Rockies lose the streak but keep their groove


Game 1: Rockies vs Pirates.

Well if you were hoping for another twenty game win streak, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Pittsburgh ensured that wouldn’t happen.

The Pirates broke the Rockies five game winning streak by defeating them 8-4. Rockies took the lead early in the first with a home run from Matt Holliday scoring Willy Taveras. That was Matts 18th homer this year.

De Los Santos.jpgThe Rockies bought a new pitcher today. His name is Valerio De Los Santos. He was purchased from Rockies AAA team the Sky Sox. Ryan Speier was optioned to the Skysox in this deal. 

Welcome Valerio. Good job tonight on your first start since 2000. De Los Santos didn’t allow any runs tonight.  Manager Clint Hurdle pulled him in the 5th with no outs and two men on base.


grilli.jpgJason Grilli took over and allowed four runs before he could close from the fifth inning. Grilli took the loss today.

I’m not worried. This guy is a star and is still having a good season.




Tulowitzki throwing.jpg

Now, the guy I was worried about was Tulowitzki. He had a slow start this year. Then the his first injury. It was obvious that after he came back off of the DL he just wasn’t there mentally.

 Then after the second injury everyone was wondering what was up with the “Golden Boy”.

 But since his return Tulo has really stepped up and is playing great. Keep it up and stay heallthy Tulo. I love hearing the Tulo chant !

Thumbnail image for applecore.jpg

 There is more to Tulowitzki than just his talent. Physically he can be replaced, but his passion and leadership are a huge piece of the diverse core of this Rockies team.

Rockies just didn’t seem to be into this game tonight. Maybe the road trip is starting to catch up with them. Then again, we can’t expect them to win every game, can we? 

Winning five out of the last six games is respectul anywhere. Do you think that Rockies fans hold their team to a higher standard? ….I think so..Maybe we shouldn’t do that quite so much.

The Rockies really havn’t established a long track record of post season success up to this point. I’m not downplaying last seasons accomplishments in the least. But, that was,……….. only one season. One hell of a season.

shirt.jpgI’m a realist. There is not going to be a run like last season??

Please, lets play this one game at a time. Pray for the D-Backs have a fast steady decline. 

Right now the Rockies have the highest win percentage in all of baseball, ……and have since the All Star Break. 

At the beginning of this season I made no predictions as to the outcome of the regular season or possible post season. I’m cool with any and every kind of win, and I’ll deal with the losses. 


morepalmsblowing.jpgIf by some great force of nature we make all the way again, …that would be GREAT. But let me tell you strait up,….I don’t automatically expect it…



We need to build some history first.. 






So don’t sweat it. The Rockies are just starting to get their groove on…

Forget about today…Go Rockies…D

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