Holliday makes the Reds pay on Saturday


Barmes 8-23.JPG

Wow, all kinds of crazy stuff happened during game two vs the Reds

Did you see Barmes catch?

 He catches it, takes like three steps with it in his glove, slams into the wall, flips into the crowd then loses the ball.

The referee says it’s not an out..HUH?

 He clearly had posession.

Ref who need lasic.JPG



                          Beware of this Referee——->

Then the other referee with the call at third. Clearly safe and he calls an out. Sometimes I wonder if these Refs work p/t for the NBA????

I can recommend a good Lasic surgeon.

Torealba hit 8-23.JPGFirst pitch of the game Torealba gets hit with the ball and seriously gets his bells rung .                     Toreala 8-23-1.JPG

ToddH Bobblehead day 8-23.JPG




We showed up an hour early to get in line for batting practice. We knew it would be crazy because today was Todd Helton Bobblehead day.


Crowd to the right 8-23.JPG


There was a decent size crowd at BP.  I was busy doing what I usually do  lately which is trying to snag baseballs with a glove in one hand and a camera in my other.

 I’m starting to think I shouldn’t try to take pictures during batting practice.

First off, it throws off my timing and I need all the help I can get. Crowd left of me 8-23.JPG



Secondly, I could possibly break my camera during a ball chase.

Lastly, the pictures I take while I’m trying to snag look like crap and are all blurry. 

Too much adreneline running through me.




Hunters first 8-23.JPG Hunter was on his game and managed to snag two. He would have gottten a third ball tossed to him by Ubaldo Jimenez, but Hunter broke one of the golden rule of snagging.  Hunters two 8-23.JPG



Ubaldo 8-23.JPG


 He let Ubaldo see that he already had a ball and Ubaldo tossed it to another kid..

Lesson learned !

Ubaldo had tossed Hunter a ball the day before so all was good.

Willy T 8-23.JPG


 We didn’t try for autographs today because the line around the Rockies dugout and along first base was huge.

 So Hunter and I got some lunch and I took lots of pictures.Willy Stretch 8-23.JPG Hawpe and Baker 8-23.JPG Hawpe 8-23.JPG Baker 8-23.JPG Hawpe signing 8-23.JPG Dinger 8-23.JPG                 Question..Is Dinger male or female?..Serious, I don’t know. 

The Rockies had a special promotion today, If you were male and wore a skirt , you got to walk on Coors Field. Unfortunatly I forgot to get mine out of the cleaners. Maybe next time.Skirts 8-23.JPG                                                    Garrett Atkins Garrett Atkins 8-23-1.JPG                                                    Cook and Stewart Cook and Stewart 8-23.JPG                                      A couple of Cookie on the mound Cook 8-23.JPG   Cookie cool pic 8-23.JPG                                                 Stewart taking a swing

Stewart at Bat 8-23.JPGMatt Holliday essentially won the game with a double that missed being a grand slam by a few feet. He drove in three runs with that timely hit.

Willy Taveras, who was on first base when Holliday came up to bat, crossed home plate about a half a second behind Barmes who was on second. Willy seriously can run fast. He leads all of baseball in stolen bases…Nice job  Willy T. Holliday 8-23.JPG Rock Pile 8-23.JPG




Rockies win this game 7-6 over the Reds and tie up this set. Game three is tomorrow and the wife and kids will all be with me.  

We’ll be enjoying the lovely Rock Pile seating tomorrow.


Water Fountain 8-23.JPG



 Rockies need to keep their flow going. Hunter Posing 8-23.JPG






 Wonder who the four Rockies players signing autographs  tomorrow?

Will there be a batting practice?

Will the Rockies win this set and continue to move forward? Me 8-23.JPG




Stop by here tomorrow and I’ll let you know all about it.

Thank you all for your support. Your kind words are my motivation….D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

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