All in vain for McCain with a rock like Barack

No bitching.jpg

I woke up this morning to a note folded in half sitting on my sink. On the outside part of the paper it said “guess who theCard.jpg new President of the United States is?”

Can you guess who my wife voted for before I tell you the rest?

She drew stars on the envelope.

I opened it up and you all know what it said. It was neat though, it was like the Academy Awards right in my bathroom.

I can’t bitch, whine or complain. I didn’t vote.

I don’t exactly know how I feel today. Nervous,..oh hell yea. Hopeful,…you betcha. Scared,..not yet…..

to tell the truth.jpgTo tell you the truth, I’d feel exactly the same no matter who won this election. It’s never been about color or gender to me. I couldn’t give a sheet about that.

Security was/is a big issue for me. McCain is pro-military, but he’s seriously weak on border security issues. Obama is too, and he doesn’t mention it often.

 You know,  I don’t remember hearing much at all on theAmerican-Dollar-Toilet-Paper.jpg border the last few months from either candidate. 


Since the economy went down the crapper, everyone seemed to forget about border security. An open border is an invitation for trouble.

It’s like leaving your back door open when you live in the city. Would you do that?


Border Fence.jpg



That is my biggest concern, for now.

  Putting that aside, there’s nothing we can do now except give this man a chance. 

3 on 3.jpg 

  I was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool to play some 3 on 3 basketball with the Prez?

How many Presidents before this guy woke up in the morning and played basketball before having coffee?

Probably about as many presidents that have lived up to every one of their campaign promises = 0



bulging eyes.jpg


 Has anyone looked at their 401K lately. Go check it out, but be prepared.Luggin it1.JPG






Ok on a lighter note…this had me rolling today—>

I opted for a salad at lunch today.

Taco salad.jpg





Take a number.jpg 


 We’ll all see what happens to us in the future together, for now I’m not going to complain.

I’d probably have to take a number, and you know how I hate standing in lines…D

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