An evening of lights and spectacular sights

9/19/08                    FIREWORKS GAME              ROCKIES VS DIAMONDBACKS

What a day. My face actually hurts from smiling so much. Hope it didn’t crack.

Today was only the second time this whole season that we were late for batting practice. Denver traffic on a Friday around 4pm can be hellish, and used took every short cut I knew,  but we still arrived about fifteen minutes late.

We met Berned in the parking lot and we all headed in. This was our first fireworks game this year and I had no idea if people showed up early or waited till later on in the evening to arrive.

Pavilion 9-19-08.JPG


 When we reached the Pavilion there was hardly anyone there at all.

 Either the Rockies didn’t taking batting practice or they were finished by the time we had arrived.

The D-backs were on the field and we assumed our positions.
Hunter 9-19-08.JPG





 Hunter slid down to the railing in row two.
My Spot 9-19-08.JPG



And me, I took my usual spot about half way up, not quite center field.

From a snaggers point of view,  it’s fun to watch the D-backs.

They were hitting well and I was getting some serious “play” in the Pavilionslot_machine.jpg.


Here’s my analogy of snagging.

Snagging to me is like going to a casino.

I don’t mind going home with nothing, as long as I get some “play”.

If your start your day at the Casino with a hundred bucks and you lose it in the first thirty minutes, that sucks.

But, if you get to play all day on the hundred bucks and then go home broke.

Then it was a day of entertainment.

Feel me?? 


 Ok, so it has been a long while since I have caught a ball on the fly at BP. 

Today, all of that would change.

About twenty minutes after we arrived at BP,  I saw a ball launched and headed for me.

 At first it looked like it was going over my head, but then it started to break. I ran back down about fifteen steps, reached as high as I could and in -glove-.jpg

Right into my glove.

My only goal for the last few games of the season was to catch one more ball on the fly.

Mission accomplished. Oh hell yea ! 

I didn’t even have time to revel in the moment. As soon as I put that ball in my pocket I saw another ball heading my general direction.

 I was tracking this ball perfectly and  moved quickly down about five stairs, put my glove up high, and snagged ball number two.

My Pair 9-19-08.JPG

 That was a first for me.

 Two balls caught on the fly within seconds.

 To make it even better, it was two balls hit from the same player during the same at bat.

I couldn’t tell you who the batter was. He was too far away to see.

But hey, mystery D-backs batter, thanks.

I really needed that.


 Several times I looked over and saw Dan catch a ball in the fly. Looked like he was having a good day.

 I asked Dan how he did after BP and he said he snagged five balls. I asked him if he had ever caught two in a row from the same player in one time at bat.

He responded,  “I’ve caught three”. Thats awesome Dan!  Zack eat your heart out. 

Congrats Dan..Will we see a blog from you next season?? Do it man…DO IT !

I know you hold some snaggin records.

Also, with out giving out details, Thanks Dan for getting the three us onto field for the show…D

After BP we went over behind the Rockies dugout to take some pictures and see if Hunter could maybe snag an autograph.  While were were there Robert Harmon came up and said hi.

Robert and I have been talking recently about a little trade. Robert has been tossing around the idea of starting a blog. He also drives a VW bus. I have a VW bus and I’m a blogger.

So we may swap, he helps me work on the bus, I help him start a blog.

Sounds good to me. 


Thumbnail image for Spillys Dad and Robert.JPG

(A shot of Robert and Ryan Spilborghs dad a few games back).


I think Robert would have a cool blog.

I bet he has some serious snaggin stories.

It would be interesteing to see and read about his baseball collection.



                                        Here are a few random pictures I took.

First is Berned after BP. He said it was tough watching me chase baseballs and he felt he needed some ice cream
Berned 9-19-08.JPG                                          He got Hunter one too..Thx..B

Hunter Ice cream 9-19-081.JPG                                              Best haircut of the game.

Best Haircut 9-19-08.JPGClint out socializing with the fans and signing autographs..He does that a lot.
Clint 9-19-08.JPG        Ian Stewart doing some yoga. Kind of hard to reach “Zen” when your on display.
Ian Stewart 9-19-08.JPG                                                 Few players stretching. 
stretching 9-19-08.JPG

                                              Willy “Speedy” Taveras
Willy T 9-19-08.JPG

                                            Tulowitzki, Barmes and Atkins
Tulo, Atkins, Barmes 9-19-08.JPG                                           Hawpe and Stewart playing catch.
Stewart and Hawpe 9-19-08.JPG

                                                           Me and BMe and B 9-19-08.JPG

                                                   A shot of the City


Denver 9-19-08.JPG


The Rockies had the lead the entire game.   

Atkins got an RBI in the first inning to start things off. Then Chris Iannetta homered in the second to get his 18th of the year and put the Rockies up 2-0.

Bottom of the fourth with two out, Clint Barmes homered and and that put the Rockies up 3-0.

Nothing really exciting happened untill the ninth inning.

Brian Fuentes was pitching and let the D-Backs Mark Reynolds homer and then managed to load up the bases. With two out,  Fuentes struck out Chris Young in an awesome finish to a perfect evening. Rockies beat the D-Backs 3-1.

Oh wait, this evening isn’t close to being finished yet.

After the game, all fans with seats in the Pavilion and Rock Pile were allowed onto the field to lay down and watch the fireworks display. 

The way the Stadium is designed, the fans in those seats have their backs to the scoreboard (which is where they shoot off the fireworks).

                                    Fans starting to fill up the playing field.Fans filling the field 9-19-08.JPG


                        Here is a shot going through the tunnel to get onto the field.
Tunnel 9-19-08.JPG                                          On the grass before the fireworks.


on the grass 9-19-08.JPG

                                                   B chillin on the grass

B chillin 9-19-08.JPG                                              The countdown to launch.

The fireworks countdown.JPGI had a serious rush of emotions as I lay on the grass inside Coors Field watching a spectacular fireworks show.

Click here to see the fireworks finale—->Fireworks finale 9-19-08 

I flashed back to the first time I ever attended a Professional baseball game.

 It was 1975 and I got to walk on the field inside Yankee Stadium. It was a day game and all the fans were cheering for us. I’ll never forget that.

I thought back to playing baseball as a kid in New Jersey just before we moved to Canada. Seeing my the look on my mom and pops face when I made a good play or catch.

Me n Hunter on the Coors Field 9-19-08.JPGThen I thought about my own son.

Watching him play baseball this year. Seeing his love for this sport grow.

 I love being a father.

Baseball is how we bond.

I though about all the Rockies batting practices and games we have attended this season.



 Seeing the rush of excitement on Hunter’s face when were first into the Stadium for BP. 

Watching him play catch with Chan Ho Park.  

Mylee’s first baseball at BP this season. Snaggin from the first row. My double snag today. 

We are fortunate to have blogging as a media . Blogging is a great way of storing and sharing an experience, memory or thought that no one can take away from you….Usually.

Maybe not everyone feels this way but Baseball is as “pure”  for me today as it was thirty  years ago.

I had straight up had goosepimples as I lay on the grass in my favorite Stadium.

I’m a kid again as soon as I enter the gates. 

Forget the world right now, I’m here to play and have fun.

I'm Home 9-19-08.JPG


I’ll check back into reality in a few hours.

 Nothing else gives me that feeling my youth.

Thank you MLB, the Colorado Rockies and

 I’ll never forget this season thanks to all of you.



The Rock Pile Ranter

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  1. thet206kid

    nice entry
    That is so cool you can go onto the field like that,, that is a no no at shea and yankee stadium,, if you go on the tour of yankee stadium, they let you on the warning track, but that is it,,, I have ran the bases at tropicana field, that was cool,,

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