I’m a guy who doesn’t like to fly


Scared pug.jpg11/15/08

Everybody is scared of something. It could be a fear of something you had from when you were very young. Or it could be a fear that develops later in life. Mine is the latter.

 I hate to fly. Army Strong1.JPGFunny thing coming from an Army veteran,  but to this day, it straight up freaks me out.

It is the result of a small fire on my plane on a flight back from Korea years ago.

I can drive and I’m a hell of a swimmer, so if I can’t get there by land or ocean, I question whether I really need to be there. I’ve done the overseas thing.


The point I’m so slowly getting to is I have to fly to Chicago next month. It’s a work thing.

Normally I wouldn’t have volunteered to go on this trip, but the gained knowledge will be useful in my job moving forward.

Plus, I’ve never been there.</p


 First thing I did when I found out I was going was check to see if the Nuggets would be in Chicago during those days. No luck.

shot11.jpgI’m not a really a drinker, but on the few times I’ve flown since my Army days, a few stiff belts seemed to help.

Nosedive1.JPGSo you people who fly all the time, what’s the secret?

How do you keep from thinking about a 400 mph nosedive?

 I used to fly with my dad when I was a young kid. (He had a private pilots license), I never had a problem. In fact, if my dad said lets go up right now, I would go.

It’s my dad, I know him and trust him.

I have no idea who will be piloting my plane next month.

Stressed 131.JPGEveryone has issues, what if the Pilot is stressed? What if he got hit with a court ordered child support payments the day before?

What if he was just forced to take a pay cut while the CEO’s of his company were still getting paid fat bonuses?crap12.jpg 

I think about all this crap.

I think there should be a little biography on each pilot Biography131.jpg(maybe set it up on Facebook).  With little details such as whether on not they are married or have kids, how long they have been flying, any medications they may be currently using, how many crashes,
  what’s on their I-pod, etc, you know…useful information so I can make an informed decision.

AirportSecurity_check.jpgAirlines have the right to thoroughly check me out, I too should have that right. I should be able to view the maintenance records for the plane on which I am flying. Maybe let me go out and kick the tires, inspect for cracks.

I don’t mind helping, I just want to get to my destination safely. 


ducks in a row1.JPGAnyways, just in case I’ve added some Life Insurance…Thanks Dan, and got my baseball collection in order….

If you’ve got a secret..Share it please.



 Remember on the A-team, whenever Mr. T had to fly they would knock him out.

Go back and watch that show now, see if you can get through it..

tampons.jpgI hate having this fear.




 The only thing that scares me as much as flying is the tampon aisle at the store.

aww hell no.jpg 



 Ten years of marriage and I’m still not  going there…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG


  1. Kylie

    I used to be terrified to fly. I don’t really know what changed–I think the fact that Dramamine puts me a little out of sorts helped somewhat because I don’t really have the capacity to think while that stuff’s in my system. Deep breathing works too. I fly at least twice a year and I’m sure that will go up once I go to school in CO next year, so I’ve just gotten used to it, but I never had a traumatic experience like you did.
    Good luck and have fun in Chicago!
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  2. juliasrants

    I always take a good book with me when I fly. It helps to lose yourself in it. I know you say you don’t drink much, but one drink might help to settle your nerves. And you can always think about the Rockies getting revenge on the Red Sox!

    Good luck! I hope the flight goes well!

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Kylie and Julia, Thanks for the tips, I’m thinking a combination of a few shots, some deep breathing and bringing a good book??…Maybe a trip to the doctor for some calming meds?? I don’t know…The 2nd is approaching quickly…D

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