Mystery Solved..Not a good ending

Well a lot has happened today.

I officially know who destroyed my blog. It was Chris Los The Baseball Collector from Canada. I’m not exactly sure why, but he did it.

His mother called me today to apoligize for Chris’s actions. Chris apoligized to me too over the phone but I told him it wasn’t enough.

 I want a formal apology written on MLBLOGS.COM .

Chris will be issuing a formal apology to the Rock Pile Ranter on his blog and that should be his LAST blog entry.

I’m just not sure at this point if my blog can be restored. I put a lot of work/love into those entrys. This blog is my son and I’s video journal and If I can’t get  back a lot of the stuff I;ve written, that would be quite a loss.

By the way, if you see old entrys starting to appear on my blog, it’s just me, I’m trying to piece together my blog as best I can….I’m heading out to the game now where nothing else in the world matters.                                  

                                                         Go Rockies…D
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    YEAH! Well, im glad everything worked out okay for you.

    its funny because, i was having a conversation with a commenter on zacks, blog whochris had been mean to (not anywhere close to what he did to you, just name calling) and my dad (who i will admit is wise) told me that eventually the truth will come out. and if theres a good thing that came out of this, you got a new reader to your blog!

  2. nymetsgrrl94

    Wow. When I heard who it was I wasn’t really surprised. He would occasionally comment on my blog (not an mlblog) and it got a little weird and he would try to chat with me by email chat. I never actually responded to any of the chats and now I am glad I didn’t. Please keep up the blog. I really like and just found it recently.

  3. mlbwhiz

    Wow, I’m really sorry for you. I read his blog and thought he seemed like a decent kid. I guess he just got a little headstrong. He got all of his stuff deleted also. Good luck rebuilding


    hey if you google past entries of your blog, you may get them. my dad google your blog and chris, and found an earlier entry where you said you sent him stuff

  5. mlbmark

    Don, fyi we have been working on restore actions and are still looking into how to do this practically. Stay tuned; I would not manually repost yet, could be needless work for you. Separately, MLB Security has been made aware of this, not sure if an apology to you will be sufficient. That is pretty much zero tolerance; hacking someone’s blog is grounds for a lot worse than being banished from a community, which at minimum is what happens here, as we confirmed that same information from our IP address logs. TBA.


  6. mlbmark

    Save anything you have posted since your content was deleted. You can also just export it, whatever is easier. We are going to do a restore, which will wipe out anything you have saved since your content was deleted. – Mark

  7. tbrays13

    Rock Pile Ranter,

    Sorry to hear about the blog. He was completely out of line. Just found your blog from the recent leaders and am really enjoying it. You are getting new blog fans from this fiasco. I have read Chris’ blog, from what he writes, didn’t seem he would do something like this. Sorry about the blog. Looks like it is a huge amount of work lost. Hope you can get your entries back!



    Hey Don,
    i have been reading your blog since the summer, but never commented. I enjoyed all your entries and hearing about your snagging, and now i’m very mad at chris. Also, I still want to hear about your last auto sunday. Also i really like you creative entry titles.


  9. utahsteeler

    Hi Don,
    Very sorry about your blog. I hope it all gets taken care of now. I really enjoy your work and it was fun chasing baseballs with you in Denver. Hang in there!! Jim

  10. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Wow, thanks to all the readers and bloggers for your support. Mark and YOU for hopefully saving my blog. That was six months of my life and having it back would mean the world to Hunter and I…I am really moved by all of this..Don

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