What can you say when a Pro makes your day

12/11/08                               Rockpile Rant made the:  
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                                             Ranter’s Bad Joke of the day

Drug Dealer.jpg




Question: Who makes more money a prostitute or a drug dealer?







 Answer: A prostitute obvioiusly, she can wash her crack and resell it.

 C,mon, you know you love my sense of humor.

I’m still trying really hard to come out of this funk. It took me years to figure it out, but I get depressed around X-mas.

Is it just me? It really sucks.

Pinball m.jpg I know what it stems from, (a stupid F’king pinball machine).

 I figured that out last holiday season. I was in a Target with Hunter when he noticed a Spiderman pinball machine. He mentioned to me how much he wanted it for X-mas.. It was at that moment I flashed back to a time in my childhood during X-mas.

I almost lost it in that store. My eyes welled up as an extremely painful memory was brought back to my attention.

Hunter got that pinball machine for X-mas and nobody smashed it in front of him. Nuff said on that.

whats up.gifStill no answer back from MLBlogs.com on the rankings. I just want to know the deal, and then I’ll keep rolling on as I always do. I’m wondering if my blog getting erased at one point this season had something to do with it?

 As I said, I’m not mad, I just don’t understand.

Educate me please?

rockiescoolpic.jpg2009 Rockies tickets went on sale today. The first three home games are April 11-13 against the Phillies.

Oh hell yea. How cool would it be to win that set.

 I’m in Section 151 of the Pavilion for all three games, and I’m still chasing that elusive live home run ball.

I officially claim 2009 as the year of the Ranter. I called shotgun first.  

You can bet I’ll be there at Coors Field with my Jersey,  hat, glove, camera, and ready to break some personal records, or break something.

Move on quit.jpgI’m on a mission, and when I put my mind to something, it gets done.

Or, I get bored and move on. 

My Denver Nuggets are kicking some serious butt this season. I almost feel bad for dogging Carmello Anthony a few blog entries back, especially when he scored 33 points in the third quarter during last nights game.

I know you’ve got it in you Melo, just bring it every night…I want to support you man. I really do. 


                                  Hey Melo, here’s a Pro you could learn a lot from.

Collin Balester.jpgCollin Balester, pitcher for the Washington Nationals. He blogs here and is the first Professional player to comment on the Rant.  

Thank you Bally, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to know that you took time out of your day to read my blog.

Also, your comment came at a time I really appreciated it. You Rock brotha. 

Here is the comment I read from Bally’s Blog that inspired me to comment there:

Quote from Bally, “I like it because like I always say without you fans this game is nothing, so I like to give back to the fans and so I appreciate the support that they give on a day to day basis. Also, I will sign for anyone thats the least I can do”.

He said it was the least he could do. You see, Bally gets it. I hope he has a stellar year.  

good luck12.gif

This dude is a class act. Hey Bally, the Rockies play the Nationals on Aug 18-20.

I always make batting practice and I’m not hard to spot. Come over and say hi. That would

 mean more to me than you know.

 Collin, I have officially added your blog to my sidebar. It’s really good.

Good luck, and I hope you have an outstanding season Sir.

Good guys don’t always finish last, or 48th.


Don’t worry all, I’m in there like swimwear. I just need to get past these damn holidays and all’s good.

Groovyconga.jpg                                                         Who luvs ya??..D
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  1. iliveforthis

    Sorry you haven’t heard back from MLBlogs yet. Hopefully that’ll happen sooner rather than later. Being a psychology major, I can definitely tell you that it’s common for people to get depressed around the holidays.
    Hopefully I’ll be at the Rockies game too! That would be totally amazing! Last game I went to, I was in section 153 and almost caught a home run ball by Barmes. So, I’d definitely love to score seats over there.
    Also, as far as Melo goes, don’t feel bad for ragging on him. I’m mad that we traded Allen Iverson over him. But, Iverson didn’t really mesh with the team well and Chauncey Billups seems to be doing well. Anyway, that’s my say on that.
    One last thing, I appreciate you adding my blog to your side bar as well. One thing that I would like to point out though: I’m definitely a chick. 🙂

    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      Liveforthis-I’m really sorry, throw a name at me, and I’ll remember forever. YW on the SB.
      Julia-Thanks, guess we all have our times? Mine is December.
      I’ve got some really cool news. I have a special passenger going along for the ride to Spring Training in Feb…I’ll have a blog up about it tomorrow…D

  2. rockieluv

    Hey D,
    That’s cool about Bally. The players who take time out for the fans are the best. My favorite memory from last season was not only getting Clint Barmes’ autograph but having him actually talk to me. You’re #1 in my book Clint! It’s what we fans live for.
    Hope your week improves.

  3. mlbmark

    Hey, Don. Congratulations on being in the MLBlogs Top 100 and thanks for being a big part of this community’s growth in 2008. The system for ranking isn’t perfect, but I’ll gradually figure out how to work with it. Latest Leaders is something I started “on the fly” during the last season just to give people an idea how they’re doing, mainly for fun as you know. It’s advisable NOT to change titles on your MLBlog as you have in the past. The internal data I search (no public numbers, sorry) is actually looking for the title of the blog. I’m not going to separately seek out and add anyone’s various titles, as my main role is writing articles for MLB.com and that wouldn’t fly. It’s safe to say you would be “somewhere” north of 48, so just rest assured knowing you’re probably right and we value your blog being part of this community. Also, you might want to add a hit counter in your header as some others have. Thanks for your patience and have fun blogging on into 2009.


    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      Thank you Mark, I appreciate your honesty, and what you just told me was all I needed to hear. Thank you for all you do, and I promise not to switch blog titles again. Rest assured, the Ranter will be doing fine in 2009. Happy holidays to you and the MLBlogs.com staff. Keep those creative juices flowing. If you need any help, just holler, you know I’m full of it :)…D

  4. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Thanks Mark, I use a stat counter and that’s about where I had it pegged…again, thank you brotha…You made my day…D

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