do a few interviews with some folk down in Tucson, or possibly a Minor or Major league star?

 Ok, I might be dreaming there, but you never know?

I’m going to try a test show on December 30.

Here’s why I want to do this radio thing. For a good part of my life I was one of those guys who kept stuff bottled up inside.

Nobody knew how I felt or what I was thinking unless I wanted them to.

 I can tell you from experience, that’s not a good way to live. See, I Rant to help keep from getting mad.


                  Here is what I have managed to accomplish this last year:

Charity Ball C.jpg
Hunter Fastball 1.jpg1. I finished the year with a Top 50 Blog on MLBlogs.com. I started the Rant so I could document the batting practices that Hunter and attended.

 I wanted to have a permanant record of our baseball collection for reference someday.

 Secondly, I needed a place to vent the things that annoy me in my daily life. MLBlogs.com was a perfect match and the Rockpile Rant was born.

2. I got on an airplane, and stayed on. Say what you want to, this was by far my biggest accomplishment of the year.

3. I’ve expanded my circle of friends. It’s not easy to be my friend. I’ve had the same buddies for 20+ years. I don’t trust many, and you only get a couple of chances with me. I guess that explained my small circle of friends.

I trust them, every one of them and they trust me. It’s cool when you have that.  

hstreaker.jpgI have spent the last year trying/learning how to be more social. I’ve done this by blogging and interacting with more people.  

Now I find meeting new people not to be scary or uncomfortable (there are exceptions), I find it to be interesting and rewarding.

 Thanks to all of you who comment on the Rant. I plan to spend the next year being a better commenter backer. 

I’m not sure exactly at what point this year the change happened, but it happened, and is still happening. I’m not all the way there yet, but I can tell you it’s hard to be shy at a baseball game when your the Rockpile Ranter…This leads me to # 4.

bag on head1.jpg4. I plan to dabble in the Blog Internet talk radio as a way of overcoming a fear of public speaking. I will be doing a 15 minute call-in segment on December 30th at 9 pm Colorado time. Just in time to say I did it before the end of the year. I’ll post all the links and stuff soon. Do me favor, if you listen, don’t expect much. As with blogging, the more you do it, the better you get…and the first one’s going to suck I’m sure. I just need to do it. I’ll have cool music, and maybe snacks.

 5. I got to pretend I worked for the Nuggets. That was something I will always remember. Thank you B.

6. I made it through another year of being a husband and a father and a (young) grandfather.(I miss you Mason). It can be hard work, but it’s a labor of love 🙂 

           I’m using you MLBLogs.com. I’m using you to become a better person…D

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  1. juliasrants

    Well D, I for one am glad that you’re blogging here for all of us to enjoy. I think most of us aren’t as social (okay, Jane is the exception!) as we would like to be. And blogging gives us all a chance to rant, think, discuss & just plain have fun! Let us know how we can find your internet radio show. Okay, it will be VERY late on the east coast, but I’d love to listen! Here’s to 2009! Always remember – the best is yet to be! Cause we can’t do a Damn thing about the past! Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year!


    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      Right back at you J…Once the radio show is over you can listen to a saved version of it. I’ll have it all linked up afterwards. So don’t stay up late. It won’t be worth it…D

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    The Blog talk radio thing sounds super cool. I’ll look forward to checking it out.
    I too am not a particularly social person but I enjoy being able to “talk” with you after reading your blogs.
    (Can you believe they got snow in Las Vegas? Darn global warming!)

    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      R-Luv, I hear you on the Global warming. It’s weird, I went to Chicago, froze my *** off, then came back to sunny Colorado and it is colder here than Chicago. I think for my first BLOGTALK RADIO I’m going to do an interview. I’d prefer if you don’t listen the first time. Let me do the intereview, if it’s good, I’ll link it here. But, I won’t stop you if you want to listen live. Like I said, I’m new to this, nervous, and I don’t really follow any other teams other than my Rockies, so I’m not about talking about other teams so much. I figure I’ll do an interview, some Rockies talk, then my Rant. You can call in to the show also. So I might take a few calls. It is also possible I could chicken out. Click on the little blogtalk radio icon in my header, it has all the details.

      Kylie-The Mobile Blogging Unit is the shizzle. Hanging out at the ballpark all day is cool, but having a place to go and relax, get out of the sun, have a drink and something to eat. That is what I think is cool. I’ve been preparing this trip since last spring training. I’m ready…D

  3. Kylie

    SWEET blogtalkradio. I will definitely listen. It sounds like a really cool idea–I’ve always loved the sound of my own voice, haha.
    MBU sounds like tons of fun. I wish I could go back to spring training.
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  4. Kylie

    Spring training is the shizzle in general. I spent eight hours a day for five days at the ballpark talking to ballplayers. Seriously, what in the world could possibly top that?
    The only bad part was the sunburn–make sure to use high SPF sunscreen. Since I was always facing the same way at every game my right side got really burned and my left side was pale, haha.
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

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