Cow Bell Hell


non-smoking_area.jpgDay 5-

The co-worker I quit smoking with caved in today. I almost did several on several occasions. For some reason I didn’t. Whodathunkit??

Tomorrow is another day, the haze is starting to clear and so are my lungs.


Well it turns out tomorrow is another day for the Rays too. I really didn’t expect last night’s loss to weigh too heavy on the their minds. They needed to just forget about it and move on.


It’s a best of seven series, and you play them one game at at time.

Thumbnail image for COWBELL-1.jpgThere’s not much time to look back or second guess a loss. You quickly access the situation,  make adjustments and continue rolling hoping they work.


The Rays came out with bells on ready to roll just like the Phillies the night before.

Why wouldn’t they, it’s their house.




 <—— Iwamura and Upton come across the plate first to put the Rays two up in the first inning.

That’s not good.


BJ Upton 13.jpg
Dioner Navaro.jpg

Bottom of the second, BJ Upton singles to right field and scores Dioner Navaro.

Rays up three.


Jason Bartlett.jpg

I’m seeing momentum starting build here and it’s not the Phillies.Cliff Floyd.jpg

Bottom of the fourth,

<—-Jason Bartlett scores      Cliff Floyd——->                   on a sacrifice bunt.

Rays up four to zip.




Thumbnail image for Shields-Crisp.jpg

James Shields gets the job done allowing only seven hits with no runs scored in a little over six innings.

He may not be able to throw a punch, but he can throw a hell of a fastball and he wasn’t afraid to make use it.

Don’t feel too bad James, Coco Crisp used to be a boxer.

Just stick to swinging a bat brotha. Pitchers seem to need some help in that department.Eric Bruntlett.jpg




Finally, top of the eighth, Eric Bruntlett hits a homer to left field and the Phillies are on the board.

At least it’s not a shutout.

Rays 4, Phillies 1funny mohawk.jpg


 Jason Werth reaches first on a fielding error and manages to score Carlos Ruiz. That would be the last run scored in this game.

 Maybe there really is something to the mohawk thing?? I’ll never know.

Rays strike back and zap the Phillies 4-2. Series is now tied. Now we take this to Philadelphia.

That’s a good thing.



Thumbnail image for Cowbell.jpg



Think the Phillies will ban cowbells at Veterans?

I’m sure nobody’s asking for more cowbell in Pennsylvania tonight. 


       I’ll be back Saturday…D
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