Rockies work on Labor Day and get the win







I was just curious who this fella was?

Helton jersey, floppy hat, seems like its been done.?? 







I knew today would be a good day for baseball. I woke up in a good mood. The weather was perfect. Parking downtown was free today because of the Holiday and we even managed to snag a good parking spot.



DSCN1278.JPGWe were the first two in line at the Rock Pile Gate. We were just killing time when Alice walked up and gave us two free coupons for todays Value game.

We had Rock Pile tickets and this enabled us to upgrade to Pavilion tickets.

Thank you Alice. This is the third time she has done this for Hunter and I this season. Hunters spot 9-1.JPG



Hunter took his usual position as far into center field as he could get.

The guy pictured on the left may be an “actual Colorado cowboy”..

I’m just not sure.



Zito 9-1-08.JPG





If you noticed in the video there were no Rockies players  warming up.

 <—–Barry Zito Giants all over.JPG






But, there were Giants warming up everywhere. Basket of Balls 9-1-08.JPG




We figured with the big basket of balls on the field and the batting cages setup, there would have to be a batting practice at some point.

About fifteen  minutes after we got inside the Giants began hitting. Hunter came close to a couple of balls that were tossed up by players. I had two home run hits sail over my head and land in almost the exact same spot behind me. I misjudged another bounce and that was it. I swear there wasn’t eight balls hit into the stands the entire practice. No wonder the Giants Suck. Ok I take that back, at least they showed up for BP.  Chris asking for a pen.JPG




After batting practice was over. We walked over to the Rockies Dugout area and out of nowhere Chris Iannetta showed up and asked for someone to toss him a pen. Thumbnail image for Chris signing.JPG






Chris stayed and signed autographs for about ten minutes Chris gone.JPG.

                               And then he was gone. Cool guy, he always takes time to sign.  

Hurdle signing 9-1-08.JPG



Clint Hurdle did the same thing.

Hunter managed to get in the crowd twice and got each of our tickets signed. Hurdles Autograph 9-1-08.JPG





Not too shabby.

That made up for not snagging any baseballs today.

Being down that close to the field I was able to get some cool pictures.



Below is Alana from FSN doing her pre game broadcast. Alana FSN.JPG                                           Next up is Ryan Spilborghs Spilly back.JPG                                      Tulo and Atkins playing catch Tulo n Atkins playing Catch 9-1-08.JPG                                              Tulowitzki striking “his” pose Tulo posing 9-1-08.JPG                    Two pictures for Willy Taveras. The stolen base KingWilly 9-1-08.JPG  Willy T Number one.JPG         We took a stroll over to see what pitchers were out and what did we see? Rockies Pitching 9-1-08.JPG              If you look close you can see almost every pitcher the Rockies have. Pitching 9-1-08.JPG                        Grilli and Corpas showing some autograph love Grilli and Corpas.JPGGrilli went out of his way to give out autographs. Gotta respect a guy who remembers where he came from. Grilli 9-1-08.JPG                     On the mound today for the Rockies Jorge De La Rosa (8-7) Jorge pitching.JPG  And a shot after he releases the ball. De La Rosa struck out six players in seven innings today. Jorge 2 9-1-08.JPGOne of the few big plays of this game was in the bottom of the second inning Tulowitzki gets an RBI triple. Here’s a picture I took of that exact hit. Tulo's RBI.JPG                                       Iannetta a split second before he nails it Iannetta swing 9-1-08.JPG                                                       for a sweet single Iannetta on first 9-1-08.JPG                                Clint Barmes, probably looking for his hat . Barmes 9-1-08.JPG

          If you look close you can see the ball just before it gets to Atkins. Neat shot. Atkins swing 9-1-08.JPG                   Matt Holliday. You can call him Mr Billboard today. Congrats Matt ! Matt 9-1-08.JPG         If you look just above Matt’s knee you can see the ball . That pitch was a strike. Matt swing 9-1-08.JPG                                            Matt Billboard 2.JPG





Billboard # 1





Matt Billboard 1.JPG







Billboard #2






Beautiful day for a ballgame. Always nice to leave a winner. Rockies shutout the Giants at Coors Field 4-0. Todays pitching staff Jorge De La Rosa, Corpas and Fuentes were simply outstanding.





Speaking of pitching.

 Rockies Face Lincecum tomorrow and this kid is flippin deadly.



Clint H 9-1-08.JPG





Clint and I, we’re not worried.

See ya there..

Go Rockies….D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG


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