Take a look, this rooms off the hook

Dan and Emily Rockies.jpg


I was talking with Dan Sauvageau about a month ago at a Rockies game and I asked him if I could do a blog entry about his baseball collection.

He said he’s not really an autograph hound, only had a few bats and that his baseball collection wasn’t really too much to speak of. I know that he and Emily give away most of the balls they snag now. A few days later he sent me these pictures of Emilys room.

This is Emily who just turned five and has been to 225 Rockies home games. Welcome to her room..PICT0359.JPG

Ebed.JPG There are a lot of baseballs inside there. I counted 42 balls on the bottom row alone. Dan exactly how many balls are in there?PICT0353.JPG




All the MLB murals you see in Emily’s room were hand painted by Dan.  


The attention to detail is amazing. This is what a true Rockies fans bedroom should look like. Note the baseball video game playing on the TV. Nice touch.

               Dan and Emily, t
hanks for sharing …D
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  1. 07nlchamps

    Right now there are just under 500 balls, and I still have a few autographed ones and 4 of the game home run balls I caught that I still have to put in there. Between spring training next spring and some Sky Sox games, it should be full by the end of next year:) Glad you like the room. Dan

  2. districtboy

    Woah! That’s the best room I have ever seen a five-year old have, boy or girl. Dan, how did you get get that ball wall set up? That would be a much better way to display my baseballs than stuffing them in Peapod bags (we never go to the supermarket anymore).

    P.S. – That’s a snaggy ROY plaque for Jason Jennings.


  3. utahsteeler

    I want to be a kid again!! Oh just forget it, I will make my room look like that, who cares what the girlfriend says! Dan was so cool when I was in Denver! Great blog.

    Jim in Utah

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