Followed a dream, I want a job with my team


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Well I did it. I officially applied for two positions within the Colorado Rockies organization. Survey11.jpg



Why you ask? 

Honestly, I love my current job. I would be content working there until I retire in 20-25 years, but it’s not my passion. 

You only go around life once and I just have to give this a shot. WTF right?

(Just a cartoon here, not actual fact–>)

dream it do it.jpg

pressbox.jpgPlus, these are part-time seasonal positions, so I could do both jobs

I applied for the Stats Stringer and Pitch F/X Operator openings for the Colorado Rockies.

The Stats Stringer job is fascinating to me. I’m totally a numbers guy. 

Major League Baseball Advanced Media or MLBAM uses “stringers” who use a laptop and specific software to enter pitch-by-pitch data for every baseball game.

These guys are given a press pass and a spot in the press box, where they can focus on the game.stringerview.jpg


Each and every play is broken into a series of codes, which are used to document the game.

Stats stringer would be perfect for me. How hard would it be to blog about a game you documented every single play on?


See what I mean, I’m talking serious head full of stats. 

The Rockies are also looking for a Sports Reporter. That was the job I wanted to apply for most of all. My problem is passion, desire, and life long dream are not listed anywhere on the qualifications for the job.

 It also seems that I don’t quite meet all of the qualifications,…such is life.

Curling dude.jpg


Yep, alI I have is my life experience, and my passion for my sport.

I’m an acquired taste, not exactly for everyone, kind of like curling but with a cool factor. 

I’ll just keep doing what I do and maybe someday someone who knows someone will dig my schit and have a use for the Ranter’s banter.

Maybe I’ll be content on being the number one fan blog on You have to set goals and shoot for them.Thumbnail image for perez-hilton.jpg


  My wife called me the Perez Hilton of MLB..minus the gay part.

 (Not that there is anything wrong with that), CYA.





 It’s not a mid-live crisis, more of a mid-life realization.






Either way, I’ll continue to roll on. I’m already a lucky guy and I know it.

                  Thanks for your click…D
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  1. hardballblog

    Good luck with the job. You may not have the most talent or experience but you have a love and passion for the game, which is what should really count. I would much rather read something a little less sophisticated but have heart in it than something with big words and is just for the money. Great blog, keep it up.

  2. rockieluv

    Go for it D. You never know what will happen. One thing for sure, if you don’t apply, you won’t get the job. I think you would make a much more interesting reporter than most of those guys.

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Thanks Rockieluv..right now I’m just testing the waters. MLB is not ready for the Ranter as a full time writer. In a perfect world with enough sponsorship, I would blog from the Mobile Blogging Unit the entire MLB season, ..visiting each stadium. I think it’s a great idea, but I can’t seem draw much interest….I’ve blogged this before but baseball needs its own version of the Weinermobile…The Mobile Blogging Unit. This one has a shower and doesn’t smell like pork…Laters…D

  4. iliveforthis

    Good luck with the job. Like you, I’m also aiming for a job with the Rockies. I’m leaning more toward sports psychology though. If you get an in, maybe you can hook a fellow blogger up (hint hint, wink wink). Just kidding. But best of luck to you!!!

    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      I Live For This.
      How’s it going? Interesting field you’ve chosen, especially on the sports end of it. I’d love to hook a fellow blogger up, but I’d have to be the one holding the fishing pole my friend. At this point, all I’ve got is a handful of worms, a big smile, and the urge to go fishing…Thanks for reading my fish stories…D

  5. hardballblog

    I an aspiring sports writer so I feel your pain at trying to get into the business. It’s not easy but I should be getting close in the next few years. I just need that degree thing from that college thing and I think I will be set. Be sure to keep us updated on your application process.

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