Back from the attack and right on track



An apology was put on the Canadians blog but has since been removed.

Wow, strange couple of days. Thanks everyone, sucks all this had to happen.

I am seriously a non-drama type of guy.

I try to keep my life organized and simple and there is no room for BS.

 So the last couple days have been rough.

The support from readers and bloggers here has been just incredible.

I have been deeply touched and it’s not easy to touch me.


 Anywho…back to what I do…


My 1 ball 9-15-08.JPG


 Just got back from the Rockies game.

 I know our season is over, but it SUCKS to lose to the Padres…


I went with my buddy Andy to this game and had tickets to access the first row during batting practice.




The last couple of batting practices have been kind of boring and we were hoping for a little action.


Robert and Emily 9-12-08.JPG

Robert holding the sign for Emily—————–>

Dan was there with Emily and she had a sign with her.

Happy Birthday Emily

222 games.

WOW, think about that..she is only five.

I’m a lot older than five and I can’t touch that number.

Her dad Dan’s number of games is probably 4 times that..Amazing.

I really didn’t get much batting practice action. One of the very last hits was nailed to the left of where I was standing and I managed to get within a foot of it and had to back off to avoid (getting in another snaggers personal space).

He caught it and I let him know it was a good catch..

MarkS.jpgOn a cool note…I did get Mark Strittmeyer (bullpen catcher) to toss me a ball after answering his question.

 He asked me if there was a 4th of July in Mexico? I replied, “sure there is, just like in every country”…

He tossed me the ball…As he was walking away I told him I saw him ask the same question  on TV last week.

We both laughed and he took off…Thanks Mark !

So my non-snaggin streak is over..That ball counts right??   

Andy 9-15-08.JPG





I looked over to see  how Andy was doing and I was just in time to see him bobble a ball that had hit just below the yellow cushion.




Andys Catch 9-15-08.JPG



Not to worry.

Shortly after that bobble, he caught a BP homerun and one of the Padres tossed him a ball just for just standing there and not begging.

Good Job Andy on your first time snaggin at Coors Field. your snaggin experience still fresh in your mind too?

I was telling Andy that one of the reasons I love batting practice is for that short period of time nothing else in the world matters.

For that hour and a half or whatever I only have one thing on my mind.

Getting a ball.

Not bills, not work, not life, not my hacked blog. Nada..

I can tune out everything….It just works for me..Andy said he could relate.

Cooks Autograph 9-15-08.JPGI managed to get Aaron cook to sign my ticket. Too bad he used a pen.  

He signed for a minute or two and was really cool about it.

Rockies trailed most of this game. In the end we lost it 11-5.

Andy and I  had one chance for a home run ball but Will Venable caught it right at the center field wall front of us and landed on his butt after getting his bells rung from his impact with the wall.

That was six feet away. Worth every penny..He got up and seemed fine.

Greg Reynolds allowed nine hits and seven runs in two plus innings. That pretty much sealed the Rockies fate this evening.

Mr Reynolds, I think that may be a wrap…

Thumbnail image for Tulo 9-7-08.JPG



 Tulo..nice job on the Grand Slam..thanks for hitting it exactlly where we were sitting right after we got up..

I will be at the game tomorrow with Hunter…Again..thanks everyone..D
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  1. 07nlchamps

    Hey Don, I read his apology on his blog about 10:30. He actually has the audacity to tell people to make sure they have a hard password to figure out. Well, if idiots like him weren’t trying to hack into someone else’s blog, we wouldn’t have to worry about it. Talk to you later. Dan


    Chris forgot to say that he also hacked your yahoo and facebook accounts. and you sent him tickets stubs and other stuff, so why would he think you scammed him (thats what he said, that he thought you scammed him, so he hacked you) u. that was an apology cuz he got caught. he also said it was an accident.

    hes a lier (about zack hample stuff), and he has sent nasty emails to me and other people who comment on zacks blog, when we ask him what seems to be a friendly question (that gets a one of his lies) and he writes nasty crap back just because we comment on zacks blog. i think he even started sending me nasty emails under a different email adresss, and i hadnt even sent him ANYTHING!


    he said it was a coincidence, and not an attack on you don! you need to call his mom (and your lawyer) and make him give a REAL apology.

  4. 07nlchamps

    Don, as long as they are shutting down his blogs, make sure this one gets deleted, also.

    I have to admit, that was a pretty pathetic apology. It makes no sense. If he thought you hacked his site last year (when you weren’t even blogging yet), why would you spend your own money to send him gifts? Also, when he says, “This was not a personal attack on Don or his site, it was coincidence that I got in this easily. “, I’m not sure how he justifies that. He hacked 4 different accounts of yours, and it wasn’t a personal attack? Then when he lectures everyone on their passwords, it sounds like he is calling you stupid for having such an “easy” password. I wouldn’t let this go if I were you. By the way, it’s not a “coincidence” that he got in to your site when he admits to repeatedly trying different passwords, it is called “illegal and malicious”.

  5. Kylie

    If I had power and Internet at home, believe you me I would have posted this sooner. I AM SO SORRY. I can’t believe something like this happened, and I am incredibly amazed with your capacity to be so calm. I’m not going to lie–if something like this had happened to me, well… I’m not a forgiving, patient, or genuinely nice person. I’m really not. So bless you for not getting ugly like I would have.
    Congratulations on getting Aaron Cook’s autograph. And that is the CUTEST BABY I’ve seen in a looooong time.
    Oh, and thanks to no Internet, I didn’t know Tulo hit a grand slam… he may have single-handedly saved my fantasy team!
    Good luck.
    Kylie —

  6. MLBallhawk

    UNBELIEVABLE!! It is amazing that he took the time to post a comment on almost every single MLBlog there was. Not only did he scrap your 250+ hours he ended up wasting his own time as well. The apology was another waste of time but you have the right attitude. I think you went about it the right way for sure!Hopefully MLBlogs can help you piece some of it back together! It is always fun reading your posts!!Next season I am definitely going to head up to Denver for a few games!!Again I am sorry to hear about the mess he caused I guess parents need to be a bit more aware of what their kids are doing online!!

  7. MLBallhawk

    Ahhhh Dan ….. I figured it out …. you caught the 2 HR’s in the playoff game correct? That is pretty cool to do in a playoff game! I have snagged 2 Home Runs 6 different times at games. 4 of them coming at Anaheim Stadium when they had the old End Zone seats when it was shared with the Rams. I got 37 Home Run balls in 1988 there.
    I actually had 1 game where I caught 3 home runs!The best game for me getting 2 home runs however was May 9th, 1987 at Old Comiskey Park in Chicago. The upper deck seats in the outfield were closed this night. I had gone with a handful of friends and we were meeting some others there. We sat in LF on the edge of the last section people were allowed to sit in. In the 4th inning Murray blasted a HR to the upper deck in LF. I ran over and grabbed it. During the 5th inning one of our friends came around and said nice grab. They were all sitting in the same spot on the right field side. We went around there and in the top of the 6th inning Murray did it again. I ran over and picked that one up as well. Shortly after an usher told me that I was not suppose to go get that ball and he tried to take it back. I threw it to my buddy , ran up the stairs and he tossed it back to me as I got to the exit. We went downstairs and sat in the back of the lowerdeck. A few minutes after we got down there security went up to where we were! WHEW, just got out of there! I actually didn’t realize that #1 they were both hit by Murray until a few years , yes years later, and I also had no idea that he had done the same thing the night before and was the first player in MLB history to do so.

  8. thet206kid

    That was a horrible thing that Chris did,, it is even worse when a kid does it, with baseball we think all kids are innocent, I guess not, I am just hearing about this now and I wanted to read his apology but he already deleated everything, he also deleated his youtube account. I cant understand why someone would do that. That kid always seemed a little strange to me,, he tries to be just like Hample, which i dont care but he is just wierd. Again I am sorry what happened to you and we good fans need to stick together,

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