Back home where we don’t need a dome



 My trip was a success. I’m home, and all in one piece.

All I can say is you’re hardcore if you can live here full time.

I don’t care how beautiful it is in the summer. 

Chicago is straight up freggin cold. 

I don’t think it warmed up even once in three days.

It just kept getting colder.

Me n David Spice.JPG



 I still don’t care for flying, but I can see how it could serve a purpose if your in a hurry and like to gamble with your life.

I had a window seat in row one, which afforded me the ability to periodically peer out and check the engine and wings.

You know, to make sure all was working and good.



  Here are a few city pictures I shot while riding the train back to the airport.DSCN4650.JPG

Down TC RR.jpg
DSCN4647.JPGDSCN4657.JPGHere is a shot of a few freaks I saw on the train ride (just kidding).  

This is Spice.
I believe Spice’s goal this trip was to eat his way in and out of Chicago.

The group agreed, “He nailed it”.
Nice job Spice, the plumbers union of Chicago thanks you

 Good times brotha. Spice educated me to the new word of the day “Ring Stingers”. Apparently it’s a side effect from eating a  burger called the “Goblincock” at a restaurant called Kuma’s Korner.  

Kuma’s is a restaurant with food named only after heavy metal bands.

Thumbnail image for DSCN4662.JPG



For some reason, the entire train ride I had the tune from the 70’s TV show, “Welcome back Kotter” runnng through my head.

The rhythmic swaying of the city’s
train had its effects on the team





J Ryan Chicago.jpg

Here’s J Ryan, my boss and roommate for this trip.

J is the lead singer of a band called Six Finger Satellite that originated in Rhode Island.

 Here are few covers of their albums. They have a bunch more.

6fs Pigeon.jpg
These are the current members:

Jeremiah Ryan (singer, keyboards, lyrics)
Rick Pelletier
Dan St Jaques
Jon Loper


SFS 1-1.jpg


Click above to check out their myspace page to see what you’re missing.

They have a new album coming out available for download.
6fs 2008-1.JPG

These guys have been jamming and putting out albums since 1990.

To quote J Ryan to me, “It’s music for the head”.

           Check it out.Thumbnail image for Paranormalized.jpg
chicago11 016.jpg


Here’s our group hard at work, making history in our own way. 

We pretty much managed to accomplish everything we set out to do in Chicago.

Our hosts were great. Thank you.

chicago11 015.jpg



Here’s a shot of a colorful building across the street from where we were working.

Some sort of Cabaret.

Click on picture to enlarge if you’re into that.






 Darth Gadar.

I have to retract my statement about not getting any eye contact from the people in Chicago.

 On Thursday night I took a cold, short walk looking for a store where I could purchase some Advil.

 Believe me, at that time of night, I was getting all kinds of un-welcomed eye contact.

 chicago11 003.jpg

Guess I went full circle this trip, I found myself staring at the ground not wanting to look up.

 Funny how things work.

I walked a little faster than usual back to the hotel and called my wife.

The Chicago atmosphere changes a little after 10pm-ish.

That’s ok, that’s usually when I go to sleep.

                                                     A few more pictures….

chicago11 006.jpg                             Chicago finest keeping busy working on their penmanship.
chicago Police.jpg
LIttle car.jpg

 First time I’ve seen one of these up close. No room to fart in this thing, (Guess there’s always Bean-No).

Two of these things take up the same space as one car. 

The dilemma, one of them costs the same as two cars?




 Denver International Airport.

I’m back home in Colorado Baby !

And yes, every Coloradan drives by this big circus tent looking airport and wonders…..

“What the hell were they thinking when they built this?” 


  It was above freezing when we landed in Colorado.




  Chicago, it’s been fun, great City you have there. Might I suggest heated sidewalks or possibly a retractable dome. 

You can bet your ash next time I visit will be during the Summer.

Tomorrow Krista, I, Andy and Aimilee will be attending the Denver Broncos game vs the Chiefs.

It’s the only Broncos game were going to this year so we’re showing up early to tailgate.

                       Go Broncos…D
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  1. juliasrants

    Hmmmm… it took two of Chicago’s finest to write the ticket? And how can you not love a pink Darth Vader. Reminds of the night my husband & I were out on the town in Boston having drinks at this “posh” lounge near Fanueil Hall. We were watching people go by the windows and then there he was – Spiderman staring back in the window at us! And I swear – I was only on my first martini! Got to love the City! Glad you made it home in one piece.


    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      Thanks Julia, I don’t usually travel too far from home, (I’ve done my time). So I may have a tendency to have a slightly childish perception of different cities and states. Especially places I’ve never visited before. I guess the area we were in was called “Boystown”. It’s funny, because I found myself laughing the entire walk to work every morning…laters…D

  2. Kylie

    It’s good to see you had fun and were successful–and apparently stayed warm enough to make it home.
    I love DIA–I think it’s my favorite airport I’ve ever been in. However, that big black horse with red eyes that I always see driving out of the rental car places scares the crap out of me. What is that?
    Kylie —

  3. rockieluv

    Glad you made it back safe D. Thanks for sharing Chicago with us. Love the picture of you with the Blues Brothers.
    On the Rockies message board ALRockies is starting a blog talk radio and is looking for people to call in as reporters. Thought it might be of interest to you. (See “OT-Calling fellow Rockies Fans” thread)

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