With Cook on the mound, justice is found

me 7-1-08.jpg7/1/08





I was prepared today.

 First in line, first through the gates, first into the Pavilion.

Thumbnail image for Pavilion Bleachers 7-1.JPG



Right after I snapped this picture a ball was hit to the next section over and I casually walked over and picked up ball number one for the day. Ball 1 7-1.JPG





 That is why it pays to show up early.





7-21 Crack.JPG





Sometimes the view can be amazing !


Full Moon—>




 Berned got stuck in traffic so I knew he would miss most of batting practice. Rockies finished up their BP and then the Padres took over.


Ball 2 7-1.JPG

I was standing in the middle of the Pavilion, and saw a screamer heading about thirty feet  to the left of me.

 I jumped a several rows of bleachers and managed to beat a couple of Padre fans to it.

 I snatched it up and quick and they mumbled something. I replied, ” you shoulda been quicker..maybe next time” . Sorry they were too slow. In a future blog that statement will come back to haunt me. 

Thumbnail image for Give Away Ball 7-1.JPGWhile I was waiting to get into Coors Field for BP I had a brief chat with a guy named Mike and his grandson Turf.

They were from out of state.

.He and Turf (who informed me that he was from the same town as Todd Helton), were in the first row trying to snag and were having no luck.

I figured that he had probably traveled the farthest for BP so he needed to go home with a ball.


Enjoy Turf..It was an honor to meet you.

ball 3 7-1.JPG

 Fifteen minutes later I saw another ball launched towards me.

 I stepped down about four stairs and put up my glove. There were three of four people gathered around me and the ball hit a guys finger and went right into my glove.

 I was really surprised that I wound up with that ball. I barely felt it hit my glove.  Berned 7-1.JPG



Right after that lucky catch, Berned arrived after winning the battle with Denver traffic.

Fifteen minutes later batting practice was no more.

Not too bad today, three balls and I got to give one away to a nice kid who really deserved a ball. Matt 7-1.JPG













Our seats were right behind left field and and Matt Holliday. These are awesome home run seats. Problem is order to catch a home run ball one needs to be hit to you while your sitting there.

As luck would have it, no balls were hit to our area. I settled for taking a few pictures.  

Headley 7-1.JPG 

I have to point out a couple of fans that were sitting behind me.

 They were heckling ( I mean REALLY heckling) Chase Hedley the left fielder for the Padres.

 This was all in fun, but it really didn’t need to continue the WHOLE game.

Who knows maybe these fans got inside of Headleys head. 


                                           Here is a videoclip of Headley’s abuse

      Video 1 –> Chase Sucks.AVI                       Yet another video—> Red Rover.AVI

cookie 7-1.jpg




Rockies won this evening 4-0.

Cook pitched a five inning shutout in just 79 pitches.

Cook is the bright light in our pitching staff this year.

Great job. Keep it up Cookie.

It is fun to watch you pitch.


 This game was the shortest nine inning game ever played at Coors Field lasting one hour and fifty eight minutes.

 Worth watching every second when your team walks away with a shutout…D Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Green Floppy Hat.JPG

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