Mystery Player Trivia # 3, who could it be?


Success sign.JPGI had great success with the recent Baseball Trivia test. Alex was the first one with the correct answers and won the Spilborghs autographed ball (send me your address dude).

 I’m going to work on a  harder one over the next few days. I just found out that I won’t be attending the Nuggets game tonight. Damn, I love being there taking pictures.


 Don’t hate me for blogging a little basketball on a baseball blog.

 Respect the fact that I’m keeping myself pro-active during the “off-season”.

No prizes for this round, I’ll think of something cool for the “tougher challenge” coming up soon.

If you win this one, send me a picture, I’ll brag you up and make you famous.

Post your answer/guess in the comments section of this entry, so the world can see you did it first.



Charlie.jpgOk here is my little teaser, see if you can tell me who the player below is. Also, tell me his “claim to fame involving a statistical tie with another player”.

The only clue I’ll give you is one of the letters in one of his names is “k” and maybe the picture to the left. 
                                               Mystery Player121.jpg

whats your answer.jpg

                                                        Good Luck !
Leon K Ames nY nationals.jpg

Attention: I have a winner.

          Jere Smith

  Here is a link to his blog:

          Jere’s blog

He posted his answer in comment section.

 This is Jere as a kid??

 Leon Kessling “Red” Ames.

1911 T205 card.

Played for the Reds, same as his nickname. 

He also was nicknamed “Wild thing”.

This dude knows his stuff (or he’s a master googler).

Either way, nice job man.

A bunch of readers were working on this one. 

Do you want more? Harder, easier?…I’m game…D 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG


    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      That partial picture is from a baseball card issued somewhere between 1902-1917. Here is another clue, his nickname is the same as one of the teams he played for…D

  1. jere80

    Leon Kessling “Red” Ames. 1911 T205 card. Played for the Reds, same as his nickname. The first clue was “Wild Thing,” Rick Vaughn’s nickname, because Ames, according to Wikipedia, “is tied with Walter Johnson for the most wild pitches in a career with 156”. (Though that seems wrong to me–first of all, BR shows Johnson with 155, and besides, other guys have had upwards of 200 wild pitches. Nolan Ryan had 277.)

  2. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Bingo, you nailed it. I figured the wild thing would give it away. I’ll post the whole baseball card later tonight. Nice job brotha, well played..What’s your name??? Got a picture to share?…D

  3. jere80

    For me it was the “Red” that helped me get it. I figured that was the most common team/player nickname. After going through the whole list of 1910-era guys named Red, I had given up. But then I was just looking through cards from that era–found a site with a whole T205 set. Got to #3 and saw “Leon K Ames,” and thought, hey, that name seems familiar. It was one of the “Red”s. I saw he played for the Reds–and with that middle initial being K–I knew I had the guy. Checked out the eyebrows, and it was a match. Earlier I had tried things like Vaughn and Rick and Sheen, and did look up the wild pitch record–but found a page with “MOST WILD PITCHES – CAREER
    AL – Jack Morris – 206
    NL – Phil Niekro – 200
    ML – Nolan Ryan – 277” so I had given up on the wild pitch thing. Only after I got the guy did I go to his Wiki page and see the report of him being the wild pitch leader, tied with Johnson. (Maybe when he retired, he was tied with Walter at that time. That must be what they meant.)

    My name’s Jere Smith and I do quizzes myself at my blog A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory ( A picture? Just to be different, here’s a shot of me as a kid in the 80s. Thanks!

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