He lost the bet, he paid his debt

winner is.jpg


 A little while back I did an entry about bet I made with a guy I work named Todd.

 The bet was which of our teams would win more games by the end of the season. The loser had to wear the winners teams jersey. He proposed the bet,  and I accepted.

I actually won the bet before the Rockies played their last series with the D-Backs. Good thing cause the Rockies lost all three. Todd was a good sport and wore the Todd Helton Jersey all day. He did however have a Giants T-Shirt and cap on.He said he didn’t want the Jersey touching his skin…

I would have done the same thing.

So for the world to see, here is Todd sporting none other Todd Helton #17 Jersey..

Sorry for the blurry pic, It was the only one I was able to get.

Todd wearing Rockies Jersey.JPG                                  Congrats Todd…Thanks for Playing…D

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