Don’t tell me I can’t Rant

12/8/08         This entry has been building up in me. I can’t takes no more.

rantahead_411.jpg                                      They don’t call me the Ranter for nothing.

                                             Today’s blog entry is called:                   

                      Things I Freggin Hate

Evil Smiley.jpg

I have worked really hard the last few years trying to become a more tolerant/patient individual. Back in the day, I had an extremely low tolerance for people and their bullsheet.

      I don’t pull punches. I ALWAYS tell it like it is, or I just won’t say anything.
           Back then, things could always be settled outside. It was quicker and easier.

When you say nothing it means you’re bottling it up inside, and that only lasts so long and then…. 

mad as hell 12.jpg

Thumbnail image for Dont read 12.jpg
I’ve been mellow for a while, so I’m feeling the need to blow off some steam.

If you don’t know me by now, this would be the time to grab the mouse and click away or just turn the computer off.


                                                       OK I  WARNED YOU

stupid people.jpgI really hate stupid people.

For the most part, being stupid is a personal choice. Sure there may be some breeding issues, but most people can read, and reading is knowledge.

Pick up a book, read a magazine. Television is not a tutor.
Ritalin ad.jpg


 I hate how drugs are over prescribed to our children.

 Granted some kids may need it, but I think a good old fashioned, sit down, shut the hell up, and pay attention would do wonders.

 Besides, everybody daydreams from time to time. Think back, you did it.

You’d be surprised how fast school grades improve when the removal of a Wii or cell phone is used as leverage.

 Be smarter than your kids, don’t drug them up. That’s what college is for.

car insurance1.jpgI REALLY hate that my car insurance rates are going up.

Not because of any accidents or claims. No, because I don’t have an 800 credit rating. 

 Lets see American Family Insurance, I’ve been paying you 130 bucks a month, no accidents, and only one hail damage claim in nine yearsKiss my rockpiles.jpg.

 Now you want to raise my premium like twenty-five bucks a month when you should be lowering it?

American Family you can kiss my Rockpiles, I’ll be looking elsewhere.

Thumbnail image for Lizzard chillin.jpg


Where is that damn lizard when you need him?




Global warming1.JPG


 I’m sick of the global warming bullsheet. I just spent four days in Chicago freezing my ash off.  I just don’t buy it.

Pete Rose Time.jpg





vick-dog.jpgI hate that Pete Rose is banned from baseball, while Michael Vick can do what he did and still return to his sport.

If Vick gets to play football again, Charlie Hustle should be eligible for Baseball Commissioner.

first 5 hall of famers.jpg




I hate that some of the folks who are lucky enough to cast votes for the Baseball Hall of Famers, feel obligated/ pressured to vote for a particular player. 

Peer pressure, or the amount of time a player has been on the ballet should have nothing to do with your vote.

If you get to vote, you have a chance to determine baseball history.

Pick that player for the right reasons.

 Otherwise you’re doing baseball fans an injustice and piss’d away an important vote. 





Walmart shopping.jpg


I hate that gas is back down in price, but my grocery bill hasn’t dropped at all.  


I hate being stuck behind the person buying lottery tickets for the first time, or the one who can’t quite decide whether to get the Lucky 7’s or the Pick 4.

Seems, it’s always when I’m in a hurry to get to work. Lottery tickets should only be sold between midnight and 5 AM.

sample dome.jpgI hate the inconsiderate SOB who raids the sample plate, but then doesn’t use the tongs, nasty. 

cough spray.jpgI hate when people cough and don’t cover their mouth.

Or ones that cough in their hands, but then don’t wash them.



hot-dog dog.jpgI hate waiting in line for food at sporting events.

You can miss an entire inning/period/quarter just waiting in line to get a hot dog.

 Case and point..Mile High Stadium yesterday.PIdogshit8.jpg






I hate when solicitors put those stupid flyers on your car window.

Or the ones who ring your doorbell when there’s a “No Soliciting” sign clearly posted on the front door.

newspapers_on_driveway_sm.jpgI enjoy reading the newspaper, but I don’t need six free miscellaneous ones littering my driveway on a daily basis.

I hate every time I try to get fast food, two cars manage to beat me in line every freggin time. Or when you have to wait so long in line, that when you get your food, they don’t even Yellow light 11.JPGthrow in a few extra fries or a dessert for making you wait.

My time is valuable.  

I hate that driver that makes me miss my light because he doesn’t catch it until it’s turning yellow, and then peels out at the last second.

I hate people that lay on their horn behind you for no reason, then when you get out of the car to say WTF?, they take off scared. Tell me what’s your problem, or don’t be so damn horny.


snoop_dogg_and_sour_nerds.jpgI hate nerds who think they are computer superheroes. Come back to earth Captain Joystick, the world needs dorks too.

 It’s called balance.

People texting.jpgI hate seeing three people standing in a group, all of them texting.

 It’s freggin retarded.

 I really hate when people just don’t get me. I’ll do anything for you. Just be appreciative and don’t ever play me for a chump. You don’t want to be my enemy. 

 If for some reason, someday I help you out. Just be there to return the favor when I need you. Do unto others, you know the deal.

I’m an hour into this blog and I’m starting to feel a lot better. If you made it this far, you either get me or you don’t, but I appreciate you hanging in there. Today sucked. Hope your day was better. Tomorrow is always another day.

                 In spirit of being fair, my next entry will be only about things I like..D

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  1. Kylie

    Everybody needs to rant, and shame on whoever told you otherwise.
    My uncle had ADHD as a kiddo. My grandmother used to give him coffee and make him run up and down the stairs forty times before he went to school and he never had a problem.
    I got spanked as a kid. I’m not mentally unstable or anything.
    Buying groceries is getting ridiculous. Buying fruit at Sam’s is cheaper but damn, their fruit is nasty.
    We almost never get our paper when we’re supposed to. It’s supposed to arrive at 5:30, which is good because I wake up then, but half the time it doesn’t arrive until 7, at which point I have to be out the door.
    Kylie —

  2. juliasrants

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE! I couldn’t agree with you more! Can I add a few? As the mother of boys – All boys do NOT need to be on meds! They are NOT hyperactive – they are being normal, active boys! Yes, they are different from your girls, but they are suppose to be! When someone is kind enough to invite you to something, please have the decency to RSVP. Adults – if you want children to treat you with respect, you must treat them with respect. Setting a good example goes a long way. And did you ever notice that people who make a show of how much money they have, don’t really have as much as they pretend to AND they aren’t nearly as happy as they act.

    You’re right – I feel much better! Thanks for letting me Rant!


  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Hell yea, that’s what I’m talking about ladies. Lets get it all out before X-mas…I love that you both agree and felt comfortable enough to share…awesome…D

  4. juliasrants

    Thank you for giving us the forum to rant and getting us started. And yes, I felt comfortable doing it – you have one of the most inviting and welcoming blogs. You share so much of yourself with us. It’s like coming to visit a friend when I read you blog. Thanks!


  5. hardballblog

    I too hate stupid people. Especially the ones that have a very good education or do well in school but just have no common sense whatsoever. It is truly frustrating. I also think that Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. If someone can be inducted for being great off the field but not on, someone should be inducted for being great on and not off. It goes both ways. Let Pete in! Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley have had gambling problems and you don’t see the NBA kicking them out of the Hall of Fame. The MLB needs a reality check and see that letting Rose in is good for baseball.

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