Rockies pay today at Shea (warning bad poetry)






It wasn’t our day

at Mighty old Shea.

as we lost this game

one to two.






We had the game in the bag

 and I started to brag

now look what you

made me do.

Thumbnail image for Hillary20urinal.jpg





Aaron Cook

took a second look

as he watched his sweet win

get robbed from the books.






Bucholtz for the season,

is even Steven

but I have still have faith

and  I’m still believin





tb beer.jpgSo I’ll watch

and I’llI cheer

and I’ll have a cold beer

and I’ll try to make sense of it all







 There’s no rhyme or reason

to this strange Rockies season

now get back home

so I can snag me a ball


Can’t wait for the Home Run Derby on Monday, July 14th at 8pm.

Wish I was there…

Go Rockies…D Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG






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