Rockies bow their heads to the Reds


First in line today, second through the gate. We hauled butt to make it to the Pavilion first and right as we entered I was immediately chasing a ball hit to the section next to the one I was standing in.

gazelle leaping.jpgYou should have seen me, I leaped across the tops of probably ten bleachers like a gazelle, hopped over a stairway railing, ran over four more bleacher tops then jumped over the last one.

 I reached down to snag it and got beat by a larger man who had walked down  five measly stairs to to out snag me. 

Large eating a donut.jpgSoon as he got that ball he looked up an me and told me I should have been quicker.

Thank god I opted for those anger management classes.

So instead of making him the exact weight of a baseball heavier, I looked him back and said ” I should have brought some food, then I could have distracted you”

He didn’t like that too much. Probably about as much as I enjoyed his comment. It aint always pretty at BP here folks.

I did have one more opportunity to snag a ball, but it went a little farther than I anticipated and tipped off of my glove on a rebound off of the bleachers. Totally my bad on that one.

Hunter and Mylee snaggin 8-22.JPG

 I looked over and saw Hunter and Mylee giving it their best.

 Hunter was doing a little better than me (as usual). 

Hunter Gets Four 8-22-08.JPG



He managed to snag four today. Mylee and I had to bow to his greatness.

We figured since it was a small crowd today we would head over to the Rockies dugout and try to get an autograph.

Fuentes Signing 8-22-08.JPG 

As soon as we got there Brian Fuentes was signing.  

I always kind of bust on him because he has that glaring stare that can mess you up.

But as he was standing in front of me signing our stuff, he seemed friendly and really cool. He was talking to the fans, making jokes. He was totally relaxed, and he should be.

He’s the “Super Southpaw” 

Chris Iannetta 8-22-08.JPG



We were lucky enough to get Chris Iannetta to sign for us too.

 He worked his way through the crowd, head down and didn’t say much. No worries.

Thanks for the autographs Chris !

Hurdle and Apodaca 8-22-08.JPG







A few minutes later we saw Clint Hurdle and Pitching Coach Bob Apodaca out signing.

Maybe Bob should go one size bigger on those pants.

G Atkins 8-22-08.JPG





Next up, Garrett Atkins.

Alana 8-22-08.JPG




 A nice shot Alana, my favorite FSN employee.

This Blog entry will be continued and finished in the Morning..Some serious pictures to come..

G’night all..D




Ok, I had a great sleep. Got all my stuff ready for the game today (Sunday) and here we go with the rest of this entry.

It’s time for a picture show.

Mylees autographs 8-22-08.JPG

 Here were our rewards Hunters Autographs 8-22-08.JPG 








My Autographs 8-22-08.JPGWe used the four balls that Hunter snagged at BP for the autographs and Mylee and I used our ticket stubs.

We each got an autograph from Brian Fuentes and Chris Iannetta. Not to shabby eh!


Thumbnail image for Dragon Slayer.JPG



The dragon slayer Josh Fogg and Jeremy Affeldt were presented with their overdue 2007 National League Richampionship rings during a ceremony before the game.





                                                       Here is Barmes 

Barmes 8-22.JPG

                  Next up Chris Iannetta and Ian Stewart signing autographs Iannetta and Stewart 8-22.JPG                                Ian Stewart stretchng before the game Stewart Stretching 8-22.JPG                                                  Tulo and Stewart 
Thumbnail image for Tulo and Stewart 8-22.JPG
                                                      Playing Catch                               Playing catch 8-22.JPG                                       One shot of the Reds having fun Shot of the Reds.JPG                                                 Garrett Atkins stretching Atkins Stretching 8-22.JPG                                                Willy Taveras telling a Story Willie telling a story 8-22.JPG

RPR 8-22.JPG


 I didn’t get to stay for the whole game because I had a softball commitment. My team is called “The Greatest Softball Team in the History of Mankind” and we suck.

We got killed by like ten runs but I really like playing with this group of people I work with.

We have a good time.


Rockies lost this game 8-5. Hernandez straight  up admitted he pitched like crap. I’m for giving a guy a few chances but it’s time for Livian to step up or keep stepping.

Heading out the door in a couple hours. Lets see how the day unfolds.

B, Hunter and I will be at the game today..Cookie is on the mound so I think we’ll be ok.

Go Rockies..D

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

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