Wells runs dry and the Dodgers let em fly

parking ticket1.jpg


I hate losing. HATE IT. But I really hate losing to the Dodgers. I’m not exactly sure why, but it is what it is.

If it were somehow possible to eliminate the first inning of Dodgers massacre of the Rockies today, we would have won this game.

Following up on the last entry:

 I went to check on my car which I had to abandon parked in LoDo Denver.

The key had broke the day before when we were leaving the Rockies game to go home. The car was fine, but it had a present attached to it.

If your curioius, the fine was $25.00 if I pay it by Aug 10. Calling a Tow Truck 7-21.JPG

I hate fines, I hate wasting money.

The key I had to have made at the dealership cost me over a hundred bucks.

Then after the key was cut, I was told since I didn’t have the original key (which has some special chip), I will have to have the car towed to the Dealer so the key can be programmed to the car.


So in addition to the new key cutting charge, there is a towing charge. Then the charge to mate the key to the car.

cardoorkeys.jpgTotal cost for breaking one key and being stupid enough to buy a POS chevy:

Dealership –    160.00

Towing-          127.00

Parking ticket- 25.00

Grand total:  $312.00

Holy shoe polish man, its just a key..?

I kept my cool about it but the wifey got a lil upset. I guess what set her off was the employee who had misinformed us about the key process in the first place. Also, how smug the employees and the manager were about the whole deal. They were like “thats how it its…..deal with it”.

Well I am…this is how I deal with it..Chevrolet you have been Ranted…You just don’t get it. Your having trouble unloading your cars. So… instead of working on your customer service skills and being respectful of your customers. You take every opportunity to gouge decent people on the nickle and dime crap.

Here’s an idea. If you want to stop pissing people off, how about a mobile unit that can go to the stranded cars and match the key to the car on location. As soon as you mention the word tow truck, people freak a little. We did.  

I am now officially scared to take my car to the dealer. If a key is that much..what will a major repair cost? 

I will never buy another Chevy automobile again. Not because of the key, most other new cars have that same computer chip in the key…but because of thier bad attitudes and the “thats just how it is mentality” I’m done with this topic….

Hunter Pavilion 7-21.JPG




Batting practice was great. Hunter and I each got three balls. I got one that was hit into the bleachers and nobody was there but me. Shortly after that Hunter got Ibaldo Jimenez to toss him a ball.






My first two 7-21.JPG I caught another about five minutes later that hit the bleachers twice and flew over to me and I caught it in the air as it was between two bleachers.

 Then Dan Sauvageau walked up and offered to let Hunter use a first row ticket for the rest of batting practice. He also gave us two Rockies banners one for Hunter and Mylee. That was really cool, thank you Dan.

 So Hunter took off to the front row. In the meantime I caught another ball. It was hit almost directly to me. Krista was right behind me and was trying to get some video.(she missed all my catches..It happens quick) I was standing on the bleachers like I always do and I stepped down two steps, felt a bunch of people crowd me, reached up and snagged it perfect. It helps to be tall.  Dan giving Hunter a ticket.JPG

Still basking in my sweet catch glory Dan yelled over to me “Don, look at Hunter” I looked over and he was playing catch with LA Dodger pitcher Chan Ho Park. I couldn’t believe it. I have never seen that before and Hunter had a smile on his face from ear to ear. At first, Hunter couldn’t figure what the Park wanted. Park had tossed Hunter the ball and then gave him a finger motion to throw it back. What Park didn’t realize is that once Hunter has a ball, he doesn’t part with it easy. He really works for those things…

If you don’t believe me, watch this clip of Hunter working it, He is the kid in the purple Rockies shirt and the white hat running at the top of the screen. Hunter Snagging.AVI

Chan_Ho_Park_.jpg    Anyways…the crowd behind Hunter was yelling at him to throw the ball back to Park. Hunter tossed it to Park and Park threw it back to him.. Then he motioned to Hunter to throw it back  again.

Hunter did, and next thing you know they were playing catch. It was incredible. I must say I was seriously jealous of my son.

At the end, Park tossed an extra ball to Hunter to give to a girl who was behind him and then gave him the one they used to play catch with…WOW ! 

What a great memory my kid will always have.


Hunters ball from Park.JPG Thank you Chan Ho Park.

That was the nicest thing I have ever seen a Pro ballplayer do.

The plan was to get some killer video of Hunter and I snagging today. Krista was working the camera and just before I caught my last ball the battery died. So we missed my snag (that was caught about two feet from where Krista was sitting) and Hunters special moment with Chan Ho Park.

RPR 7-21.JPG




  Here is some more video—> RPR and Hunter trying to snag 7-21.AVI

                                               When your stuck in the mix

BP 7-21-1.JPG  

                           You back up for a better view and improved positioning My View 7-21.JPG

This was a hard game for me to watch. I like Kip Wells, but he let it go too far too quick and were statistically out of it from the very start.

Credit where credit is due. The Rockies never gave up and played their collective butts off this game. Only one homer by Matt Holliday..of course..ROCKIES DONT TRADE HIM

Troy Tulowitzki went five for five and looked relaxed and poised. Nice job Tulo.. The Rockies  hitting and pitching is improving every game. The.Rockies need Todd Helton back from the DL and then we need to solidify player positions.

Rockies lost this one to the Dodgers 16-10.

 It seemed out of place and just wrong to lose in Coors field,  but I’m not worried. I think the Rockies may just have something for the Dodgers tomorrow.

                                                           Go Rockies…D Heal up Todd.JPG


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