Show up on time and everything’s fine


Thumbnail image for General.jpgI thought when I finished my military service that I had met damn near every “type” of person/personality there is out there.

You really do meet “all kinds” of people in the Army.

But I haven’t, I’m not even close.

Thumbnail image for michael-jackson2.jpgAs I rapidly age, I’m starting to figure out that life is about learning everyday and growing as a person, not about thinking I know enough about people to make the statement I did in my first sentence.

Ok, that’s deep for me. 

On a different note, this just came to me, I’m not saying that nobody has ever said this before, or been quoted saying it, but it just popped into my head. 

Quote from me: “Half of marriage is being able to admit when your wrong, the other half is being able to tell her she’s right”.🙂 I’ve got half of it down.

 If your married you’ll get it, if your not, well I’m sure you’ll find someone.

Thumbnail image for Password Expired.pngEver get the message on your computer that says “Password will expire in 10 days, do you want to change now?

I’m curious, do you change it right then, or do you procrastinate?

 I’m sure exactly how long you wait to change it says a bunch of crap about who “you” are, and what type of distinct personality you have.

 I don’t want to know about all that, I just want to know if anyone else puts this off to the last day?

 I even factor in weekends. It’s similar to mailing your taxes on the last day I suppose.

I’m not exactly sure why I wait, I guess I just don’t want to change it unless I absolutely have to. I don’t succumb to peer pressure anymore. 

lunch_punch.gifWhat about those stupid little punch cards businesses give you to con you into frequenting their establishments more often.

You know, the little business cards that say buy 7 and get the 8th free or offer a discount.

Check your wallet or purse, you probably have a couple.

 In my entire life, I have not ever redeemed one of these. I lose the F’n things before I ever even come close to the freebie. 

I’m sure people might say that the inability to redeem one of those cards says a lot about my personality too.

Thumbnail image for puncher outer.jpgNo it doesn’t, it means I hate those freggin little punch cards, nothing more, nothing less. Want my business? Throw me a freebie every now and then, and don’t make me work for it. I’ll come back.

I don’t need any more crap in my wallet.

 Oh, I hate those little hand held punch things, I don’t like the clicking sound they make. 

Wait,…I’m not done yet.

old check out.jpg


Hello retail America (excluding organic grocery stores), it’s now nine days before X-mas.

You know, the time of year where a business makes it or breaks it.

I have to believe you’re scheduling a full crew of cashiers to handle the mobs of people… right?

I mean the faster you ring-em and sting-em, the sooner you can do it again, right?   

joker etchasketch.jpg


But exactly who we blame for the long lines becomes a bit sketchy.

 Like I just said, I can’t fathom the idea that during X-mas a busy store would have twelve available registers, and only three cashiers ringing up product.

Two of whom have been waiting to go on break. 


Thumbnail image for Uncle Sam call in.jpg

 All I can figure is it must be mass employee call outs.

 I’m sure some of the employees are legitimately sick (this is the cold and flu season), the rest probably call-in sick so they can finish their X-mas shopping.

Do you see the climax I’m building to here, if the stores schedule a full staff, and half of them call in sick,  and the other half of them go shopping, you’ve just added a huge influx of people to this shopping side of this equasion, and a down flux of cashiers to struggle with the overload. 

There’s no balance and nobody wins. 

Lining up outside.jpg

That is why we have long lines during X-Mas.

It’s not the exactly the stores fault (schedule extra cashiers just in case), it’s more the cashier’s lack of work ethic.

So props go out to the cashiers that show up for their scheduled shift. 

 It’s a good thing you do, you keep America moving.

                          It was awesome the way I broke that down,…..I got skills.

BreakItDown.jpg                                  I’m done, I feel better, pizza’s getting cold..D
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  1. juliasrants

    Have to agree with you on the employees at stores. Would it kill them to thank you AND could someone teach them to make change? I worked an F.W. Woolworth’s when I was in High School (yes, I’m dating myself!) and believe me , you gave the penny or 3 cents or whatever and I could make change. Now? Give the cashier the penny after they’ve typed in the money and they can’t do it. It totally confuses them. I have to say I find myself using the self-check if a store has it so I don’t have to deal with the cashiers. And nice to see that you know that your wife is always right!


  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Julia…Happy wife=happy life. I carry a debit card so I can make the transaction/interaction with the cashier as quick and as painless as possible…D

  3. happyyoungster

    Speaking of passwords, I have so many passwords that I can never remember the damn things when I actually need them. I try to use the same passwords for everything, but every site has a different stupid rule. Small case, upper case, letters, numbers, symbols, retinal scans, fingerprints, hair samples, voice recognition, ahhhhh!
    When a guy has passwords to access passwords, you know there’s something seriously wrong.
    I hate passwords like you hate little punch cards.
    Nice rant, BTW…

    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      Happster-Thx, I feel you totally on this one, I can tell you from experience that having the same password for all accounts is a BAD idea. I once did that, and it was a mess.
      Julia, that particular saying was a freebie to me, so feel free to use it…lol…D

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