Knocked down but not out by “this person”


Me 9-14-08.JPGTake a look at my blog. It’s all gone.

 Every entry I have written since spring training, vanished.

Eighty entries I think was my last count.

My blog was hacked today. Everything erased.

The entire video diary of my son and I’s  spring and summer completely wiped out.


My Blog, which I was having so much fun with..It’s just not there. The nly thing this person left was my profile picture and bio. Geez thanks.

I logged in when I got home from the Rockies game today ready to blog and my blog was empty. I logged in to check my rockpileranter email..Password changed.

I figured I should check my facebook page, yahoo account…same thing…barred from entering it…Somebody is messing with me. Here’s the deal though,  I know exactly who it is. I have since changed my email to ..this is my good email now. 

I was having a online conversation with a northerner a few weeks back about the Mobile Blogging Unit, when finally the person typed a few more questions than I was willing to type answers to.

I politely told him that I didn’t care to discuss any more details at this time.

That person stopped talking to me right then, then he immediatly removed me as a facebook friend. I guess for some strange jealous reason my non-disclosure of specific details upset him. Apparently a lot more than I thought.

I didn’t understand his actions at the time. I had sent this person several ticket stubs, some from the Rockies playoff run last year. A Nuggets backstage pass and a few season tickets from last year.

Not high end stuff, but stuff he collected and I thought he would appreciate. I asked for absolutly nothing in return. It wasn’t a big deal to me.  It’s my choice how much information I choose do disclose about the MBU and the person was being a wee bit too nosey.

mounties.jpgWe all know how this person likes to “borrow” other peoples ideas.

Hacking a persons identity is illegal and destroying someones work is just plain fuc**d up. This person literally destroyed over 250+ hours of blog entrys.

Thankfully he didn’t delete the pictures and video.

 I’m still in shock. I put my heart and soul and a lot of  hours into my blog and I felt like I was doing a good job.

Some people are so insecure they have to steal others creativity and ideas. Me, I love originality. 

I either want my blog restored or I want him to apoligize and resign from forever. He doesn’t deserve to blog his sneggin stories here..anymore. 

I had the best pictures for a blog tonight…

sad smiley.jpg


Today is a sad day…

Autograph Sunday 9-14-08.JPG





       It was autograph Sunday today too..D.


10/13/08   Update. I removed the Canadian references that were scattered throughout this blog and replaced them with “this person”. My parents are Canadian and my mom said it was mean…D

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  1. gregb123

    Wow. That’s all I can say. I never thought “the Canadian” would stoop so low. I mean, I knew he was a little a-hole, but damn. This is rough. I hope you pursue legal action, because he deserves that.

  2. cololaw

    Hey Don, I looked over the stuff you emailed me, email me back so we can get started on what we have to do next. Since it is a different country, we have to go about things a little differently. Also, give me your work # too just in case I have to call you there. Thanks, Jim

  3. mlbmark

    Yikes. Don, heading into work now and will look into this when I’m there, will see what data storage capabilities there are. – Mark

  4. bloggingboutbaseball

    Don, I just commented on Zack Hample’s blog about the hack (because at first I couldn’t directly comment here–but I got it to work). I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry that you had to go through all that. I’ve only had my blog for a couple of months but I’d be horrified if all my data was gone. Thanks to your story I’ve started backing up all my entries. And it seems like you may get your information back (praise to MLBlogs). I hope so. We all do… and the silver lining is now you have more readers! Good luck to you, Don.

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