Rockies take note, future golden glove here

7/12/08                                       Happy Birthday Dad !!


      Hunter’s baseball team the Scorpions have officially finished their baseball season. 2008 Scorpions.jpg

Thumbnail image for Hunter pitch 2.JPG


Thank you Coach Eric and Coach Craig. You were great.

Hunter got to pitch in the last game of the year.

 This blog chronicals both of our baseball adventures and it wouldn’t be complete without giving him his props.

Thumbnail image for Hunter Pitch.JPG 

 Couldn’t tell you about the score because as soon as the game was over there was a waterballoon fight and an Ice Cream Party.

He had a smile from ear to ear the entire time he was pitching.

       Hunter BB Pic.jpg 

  He really learned a lot this year. 

You can’t tell but every kid in the game pictures has a B on their hat.

 Hunter wore his Rockies hat.

Go Rockies !…D Thumbnail image for HunterTrophy.jpg

Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

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