The Mobile Blog Unit


Mobile Blog.jpgWhat do you think of my idea?



Starting out at Spring Training and going  through the entire MLB season.

Visiting and blogging about the road trip experiences on the way to each Stadium.

Giving a batting practice play by play and summary. Maybe reviewing each Stadiums food, layout, Ushers, fans, etc,.

How about meeting up with the MLbloggers from each city the Moblie Blog visits??  

We would be trying to capture the essence of each stadium, in pictures and video. Then getting it online as soon and as often as possible.

Blogging from the stadium with a laptop and an uplink while watching the game…Imagine being able to watch live snagging at  batting practice. I have lots of ideas and the possibilities are endless.

 The big RV traveling across the country and sending out good baseball vibes and along the way introducing folks to and blogging in general.

Think of it as the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile of MLB.

 What a way to spend seven months of a year !!.I thought I would share it with you all.

Let me know what you think?….D

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