Rockies look tight on a perfect night




Poor Pirates

Rockies win game one of a four game set against the Pirates 5-3.


<———Somebodys kid..not mine.


 It’s nice driving away from  Coors Field with a win. We sure needed this one. Ubaldo’s shaky first couple of innings had me nervous, but he settled down and only allowed three runs. Nice job Ubaldo…Keep that flow man..You set the pace.

Congratulations Rockies closer Brian Fuentes on your 100th save with the Rockies.

Chris Iannetta, wow, simply outstanding. I was sitting close to where you hit that homer. Not real close, but it bounced back from a bleacher and I was within ten feet. Had I went for the ball, Robert Harmon would have probably gotten it before me.

Hey, he’s had more practice.

Pavilion Bleachers 7-17.JPG




I was first in the Rock Pile Gate today.

 I entered the Pavilion the same time as a young kid.



CF Sky 7-17.JPG




 The sky was really overcast, but it barely even sprinkled.


It was a perfect day for batting practice. 





Thumbnail image for BP ball -17.JPGI only managed to snag one baseball today.

 It was a sweet hit to center field by Chris Iannetta.  I ran to my right about fifteen feet and caught it on the fly.

I had at least five other opportunities to snag a ball

The sad part is,  had I been a little more “on it” today, I probably could have snagged most of them.

I was slacking.

 Oh well, I got up at for work at 4 AM this morning and I was a little tired..Yea thats it.  

tight knit group1.jpg

 Seeing the game tonight made me feel like I was finally watching a tight knit group of ballplayers.

Does anyone believe Rockies can make a run for it all again?

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG 

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