You get no love when you forget your glove


sad face.jpgJust a quick recap on the Padres show here at Coors Field on Monday night. I went with Berned..

Just like a forty year old whose mind is slipping as fast as his prostate is growing, I left my backpack sitting by the door which had items such as a glove, water, candy, sunblock, you know…the good things. On the plus side at least I had my ticket and camera. 

I was first to the BP gates first as usual and was holding a place for B (who showed up shortly after). I pulled out my camera to take a picture like I usually do and guess what?..No batteries or film card, wonderful.

So if you haven’t noticed,  I’m off to a great start.

Berned and I sat through the Rockies batting practice and I had a chance at several home run balls. Not having a glove I had to wait for the ball to take a bounce first, then chase it. Yes I could have barehanded one, but my hands are my moneymaker.

Income = ability to go to games. It was pitiful. I didn’t even snag one. 

When it was the Padres time to bat, Berned generously offered to let me use his glove and I accepted.

I think he felt sorry for me. Or maybe it was my comment about not having a glove at BP was the same as a junkie stuck in a pharmacy with no needle, no matter, shortly after he let me us it I saw a beautiful shot heading just to the left of us. I bolted up, ran over, timed it perfectly and the ball landed in the top part of my glove, bounced out and hit the ground. I quickly reached down and scooped it up.

I gave that ball to B, his first of the year. It was the right thing to do, it was his glove.

 That would be my only ball for this game. An Usher friend of B who we’ll call Ronnie RayofLight, hooked us up this some stellar seats just to the left of home plate and we enjoyed most of the game there, great seats, and me without use of my camera..GRRRR

short story.jpg


To make a sad story as short as possible, we left at the bottom of the 8th and it was tied 8-8.

By the time I got home the Padres had scored seven runs in the 9th inning to win 15-8…Horribly spanked by the worst team in our division to assume that exact title ourselves.

CRAPTASTIC. Thats all I have to say about that… craptastic.jpg









Thanks for the ticket today B…Game two tomorrow night.

                                                        .Go Rockies..D

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