When Cookie crumbles the Rockies bumble


Gate -4.JPG




This will be mostly a photo blog today.

The kids and I were first in line today for batting practice. Rock Pile Tickets.JPG


These were our tickets. Rock PIle 


 That is until Alice,our season ticket holder friend showed up and gave us three coupons for free tickets. This is the second time she has done this for us.

Thank you Alice!  tickets from alice.JPG  


Sweet, we upgraded to Pavilion tickets. My favorite place to sit.

Soon as we got inside for batting practice, Hunter went after a ball that an Usher had tossed into the bleachers.

He got it. Then he got tossed another ball from Ubaldo Jimenez.

  Hunter waiting 8-4.JPG

 Hunter was really patient and It paid off. 

He was able to get ball number three tossed to him by a player and he snagged his fourth ball off of of a bleacher bounce and beat the crowd to it.  

  Thumbnail image for Hunters 4 8-4.JPG






Grand total of four for balls today for Hunter.

Pound for pound Hunter is Coors Field’s best boy snagger.

Pound for pound Dan’s daughter Emily would have to be Coors Field’s best girl snagger.RPR 8-4.JPG



Me…I chased a couple balls. When I was taking pictures I happened to look up and saw a ball coming right for me. I raised my arm just in time to have it hit my glove and bounce up to a kid two rows behind me.


Thumbnail image for Mylee filming 8-4.JPG

 Mylee was with us today and she was shooting some video. Most of it was really bouncy. She said the video camera was too heavy.

You know, there is a reason the Nationals kind of suck and it was obvious during batting practice. Other than the balls the players tossed to the crowd. I don’t think the Nationals hit more than a couple HR balls the whole hour or so they were practicing.

 So I decided to snap some pictures. That is after all what a Phoblographer does.

                                    Bear with me this will be long..but cool

BP Left 8-4.JPG


<—————-BP crowd to the left of me.

BP right 8-4.JPG  


BP Crowd to the Right of me————————->


Below is Jeff Francis with the backhand toss Francis tossing ball 8-4.JPG                                   A few of the Nationals players warming up   Nationals Practicing 8-4-2.JPG                                        Chris Iannetta Signing autographs Iannetta Signing Autographs 8-4.JPG                                           Next up is Tulo and The Boys                   Tulo and The boys.JPG

                                                       A few more Tulo and Atkins 8-4-1.JPG                                             Tulo, Atkins and Stewart Tulo Atkins Stewart 8-4.JPG                 (Super Southpaw)  The Fuentes Stare..Spooky The Fuentes Stare 8-4.JPG                                       Taylor and Brian Chillin Taylor and Brian Chillin 8-4.JPG                                     Vizcaino doing the same with Corpas Corpas and Vizcaino.JPG                                          The first pitch of the game                  first pitch 8-4.JPG                             Beginning of the game running onto the field Running onto the field 8-4.JPG                                          Tulowitzki’s first at bat

Tulo At Bat.JPG

The Nationals Pitchers. Look closely at the backpack under their bench..It’s a Hello Kitty backpack…Ha Ha Nationals PItchers.JPG

            A really nice Usher who gave the kids each a baseball card. Thank you !! Usher who gave the kids a baseball card.JPG                                     My dream job. This guy has it made I want this job.JPG                                           Clint Hurdle getting ready Relaxing 8-4.JPG                                    A couple shots of the National Anthem NA 8-4.JPG National Anthem 8-4.JPG NA 8-4-1.JPGI have a bunch more pictures but it’s late and I have to get up early. The Rockies lost this evening 9-4. We were up on them and I was sure were had this one, but it slipped away.

 Aaron Cook gave up seven runs on eleven hits and Hurdle yanked him after 5 2/3rds innings. That doesn’t happen too often to Cookie. He is now 14-7

Brad Hawpe hit a single and scored two runs and Holliday hit a double to score a run.

This can’t happen at home.

My next game is Wednesday in what better be a tiebreaker with the Nationals. I’ll be there with my buddy Jack from Summit County.

                                                         Go Rockies…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

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