Phillies are the real deal, game one is done


cheesesteak.jpgPhillies knew it, the Phanatic knew it, hell even the bronze Rocky Balboa knew it.

Phillies had to take game one or they were historically screwed. I think they  needed to show everyone that they, and the National League are the real deal this time.

Guess what? Phillies pulled it off and did it on the road at Tropicana.

Hell yea, no sweep for the Rays!!!

chase utley17.JPG

 The Phillies set the tone right from the start. Chase Utley hits a perfect two run homer in the first inning making him the 34th player in history to hit a home run on his first at bat in the World Series.

Thats cool. Props to you Chase, you got some bragging rights now.

Lest I forget some job well done props to National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player, Cole Hamels.

 This was his fourth postseason win. Cole threw a total of 102 pitches in 7 innings. He really was outstanding.












The Rays are 33 games above .500 winning at Tropicana. That means they don’t lose at home. At least not this season. Phillies were lucky to pull this one off.

Did you know that the Rays have been last in thier division nine of the last ten years. That stat alone makes this years accomplishments even more impressive.calculus8(circle).gif



I don’t underestimate the Rays.

If Joe Maddon’s math is that good, you better hope he doesn’t bust out some calculus on the Phillies.

Feel free to quote me on that. 


IN the bus 10-22-08.JPG


Final Score Phillies 3, Rays 2. 

Great game. Could have went either way at any time.

Glad it went my way.

This series is going to go seven games I can feel it…

          Go Phillies…D
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