Rain is a pain as we wait in vain

10/27/08                                         World Series Game 5 kazmir01.jpg

Admit it, you love that title. It’s probably my tv, but Kazmir looked nervous, pale and a little shook by the end of the first inning. Major pressure for this guy.

He starts the first by walking one, then launches a ball into Chase Utley ribs. Utley was expressionless. He’s used to it. Utley stands so damn close to the plate.

Actually, he has been hit by more pitches than any other player this season. This dude really likes taking one for the team.FatLady.jpg



Victorino comes up to bat,  hits a low pop to left field and scores two runs. Simple as that. 

Phillies are in there like swimwear———>

Did you see the look on Kazmir’s face when they finally got the third out? I think at that point he was extremely relieved to get out that mess with only two runs scored.




 Top of the fourth Carlos Pena hits a double that could have been a triple had he stopped watching the ball and just ran. No matter, Longoria was up next and scored him.

Now its 2-1 Phillies.




 Philly gets a scare when Hamels tries to bunt and the ball hit the bat and jammed his fingers. I think I’ve figured out who Cole looks like.

It’s a cross between Jim Carey and Tom Brady. What do you think?

Thumbnail image for tom brady12.JPG







                              Am I way off here?? I dont think so.


You really were able  to see the effects of the elements in the fifth inning. Rollins bobbles infield pop fly that Rocco Baldelli  hit. Normally it was an easy catch. The wind was so bad he clearly couldn’t track it and the ball hit him in the wrist. There is some serious jacked up weather going on in Philly right now. Seems more like football weather. You know those Florida boys are hurting. Joe Maddon looked like he was colder than a well diggers butt in January.

Eddie Mac.jpg


 After back to back walks in the fifth inning and Kazmir bids his farewell after a tap on the butt. Replaced by Grant Balfour who finishes off the inning with no damage.

Anybody think Balfour looks like Ed McCaffrey, former Bronco great??

I’m just saying. It’s weird. Or maybe I am.

Top of the sixth Pena singles and scores Upton and now things are interesting. Then they break to commercial, it comes back to the game, and the game is suspended due to the rain. Guess I’ll continue as the game does, if it does.

                                         The time is now 8:57 pm MST


 Game 5 is suspended until tomorrow (weather permitting).  First suspended World Series  game ever. . I wish Cole Hamels could carry on and finish what he started. The Phillies were of robbed of his full potential in this rainy incomplete  game five, .

                                    The score is tied, they made the right call…D
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  1. rockieluv

    Great title. And now one more set before I forget.

    Let’s keep Scott. His bat’s hot…….Let’s trade Hawpe? I think not…….Let’s trade Helton? No way in H@ll mon.

    (And lastly, if the weather doesn’t clear, don’t forget your scuba gear)

    • "D" The Rockpile Ranter

      Your getting better, if you were in Phillie you’d be wetter. Try this: What could the Rockies plans be for Joe Koshanski? Your right we can’t trade Helton cause he still can belt ’em, Troy is our boy because he plays for the joy. Chris Iannetta can only get betta, and Yorvit may find out where the door be…Ouch…I have more…can you top that?…D

  2. rockieluv

    Oh, you’re good I must admit, but I’m not giving up as you’ll see from this bit.

    What about Barmes? I think he’ll go far for us.
    As for our pitcher Livan, I won’t miss him if he’s gone.
    Should we keep Manny Corpas? We ‘might get better pitching from a porpoise.
    How about Ian Stewart? He throws well when sitting in the dirt.

    And now for our recently departed.
    Goodbye Valerio, good luck where ever you go.
    Goodbye Jayson Nix, sorry you’re no longer in the mix.
    Goodbye Mark Redman, I’m sure we’ll see you somewhere again.
    Goodbye Cory, your’s is an unfinished story.
    And lastly, goodbye Matt Herges, I wish you were still here for us.

    Hmmm, I think that’s all for my verse, I’ll stop before it gets any worse.

  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    See you call him Barmes, I call him Clint, we fans know him well from this seasons stint.
    Holliday will be history, gone in a trade. You can bet your baseballs he’s gonna get paid.
    We started the season with Garrett on three, he ended on one but he’s far from done.
    Francis is Canadian, but by no means a hoser, he sucked this year so lets make him a closer.
    Now that im thinking, I wish I was drinking Memosa with Jorge De La Rosa.
    If they get rid of Brad you know I’ll be sad, because you can’t top the Hawpe.
    Do you think they’ll set free a, Mr. Omar Quintinilla?
    As for Livan Hernandez, lets see what a few days in the can does.
    I could go on yes it’s all in fun. But if I don’t stop now I’ll never be done.
    Keep going if you must, but in this you can trust. You can keep hitting me with your rhyming banter, but you don’t stand a chance because I’m the Rockpile Ranter.
    Thx for playing…D

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