Time to call in the Toddfather


Ian Stewart.JPG


I really thought I was gonna see a late inning comeback.

You could see the makings of it when Ian Stewart hit his homer in the seventh and a couple of Rockies scored.

 But, forget that idea. Too little too late.  

What ever we have or had, did have, almost had, had but then lost, lost but then had.

Well we don’t have it right now, and it doesn’t appear that we will be getting it.

Now that’s off my chest, I’m still confused.

Maybe the simple answer is timing. Our timing just plain sucks.

The timing of some of our injuries.

The timing of some of our late inning “almost comebacks” we have had our share of this season.

Tonight’s game for example.


Thumbnail image for Dexter Fowler 9-2-08.JPG



Dexter Fowler got his first major league career hit in his hometown of Atlanta. He made it to first off of a hit that bounced high off of home plate..

His parents were in attendance just a few rows back from the field. His mom said said she was so nervous/excited she could hardly watch.

I watched to see if he got the ball after the play ended  and he did…Sweet

My dad was skinny like Fowler when he was a  young Marine and he used to tell me they made him carry rocks in his pockets so he wouldn’t blow away.

My pops eventually figured out it was easier to eat.

Luis Vizcaino pitched for a little over four innings and gave up four runs.

We were witness to very impressive back to back home runs tonight. 

Sadly, it was not the Rockies. It was Chipper Jones and Kelly Johnson not in that order.

Rockies suffer  loss number two to the Braves with a final score of  9-4.

WTF??  Thats four in a row, in the second week in September.

This is the flippin Rockies, we OWN september…Don’t we????

One thing comes to my mind…

Thumbnail image for TodHelton.jpgTodd Helton…It is the only thing that makes sense and yet it doesn’t make sense. Am I making any sense? I sense your frustration too.

At this moment I’m helpless, your helpless, the Rockies are helpless to the wrath of the Braves.

ToddFather, We need your help.

Let Todd play..You have to Clint.

Even the Rock Pile Ranter knows when to ask for help.

What have you got to lose?

If he tweaks his back again, he has the off season to heal…



We need the ToddFather.

Whatever the cost may be.

Go Rockies..It’s now or next year…D


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