It never rains for long in Colorado…Does it?

Gates Sprinklin.JPG8/6/08


I made it to the Rock Pile gates at  4:15 today and this is what I saw.


I was seventh in line and it was starting to sprinkle.

No worries,  it never rains for very long in Colorado. sky 8-6.JPG





The sky was ugly but as I said, it never really rains for too long in Colorado. Wind 8-6.JPG  

While I was waiting for my buddy Jack from Summit County to show up, a sixty mile an hour wind came out of nowhere and was blowing stuff everywhere 

At this point our hopes of there being a batting practice were shot.   Pavilon 8-6.JPG




When Jack and I finally got inside this is what we saw.

An empty wet Pavilion.

and….. Field 8-6.JPG



A big old tarp covering the infield.

Oh well no BP. At least we have great home runs seats for the game. Section 155 Row 2.

And besides….It never rains for very long in Colorado? National Players 8-6.JPG



The rain let up just a bit and a few National Players ventured out onto the field and started some stretching and tossing the ball.

Then it started pouring again.

. Hummer 1.JPG




We got bored and I took some pictures of the players cars while we were waiting for rain to stop falling.

Our guess was that this Hummer is Tulo’s. Ferrari.JPG






I had no idea who drives the Ferrari. My guess…

Brian Fuentes or  Matt Holliday??



Hummer 2.JPG


 Hummer number two. My guess..

Chris Iannetta?

A weird thing happened when we left the Stadium to go get some food.

 As we finished and left the restaurant.(Jack, thanks for the B-Day cheesesteak and beers) We went back to my car to listen to the radio for the status on the rain delay and they reported that funnel clouds were spotted in our area.

We thought that was odd and as we headed back to Coors Field we heard the Tornado sirens go off. I have never heard these live before. Let me tell you it was it was a little spooky. But as always we made light of the situation.

We hung around, had a few beers and decided around 8:30 that the clouds and rain were permanant and the game most likely would be cancelled. Plus Jack had to work tomorrow and he lives in Frisco up in Summit County.

As I was driving home they finally called the game at 9pm. It’s still raining as I’m writing this blog.

Guess we do get some serious rain in Colorado every now and then…go figure ! 

The game vs the Nationals is rescheduled for tomorrow evening which makes for a double header. Game one vs the Padres and when that one is finished..the make up game for today…

Here’s a moble blog update…Look what we picked up. My wife and I have wanted one of these since the day we met..

Kevin and Angela.JPG




Angela and Kevin.


Thank you for the Camper bus and good luck in Telluride.

They are just Good  People Bus 8-5.JPGOur new bus.  I’ll be at the game tomorrow with Berned celebrating my B-Day….Peace…..D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

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