When it’s Chilly, you can count on Spilly




It figures. I walk around all game with my camera and just when I put it up, guess who walks by me?

Cal Flippin Ripken. I had to do a double take and when I figured out it was him, my photo opportunity was gone.

I actually saw Cal last year covering the Playoffs here at Coors Field.  First 9-2-08.JPG




Mylee, Hunter and I were first in line at the Gate.

Little bit of chill in the air, but the weather was holding.



Thumbnail image for Mylees Ubaldo Ball.JPG


When they opened the gates, Mylee and Hunter both ran down to the field.

Ubaldo Jimenez was over by the fence playing catch.

Mylee asked nicely, and he tossed her a ball.

Thank you Ubaldo !

A few minutes later he tossed Hunter a ball. Mylee and Dan.JPG

While I was assuming my usual position. I looked over and saw that Dan (pictured here in the Red hat), had let Mylee and Hunter borrow tickets for the first row during BP  

Hunter and I have been in the first row before, but this was Mylee’s first time.

Thank you again ..Dan ! Hunter and Mylee Row 1 9-2-08.JPG


Anyone that has seen Hunter in action can’t deny his enthusiasm and persistance.

He worked that first row for baseballs.

He is not shy about asking a player for a ball…

Several times if need be..

Me, I came up with nothing today because in order to be a baseball snagger, baseballs have to be hit in your general direction or at least over the fence.

There was very little  of that today…It figures.

Hurdle Autograph 9-2-08.JPG  

  However, I did get lucky enough to get Clint Hurdle (who signed our ticket stubs yesterday,) to autograph a ball. He signed it on the sweet spot for me. Hunters 4 9-2-08.JPG




 Hunters total today

5 baseballs

1 given away to a kid with a glove. Mylees 2 9-2-08.JPG

Mylee’s total today:

2 baseballs

That was so cool watching them both in the first row.

This was the smallest BP crowd I have seen all year.

Today should have been a snaggers dream…. Thumbnail image for Iannetta signing Hunters ball 9-2-08.JPG

 After batting practice was finished, we headed over to the Rockies dugout to see who might show up.

For the second day in a row, Chris Iannetta came out early to warm up.

You can see him signing Hunter’s baseball.

Mylee got his autograph too. He stopped right before me.

I shot some video of the Rockies warming up.

Warm up 9-2-08  Dexter Fowler 9-2-08.JPG



Welcome Dexter Fowler.

He made his Major League debut in the bottom of the tenth inning.

He hit a pop fly out.

He signed baseballs for Mylee and Hunter.

Thank you Dexter !

Dexter looks like he needs to head over to Blake Street Tavern for a few burgers.. Joe K 9-2-08.JPG 







After a while, Joe Koshansky came out and started signing.

 I have been trying to get his autograph for a while and he signed for all three of us.

Thank you Joe ! Our Haul 9-2-08.JPG


It’s nice when the ballpark isn’t totally jammed with people.

Here’s what we got:

Me-Clint Hurdle and Joe Koshansky.

Mylee- Joe Koshansky and Dexter Fowler on one ball. Chris Iannetta.

Hunter-Joe Koshansky and Dexter Fowler on one ball. Chris Iannetta.



                            Here are some pictures I took before my battery died. spilly,tulo,atkins.JPG

                                                           Ian Stewart                                  Ian Stewart 9-2-08.JPG                    One of my favorite players under 5’10”, Omar Quintinilla Omar Quintinilla 9-2-08.JPGSpilly  was also out signing autographs. He even went back through the line after the Anthem was played and signed for some people who he had missed the first time through.

Spilborghs had the game winning hit tonight to score Omar in a game that went 12 innings.

 Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy with a better attitude. Congrats Ryan…Thanks for keeping it alive..  Ryan and Dexter 9-2-08.JPG

RSpilly 9-2-08.JPG

                                                  Most Annoying Fan

Most annoying Fan 9-2-08.JPG



 It seemed like every time I tried to lean out and take a picture this face kept appearing in my camera.

I can’t for the life of me figure out what she was looking for.

 All the action was the other direction.

Anyways, I have like fifteen pictures with her mug in it.

Glad I dont use film.


<—-The Winner


 Rockies take game two over the Giants 6-5. Five back from the D-Backs. Thats the closest we have been since April.

I just want to go out and talk smack to every Rockies hater I know and say “see, I freggin told you, don’t give up on this team, they can do it, just watch”.

But I won’t. I don’t want to jinx anything. So I stay reserved, waiting/hoping  for “my time” to unleash…Go Rockies..I’m liking what I’m seeing…except I wont be able to see it tomorrow. For some reason the game isn’t televised…D  Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

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